6 Free Ways To Unblock Or Open Blocked Websites

Want to open blocked websites? Do you want to unblock the geo-blocked sites in your country? And are you searching for the best free methods to unblock website? Then this is straight for you to accomplish it. Just go through this article to learn and find the best method to open blocked sites in your country.

Why some countries block websites?

The following are the main reasons why some countries block particular websites.

Politics and Power:
In some countries, suppose religious conflicts are more. Then the ruling parties in those countries have to focus on the lawful rule and avoid religious conflicts among the people. In such a case, those countries must block all religious websites. Otherwise, those websites may become a threat to the ruling political party and they can lose power too.

Social norms:
In order to maintain social norms throughout the country, Governments in some countries block websites that display adult porn, illegal drug use, child pornography, and more.

Security Concerns:
To avoid a threat to national security, most countries block websites that focus on domestic conflicts, Muslim brotherhood, and more. In this regard, some countries also blocked the controversial website ‘WikiLeaks’.

Protect the existing economic interests and copyright:
The protection of the present economic interests and copyright is an essential thing for any Government in any country. To accomplish this, some countries block websites that host pirated videos, music, movies, file sharing, ebooks, and more.

How Can I access blocked Site?

There are many free methods available to unblock blocked websites. Among them, we have discussed four methods in this article.

When you don’t want to waste the time by trying different free methods and don’t mind about spending little money, then I suggest you use premium VPN service for the best features. I recommend NordVPN(68% discounted link) which is the cheap and best VPN service.

Don’t want to spend money, then continue reading this article.

How to Open Blocked Websites in your country

There are several methods are available to unblock blocked websites. Among those, the four best methods are VPN, Web Proxy, Hola, and DNR Server Settings. Just go through this article, to learn in detail how to access a blocked site using these methods.

1. Use VPN to Unblock Website


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online service that encrypts your internet traffic and shields your online identity. VPN is the perfect and free application for you to access the blocked sites from anywhere. Just it changes your IP address and makes it look as if you are browsing from a different location.
Many free VPNs are available for you around the web. Among those, the best free VPNs are Hotspot Shield, TunnelBear, Windscribe, and more.

How to use VPN to unblock website

Step 1: If you have PC, then open the webpage of a free VPN site like Windscribe on your chrome browser.
Step 2: Click on the ‘Signup’ to create a free account with your email.
Step 3: Then click on the ‘Download’ option.
Step 4: Now you can see many options to download its application.
Here you can click on the option ‘Google Chrome’.
Step 5: Then web page redirected to the chrome web store. And click on the option ‘Add to Chrome’.
Step 6: On the top right corner of your browser, you can its icon. Just click it and turn it on.
That’s it! You can start to browse the geo-blocked sites.

Pros of VPN method

  • In practice, you can use VPNs service on any device. These comfortably works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, Tablet, and more.
  • Easy to install, use and free.

Cons of VPN method

  • The free versions provide limited usage for one month. For example, the free version of ‘Windscribe’ VPN permits usage of 2GB for one month.
  • If you want to increase the limit of its usage, then you have to purchase its premium plans.

Hint: If you don’t mind about spending a little amount for the best security, suggest you use Premium VPN services. I recommend NordVPN(68% Discount Link) which gives you top-class features for the less price.

2. Using Web Proxy to unblock blocked websites


KProxy is another best solution for you to unblock blocked websites. There are many free online proxy sites available on the web that provide web proxy to you. Out of these proxies, you can use KProxy. Because of its following benefits.

  • You can browse anonymously.
  • It changes your IP address and country.
  • You can browse and visit the blocked and censored sites.
  • It is the best solution for work.
  • It contains no ads.
  • And it is free.

How to use KProxy to unblock blocked websites

Step 1: Just open your chrome web browser and go to the KProxy site.
Step 2: Click on the option of’ KPROXY EXTENSION’.
Step 3: Then a new page opens. And click on the ‘chrome web store’.
Step 4: Now the page is redirected to the chrome web store. And click on the ‘ Add to Chrome’.

That’s it! You have added KProxy as an extension to your chrome. And you can start to browse and visit the blocked sites in your country.

Pros of KProxy

  • You can add it as an extension to your chrome browser.
  • You can add it as an add-on to your firefox browser.
  • You can download its portable extension. And save it on your pen drive. And you can use it anywhere you require.
  • It provides a desktop application too for your windows.

Cons of KProxy

  • In practice, Proxy services are not safe.
  • A VPN is more effective than a proxy.
  • For unlimited usage, you have to buy its Pro version.

Hint: Always free products have some limitations and they don’t provide you proper support. When you don’t mind spending a little amount for the best security, features, and support, you need to go with premium proxies. We suggest Aceproxies. Our readers get a special 20% discount on Aceproxies using the coupon code: VWANT20.

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3. Using Hola to open blocked sites

Hola Unblocker-To-unblock-geo-blocked-sites

Hola is a popular free online site formerly known as ‘Hola Unblocker’ used to unblock the geo-blocked sites in your country. You can use it in many ways to unblock your desired site. That is you can use it as an extension for your browsers, desktop application, mobile application, and more.

How to use Hola to open blocked sites

Step 1: Open the Hola website on your Chrome browser.
Step 2: Click on the option ‘Start’. Then a new page opens.
Step 3: And click on the ‘Free’ option.
Step 4: Then a popup displays. Click on the option ‘I AGREE’.
Step 5: Then setup is downloaded. Now click on ‘Next’ to proceed.
Step 6: Then click on the option ‘Add to Chrome’.

That’s it! ‘Hola’ is added to your chrome browser. And you can start browsing the unblocked sites in your country.

Pros of Hola

  • Via Browser Extension.
    • You can install it as a chrome and firefox extension.
  • Mobile App.
    • You can install it as a mobile app on your Andriod and iPhone.
  • Windows and Mac.
    • You can too install it as a desktop application on your PC.
  • MacOS&Apple TV.
    • You can too use its application for Apple TV with MacOS.

Cons of Hola

  • Its free version cannot protect your privacy completely.
  • And you can use it on only one device.
  • If you want complete privacy protection and increase its use to more than one device. Then you have to purchase its premium plans.

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4. How do I change my DNS server to open blocked Websites?


You can change DNS server settings on your PC to browse the blocked sites. There are various DNS servers available on the web. Those are Google DNS, Open DNS, CloudFare, and more.

Steps involved to set DNS server settings to open blocked websites

Step 1: Suppose if you want to use Open DNS. Then go to the Open DNS website on your browser.
Step 2: There you can see the clear procedure to change DNS server settings for Mac, Windows, Linux, and more.
Step 3: Here I am giving a procedure for Windows. Suppose If you are a Windows 7 user, then go to ‘Control Panel’ on your PC. And then the ‘Network and Sharing SIte’.
Step 4: Now click on the ‘Change adapter settings’. And then double click on your ‘Active Connection’.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Properties’ > ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)’ > ‘Properties’.
Step 6: Then select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’.
Step 7: Type beside ‘Preferred DNS server’.
And beside ‘Alternate DNS server’.
Step 8: Then click on ‘OK’. And click on the ‘Close’ option on all the open popup windows.

That’s it! You have changed the DNS server settings on your PC. And now you can browse the unblocked sites.

Pros of DNS server

  • You can also use DNS server mobile apps like CloudFare to install and use on your Andriod, iPhone, and Tablet.
  • It also works on any platform like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Cons of DNS server

  • This method is less effective and may not give absolute results. And may not work satisfactorily.

5.How to unblock a website using Google Chrome

Video Tutorial: How to Unblock a website using google chrome browser | 2020 | 100% working

Here I am going to show you How to unblock a website using Google Chrome browser.

1.Go to customize and control google chrome button

2. select More tools

How to Unblock Websites in Google chrome

3. select  Extensions

How to Unblock Websites in Google chrome

4. Scroll down and select Get more extensions

How to Unblock Websites in Google chrome

5. type zenmate  in chrome web store

How to unblock a website

6. select zenmate security,privacy and unblock vpn.

7. select add to chrome

How to unblock a website

8. select add extension

How to Unblock Websites in Google chrome

9. type your mail id and password

10. select sign up

How to Unblock Websites in Google chrome

11.select zen mate tab

12. select real location

How to Unblock Websites in Google chrome

After selecting the real location  option then click ok

After completing this procedure, you can open any sites through google chrome browser. This is a simple way to unblock a website.

Zen mate is full of advantages, some of the highlighted advantages are given below:

  1. Unblock legal restricted sites like YouTube, Facebook & Google
  2. Hide your IP address from web owners and show them a fake address.
  3. Your real IP was masked by fake IP so no one knows about your browsing
  4. you are secure while you use zen mate as encrypt your data
  5. you can watch content restricted for specific locations zenmate give an option for many available locations
  6. Zenmate also have protection from viruses and malware for your better security
  7. While you browse through this extension your privacy will be safe.

6. Use Tor Browser: Best browser for blocked websites

download torrent anonymously

Tor browser is a free browser for blocked websites. It helps you to change your IP address. It will also encrypt your data in one way. You can easily open any blocked website by using To browser.

You must run Tor and you need to open blocked websites on Tor browser only . You can not use your browsers like chrome, Firefox, etc.,

Conclusion: Which is the best method to Open blocked websites?

You can use any one of the above free methods. But there is a little risk using them. Among all using the Tor browser is somewhat secure. You can also use the free trial of any premium VPN services.

We suggest you using NordVPN (68% Discounted Link) as the best option for you to unblock the geo-blocked sites in your country.

I wish that this article really helped you to open blocked websites. If so, please share it and follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

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