How to Backup internet Explorer & Restore with backrex

Want to Backup internet explorer. Want to back up internet explorer history. Want to back up internet explorer settings. Here I am going to give a tutorial about How to Backup internet explorer and Restore by using Back Rex software. With simple steps, you can take a backup of the entire internet explorer. Here I am giving you a simple and very easy method to back up and restore Internet Explorer.

What is Backrex?

Backrex is free software, which helps to backup internet explorer and restore. It can backup all versions of Internet Explorer that means it supports IE6  to IE11 versions. With this software, you can take a backup of cookies, favorites, settings, history, auto form entries, and everything. By using Backrex, you can take a backup of one version and restore it to another version.

How to Backup Internet Explorer and Restore?

  1. Click here to download back rex software.

This Wizard helps you to back up or restore current internet explorer settings.

2. Click Next.

Backup internet explorer

3. Backrex Internet Explorer backup wizard will appear,

4. Select backup option

5. Click next as shown below figure

Backup internet explorer

6. After completing the above steps here you can select a folder to save Internet Explorer settings.

7. Click on the next.

Backup internet explorer

8. After completing the above steps, the wizard will show a list of Settings and data to backup.

Backup internet explorer

9. Click next

10. After completing above steps click Finish.

Backup internet explorer

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