5 Best torrent sites for movies, Music & all other files

Here are the Best torrent sites for movies, music, and any files. Nowadays almost all files are available as a torrent file to download. Everyone is almost good enough to find the related information by using the Google search engine, Right? Yes, we search the information for our queries. OK, it’s alright, but you are not going to use the internet all the time, and you want some file or something to be downloaded.

You can simply search the term in Google but as you know the internet is the big place for the scam, and many download options which are displayed are majorly for the purposes of the ad. You are going to face the above problem as if you are looking to download some large files. Torrent websites are the better option to download the large file and here the list of top 5 torrent sites. You must read our Guide to download movies using torrent.

Caution: Visiting and downloading pirated content is illegal. Torrent sites host pirated content. So many countries are banning torrent sites and some countries may impose you huge penalties. You must be anonymous while browsing torrent sites. If you want to browse any website banned in your country and to be anonymous, you must use a VPN service that supports no logging feature. I recommend you the fastest VPN service ExpressVPN. It is an expensive one. If you want a cheap and best VPN, I suggest using NordVPN(70% Special Discounted Link).

Best torrent sites for movies

1. Thepiratebay:

Best torrent sites for movies

Note: Blocked in some countries

It stands first from our Best torrent sites for movies list. I think it’s one of the best as it had ranked almost for every related torrent keyword. You can search for movies, audio, tv shows with just a keyword. You can filter them by uploaded a date or file size. No need to register or login to get a file to be downloaded on your desktop.

Official site: Thepiratebay.org


It is one of the Best torrent sites for movies. You can search for any language movie. You can arrange movies in uploading date order. It welcomes you with a simple search bar and the categories of the files below the search box. It was the most visited torrent website in the past. The best part of this torrent website is you can download any file with a single click.

Official website: extratorrents.cc

3.Open bit

torrent sites for movies

It’s just one more torrent site from our list. The open bit is a public torrent site that doesn’t allow the users to upload the files directly. It’s a part of the torrent giant pirate bay as they give the same download links for the users. Open fit faced the legal issues in its first stage and was completely down for some time, and now it’s back with somewhat better stuff and all. The open bit is one of the most active torrent sites.

Official site: open bit.se

4. Torrent Hound:

torrent hound

Torrent Hound was one of the largest torrent sites with 5million+ torrents. There is a con in using this i.e. it completely hides the comment section, and we are the people who look at the feedbacks of the previous users.So, you have to check the every link of the link which was placed. It takes time but its design attracts many visitors, and so it was still on the list.

Official site: Torrenthound.com

5. Bit Snoop:


It’s the last and largest one form out best five torrent lists. Its homepage is much like a search engine, and it’s much easy to search for something. You need just to enter the keyword along with genre, and the results are displayed accurately as per your search term.

Official sitebitsnoop.com


There is no doubt in saying torrents are the best place to download the large files. But the work is all with selecting a torrent site and link. All the above listed are not the top ones as The Pirate Bay; Torrent Hood, etc. are blocked in some countries as per rules, and so I removed them from the list.

Many countries are blocking torrent sites. So if you want to unblock them, you need to use VPN services like NordVPN(70% Special Discounted Link).

Hope this list of 5 Best torrent sites for movies helps you in downloading the large files in no time. Like it!! Please share it!! Like this blog!!

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