Awesome Guide for Torrent movie free download (With pictures)

It is the step by step guide for Torrent movie free download. We all know that torrents are the best place to download large files including movies, music, and all. But I know many of you are still searching for possible good methods. If you are searching for “Torrent movie free download”, end those now itself as here is the complete process on how to download movies from any torrent site. Yes, it’s not rocket science but still, it’s some risky to download without any basic knowledge over the torrents.

What is a torrent?

Let me explain this in just two sentences for those who are completely unaware of torrents. Torrents are the Metasearch engines, which gathers the information from the popular search engines and displays the requested results in no time. There is no need for much technical knowledge as they are just with a long search bar and menu. Registrations and collecting the emails during the download is optional. It varies from different torrent sites. Below are the two popular phrases which are often visible on the torrent sites.

Seeders: The users who have the complete files and loves to share i.e. they upload the data to the torrent sites are called seeders.

Leechers: Leechers are referred to those who download the files.

Caution: Downloading and visiting pirated content is illegal. Torrent sites host pirated content. So many countries are banning torrent sites And some countries may import huge penalties for browsing torrent sites. You must use a VPN service before browsing any torrent sites. They will make you anonymous and gives you strong encryption so that no one will track and hack your online activity. I recommend the best and fastest VPN ExpressVPN. It is expensive, if you need a cheap and best alternative to ExpressVPN, I suggest you NordVPN(68% Special Discounted Link). You can read more details about VPN.

Torrent movie free download-Overview

OK, I want to explain the procedure in two phases for better understanding. If you don’t want the overview and want an exact step by step procedure with a picture, just skip this overview section and scroll down to the How To procedure.

Phase 1: Things to be done before going to download a movie from the torrent:

  • First of all, you need to select the list of torrent top sites and so if any link fails then you can simply go with another.
  • The Select one site of your choice and magnet link should always be your first choice.
  • There are some download links for a single file. Just go through the criteria: Format of the file, the size of the file, quality and all.
  • Many of the seeders try to cause difficulty in downloading the requested file while leechers tries move to long torrent movie download time.

Phase 2: How to download a movie from the torrent sites in no time.

  • So you had selected the torrent site and searched for the file and even selected the link too. Now it’s time to download your requested file.
  • Now you need to download and install a torrent client to get your file. There are some torrent clients out now, and the work is selecting the best out of them. According to me, a torrent which was acquired by BitTorrent was comfortable. Bit Torrent, BitComet, ABC Torrent Client,  XBT client are some of the best torrent clients. You can go with any of them.
  • Install the torrent client and as it works from here.
  • Now just go the download link on the torrent site and click on it.
  • The file automatically opens in the torrent client and download can be started within a few seconds.
  • You can set up the downstream speed if you want to restrict the bandwidth used by the torrent and don’t forget to seed after importing the file.
  • So, you are done, and your requested file is on your desktop.

Now let us go with the exact steps i.e., how I download movies using Torrents.

How to download Movies using torrent?

Video Tutorial:

With this video, you can learn how to download a movie from torrent. You are free to skip the video and continue with the steps mentioned after the video.

Step 1: Download Torrent Client software

Copy and paste in your browser address bar. You will see the below screen.


Select Stable version. You need not go for a premium version. You can go for free stable version. Select your platform. and Download torrent client software.

Step 2: Download torrent file

Open any one of your favorite torrent sites. You may read the top 5 torrent sites list. I use it is not working, so I use or You can follow my guide if you wish.

Copy and paste in your browser address bar. You will see the below screen. remember, some countries have banned torrent websites. If the torrent website is banned in your country, you need to buy a VPN service like NordVPN(75% Special Discounted Link).

kat torrent

Type your required movie name. Or you can type just language for ex:- English in the search bar. You will see the search results shows that in the below screen.

  1. It will show all categories. Just select the Movies tab, if you want to display only movies.
  2. I usually select the Age option to display the latest uploads. You can also check the file size. If you want high quality, you need to select a bigger file size. Even if you select a 700MB file, you will get a good quality movie file.
  3. Select the movie name. You will see a particular movie page shows that in the below screen. There is a chance that you may see the error “Unable to Load torrent…Torrent is not valid bencoding”. If you have the error, you can read our Solution to Torrent is not valid bencoding error.
Torrent movie free download

Just select Download Torrent. It will immediately download the torrent file to your computer. Torrent file size may be 2kb to 5kb. (If you want to download the entire movie using download managers, you need to select Magnet link).

Step 3: Download movie from torrent file

Open folder where you have a downloaded torrent file.

torrent movie

Just double-click on the torrent file. You will see a torrent client come into action which you have downloaded in step 1. You will see the below screen.

download movie with torren client
  • Check the box that you need. You can check all boxes if you want to download every file.
  • Click Ok. It will start downloading movies. You can turn off the computer. When you turn on the computer, it will resume the download.
  • You can download multiple files at a time. Repeat the same procedure to download another torrent file. Or you can also click on “+” symbol in the torrent client software to add another torrent file shows that in the above screenshot.

Now you can download movies. Movies may be in different formats. Sometimes it may not play in your player or on your TV. Read our Guide to Freeway to convert video formats.


Remember, torrent is the best choice to download large files. The process of downloading is similar for most of the torrent sites, but you need to select the best torrent site along with a torrent client as they play a major role in downloading your file. Talking about the quality of the file, it’s all up to you only as you had a choice to select the download link. Happy downloading.

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