How to save data on Windows 8 with a metered connection

How to save data usage on Windows 8? The answer is very simple. Windows 8 has a metered connection option. It will help to save data when you have limited data plans.

If you have limited data plans, you need to monitor data usage. Read my article about How to monitor internet data usage.

Some times you may have to connect pc with mobile tethering. In those cases, you need to save data. Earlier I have written about techniques to reduce data usage. Along with these techniques, you will get one more extra option to reduce data usage, if you have Windows 8.

How Windows 8 metered connection option reduces data usage?

  • This option stops automatic Windows updates.
  • It stops updating drivers.
  • Apps will not update.
  • Start screen tiles will stop updating.
  • This option stops synchronization.

You can see more details in Microsoft’s article.

How to save data on Windows 8 with metered connection

  • Connect your pc with internet. You can connect with LAN, wi-fi or mobile tethering.
  • Click on network symbol in the right bottom taskbar.
How to save data
How to save data

You can see the connected network. Right-click on the network name.

You will see three options shown in the screenshot.

Click on  “Set as metered connection”. Now you save the lot of data with this network. At any time you can change this option to a normal option.

You will see “Set as non-metered connection” when you right-click on the network name.

As I said, with metered connection, by default Windows stops automatic updates and synchronization. If you want, you can change those metered connection settings.

Go to start screen. Type “PC settings”. Click on PC settings.

If you see “Devices”. Click on it else click on “PC and Devices” in the left menu.

devices option from settings

Now click on “Devices” on the left menu. Here you will see “Download over metered connection”. If you want, you can set it on. Better keep it off to save data.

How to save data on Windows 8 with a metered connection 1

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