How to Backup, Import, Export opera bookmarks

Want to Export Opera bookmarks. Want to backup opera bookmarks and restore. Want to import bookmarks to opera. Here I am going to give you a tutorial about How to import, export, and backup opera bookmarks and restore.

Here I am telling you about backing up bookmarks. Almost every browser gives the option to import, export, and back up bookmarks. So you can export bookmarks from opera and import it into any other browser. In this way, you can move your bookmarks from one browser to another.

Video Tutorial: How to export, backup, and import bookmarks in Opera Browser (2020 Updated)

In this video, we are using the latest version of the Opera browser. If you don’t want to watch a video, no problem. Follow the tutorial after the video.

How to Import Bookmarks Into Opera Browser?

Importing the bookmarks of the Opera browser is a very simple process as you never expected. To import the bookmarks of the Opera follow the step-wise procedure shown below.

The step-wise procedure for importing the bookmarks of the Opera browser is as follows.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Click on the download and Select bookmarks file

The first thing you need to do is, click on the download. In the download sections, find the file of opera bookmarks.

Step 2: Open file with Opera Internet Browser

Now give a right-click on the selected opera bookmarks file. Here we need to import the bookmarks. So click on the Open with option.
Now you can see different options for the opening. Click on the Chrome Browser.
Then you can see the bookmarks which you have saved in the Opera Internet Browser previously as follows.

These two steps are to ensure that the file is the bookmarks of the Opera.

Step 3: Click on Full browser settings

Now, the actual import process will start. Now open the Opera Internet Browser. Go to the Menu option which is placed at the top left corner of the screen as shown in the above image.
You can find many options on the menu. Scroll the wheel up to the bottom of the options. At the bottom, you can see the Go to Full Browser Settings option. Click on that Go to full Browser Settings.

Step 4: Click on Import Bookmarks

Now in the full browser settings, you can see different options in Basic and Advanced sections. Go to the Basic section and then Synchronization section. In that you can see the option Import Bookmarks and Settings. Click on that Import Bookmarks & Settings option.

Step 5: Select the format and file to import

When you click on the import option, you can see the window as shown in the above image.
Now change that into the Bookmarks HTML file as shown in the below image by clicking on the drop-down menu. And then click on the Choose file option at the bottom of the screen.

Now to select the file, click on the downloads, and then select the bookmarks file. Then click on the Open option as shown in the below image.

Note: Here the file type name should vary based on the browser that you have used to import the bookmarks. You may see the file type with Opera HTML file, Chrome HTML file, Mozilla file, etc. But the file name is the same irrespective of the browser that is always Opera_Bookmarks.
With this step, the bookmarks are imported successfully.

This is the step-wise procedure for Importing Opera bookmarks.

Up to now, we have discussed the process of Importing the Opera bookmarks. Let us see how to export that opera bookmarks.

You can check those bookmarks in the Opera browser once you imported them. To see imported bookmarks, click on the Bookmarks option in the opera browser which is placed at the right corner of the screen.

Bookmarks option

Now click on the Bookmarks file, there you can see the imported bookmarks.

This is the process of importing the bookmarks to Opera Browser. You can import, export and backup the bookmarks of other internet browsers also as follows:

How to Export Bookmarks from Opera Browser?

Now let us see how to export bookmarks from the Opera Browser. follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Opera browser and search for V7 bookmarks

The first thing you need to do is, Open the Opera browser. Search for the V7 Bookmarks. You will find the related results on the screen. Select the correct V7 Bookmarks add-on and click on it. To get the correct V7 Bookmarks Extension add-on directly click here.

Step 2: Add the Bookmarks Add-on to Opera Browser

When you click on the Add-on link then the screen will show as above. Click on the Add to opera option. So that the V7 Bookmarks extension will be added to your Opera Browser.

Step 3: Click on V7 bookmarks extension

Now at the right-side corner of the Opera screen you can see the V7 Bookmarks. Click on that extension as shown in the above image.

Step 4: Select Export to HTML option

When you click on the V7 Bookmarks extension you will be navigated to the Bookmarks section that is shown with the number 1 in the above figure. In the Bookmarks section, at the bottom of the screen, you can see one up-arrow head symbol. Click on that symbol then you will get different options regarding that bookmarks. Click on the Export to HTML option as shown in the above image.

With this step, your Opera bookmarks will be exported successfully. Now you can see those Exported bookmarks by just clicking on the Download symbol that is placed at the top left corner of the Opera browser screen as shown in the below image.

opera bookmarks exported

This is the process of Export Bookmarks from the Opera.

How to Backup Opera Bookmarks?

The backup process is simply the combination of the Export and Import process. We will export the Bookmarks of the Opera browser to some storage place to avoid loss of those important bookmarks because of any reason, and we can restore (import ) those bookmarks whenever needed.

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How to export,import and backup bookmarks in Opera Browser- FAQ

Can I backup Opera browser bookmarks to Google Drive?

Yes, you can. Once you export the bookmarks in the HTML file format then those will be saved on your device. Now you can export them to Google Drive.

Is V7 Bookmarks extension is only available for Opera?

When you search for V7 Bookmarks in any browser it shows “You need Opera for V7 Bookmarks”. It means the V7 bookmarks are available for Opera Internet Browser only.

Can I import history of Opera browser?

Yes, when you click on the Import bookmarks & Settings then the new window will open and shows what you want to import. There you can select Browsing history, Saved passwords, etc options. So that you can export the History of Opera internet Browser also.

What is one main disadvantage of Opera bookmarks?

The extensions which are built into Opera are not always easy to find.

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  1. First, Does Opera get my bookmark in any way?
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    Third, what other Opera files should I backup to preserve my browser setup?
    Opera needs to have a backup feature for their browser and not leave it up to the user to have to search for this information.
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  2. Did not help, on Opera v42 for Mac, there is no “Settings”. There is a “Preferences” but only an Import Bookmarks choice, no choice for exporting or backing up.


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