Top 5 Alternatives to TeamViewer for Remote Desktop Sharing

Want Alternatives to Teamviewer? No doubt Teamviewer is the best desktop sharing software. But there are many other software that do better than Teamviewer for free. The Top 5 alternatives to Teamviewer will be helpful for those who like to have efficiency with useful functionality.

Team Viewer has been great for remote control of your laptop or PC. But still, some people want to have other software for their PC or laptop. It is the ultimate software that shares the screen of the desktop regardless of the location. Team Viewer is good, but when it comes to security, it lacks. People with no proper knowledge can land in trouble or their site can be hacked easily. This is the reason people prefer to have a Team Viewer alternative for safe use.

Teamviewer’s paid version is quite high so not accessible to all. Still, if you want to use TeamViewer, read how to use TeamViewer for remote desktop sharing. TeamViewer frequently runs promotional offers.

Top 5 Alternatives to TeamViewer to Remote Control

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1. Real VNC

RealVNC Homepage

Real VNC is a real performer, and it comes in both paid and free versions. This cross-platform utility is ultimate and extraordinary in performance. It does not only connect with one remote computer but also helps in connecting more than one PC behind a public IP address. It has features like VNC Authentication, Encryption, file transfer, chatting, and other interactive involvement. It is easy to download.

Highlights of RealVNC

  • Easy to download
  • Secure to use
  • 20 Years of excellent client service
  • Supports a wide range of devices
  • Available in Free and Premium versions

Pricing of RealVNC

RealVNC is available in Free and Premium Versions. The premium versions are availed in two ways, such as Price per user and Price per device. The prices of both types of purchases are listed below.

  • Price per User
    • Essentials – $8.88 per month, billed annually
    • Plus – $15.72 per month, billed annually
    • Premium – $24.15 per month, billed annually
    • Enterprise – Contact Sales
  • Price per Device
    • Essentials – $3.49 per month, billed annually
    • Plus – $3.99 per month, billed annually
    • Premium – $5.29 per month, billed annually
    • Enterprise – Contact Sales

2. GoTo Meeting

GoToMeeting Homepage

GoTo Meeting a free screen sharing tool is effective and you can learn about other things and troubleshoot your issues with Computers through it with ease. It allows to add up to 250 participants in its premium version with the best connectivity and the involvement is immense. It is trustworthy for business and personal use. It is featured with recording, audio, one-click meeting scheduling, etc. It supports Windows and Mac OS X.

Features of GoTo Meeting

  • Very easy to host a meeting
  • Secure to Access
  • Clear Audio Output
  • Claims 99.99% service uptime
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Pricing of GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting is available in three plans, such as Professional, Business, and Enterprise. The prices of all three plans are provided in the below screenshot.

GoToMeeting Pricing

3. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

windows screnn

Windows Remote Desktop connection is a great alternative to the TeamViewer. It is better in control. The screen sharing is fast, and accessibility to all the features is channelized properly. But you cannot expect it to control the multiple PC control. This peace-loving software is easy to install and supportive of Windows and Mac OS X. It is fit for personal and business use.

Highlights of Windows Remote Desktop Connection

  • Easy-to-use
  • Built-in application
  • No need to install any external applications

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4. Splashtop

Splashtop Homepage

Splashtop is one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer and this is very easy to handle. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. It provides the best security to secure the connection and data. It has 30 Million trusted users across the globe. Splashtop is convenient for streaming audio and videos as well as transferring data or files. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating System. Splashtop is available in Free and Premium versions. You can use it for personal use for free for 5 computers.

Highlights of Splashtop

  • Secure to use
  • High-performance
  • Provides its services in an affordable price range
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac Operating Systems
  • Available in Free and Premium versions

Pricing of Splashtop

Splashtop provides its services in 5 types, such as Remote Access, Remote Support, Endpoint Monitoring and Management, Enterprise, and Education and Collaboration. The prices of all the types are listed below.

  • Remote Access
    • Business Access Solo – $5/month, billed Annually at $60
    • Business Access Pro – $8.25/month/user, billed Annually at $99 per user
    • Business Access Performance – $12/month/user, billed Annually at $139 per user
    • Enterprise – Contact Sales
  • Remote Support
    • SOS – $17/month, Billed annually at $199 per concurrent technician
    • SOS+10 – $19/month, Billed annually at $219 per concurrent technician
    • SOS Unlimited – $34/month, Billed annually at $399 per concurrent technician
    • Enterprise – Contact Sales
  • Endpoint Monitoring & Management
    • Splashtop Remote Support(25 Computers) – $47.90/month
    • Enterprise – Contact Sales
    • Splashtop Antivirus powered by Bitdefender(Add-on) – $1.20/endpoint/month
  • Enterprise
    • Enterprise – Contact Sales
    • On-Prem – Contact Sales
  • Education & Collaboration
    • Mirroring360 Pro – $29.99/teacher/year
    • Classroom Cloud – $29.99/teacher/year
    • Splashtop Enterprise for Education – Contact Sales

5. Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome Remote Desktop Homepage

Chrome Remote Desktop will never let you down with its features and performance. It is a free tool through the quality of accessibility and support to the remote Desktop every solution. It is good for transferring files and troubleshooting the problem through sharing the screen. Setting up is easy and downloading this tool is easiest.

Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to remotely access another computer through Chrome browser or a Chrome-book. Computers can be made available on a short-term basis for scenarios such as ad hoc remote support, or on a more long-term basis for remote access to your applications and files. All connections are fully secured. Chrome Remote Desktop is fully cross-platform. It will provide remote help to Windows (XP and above) and Mac (OS X 10.6 and above) or Linux desktops at any time from the Chrome browser virtually on any device, including Chrome-book.

Features of Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Simple and Fast
  • Complete Free to Access
  • No installation is required

Pricing of Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is completely free to access.

How to use Chrome Remote Desktop for Remote Desktop Access?

  • Visit the Chrome Web Store on your Chrome Browser and search for “Chrome Remote Desktop”. Then it shows results related to your search. Choose the extension indicated in the below screenshot and click on it.
Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Then it takes you to the extension page. Click on the “Add to Chrome” option to add it to your Chrome.
Chrome Remote desktop extension
  • Then a dialogue box will pop up and ask for confirmation to add the extension to your Chrome Browser. Click on “Add Extension” to confirm your decision.
Confirm Add Extension
  • After adding the extension to Chrome, it will be found in the extensions section. Click on the “Extensions” icon and it displays the list of installed extensions. Click on the “Chrome Remote Desktop Extension” to launch it.
added extension
  • It asks to set a PIN to protect the access. Give the “six-digit Password” and hit on “OK”.
sharing internet
  • After enabling Chrome Remote Desktop in your system, do the same procedure in another system. Then click on the “Remote Access” tab and give the password of the remote system.
Remote Access Using Chrome Remote Desktop

In use, Chrome Remote Desktop worked well but lacked many features of its competitors. The top toolbar only allows screen adjustment and two basic key commands to send to the remote computer. Chrome Remote Desktop has no options to lock out the keyboard and mouse on the other end. There’s also no way to switch between multiple monitors. You must view them all at once.


The supportive top 5 Alternatives to Teamviewer are fast and browsing is easy with them so you will not miss any Teamviewer. Download any of your choices among the top 5 alternatives to PC and boost your connectivity and troubleshooting. Please share with us as well if you know any and let me know your words in the comment section.

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Top 5 Alternatives to Teamviewer for Remote Desktop Sharing – FAQs

Are there better alternatives to Teamviewer?

Splashtop stands out as the best alternative to TeamViewer as it offers several remote access packages designed to fit the unique needs of each user.

Is there a free TeamViewer alternative?

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the best free alternatives to TeamViewer – in other words, it is the best open-source TeamViewer alternative and completely free to use.

Is AnyDesk better than TeamViewer?

While both have strong user reviews and a good feature set, AnyDesk may be more cost-effective for team members who need remote access to multiple devices or users.

Why not use TeamViewer?

Understandably, their top concerns are that TeamViewer access data could be tapped or that a third party could monitor their connections.

Do hackers use TeamViewer?

TeamViewer has had its issues in the past and was a victim of cybercriminals hacking into their tool. They have now beefed up their security measures and we mandate 2 Factor Authentication mandatory on all connections.

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  3. Teamviewer has always been great for personal use. That pricing for business though… You should also check out Techinline, that’s what I’m using to support clients and connect to my workstation from home. Really cheap and reliable.

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