8 Best Unblocked Music Sites to Enjoy Music Anywhere

Want to listen to music in your school or workplace? Does your organization block your music sites? Here are some list of best unblocked music sites.

Listening to music has become a part of our life whether it’s online or offline. And online music is always more preferred as users are able to listen to any music easily. However, many music sites are blocked at school or the workplace. How to solve this problem?

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Here are some free and best unblocked music sites we collect. You can listen to your favorite music without any restrictions.

Best Unblocked Music Sites

1. Grooveshark

Grooveshark, one of the best-unblocked music sites, is most popular among users in schools, colleges, and offices since it provides free access to personalized music albums ultimately. After creating a Grooveshark account, you can use this website to enjoy yourself.

2. Slacker

Slacker is also a free internet radio site with millions of songs. It not only provides a paid subscription but also some limited number of internet radio for free users.

It is easy to use this site. Go to the homepage, you can see a list of free stations to stream radio from. Detailed music information is visible with the image of the artist. Just click the Play button to begin the streaming.

When it comes to rating and users’ feedback, Slacker Radio is regarded as one of the best platforms to stream music from. A huge team is managing the live stream to provide free and subscription to users according to an official statement.

3. Scratch: Best Unblocked music site for school

For school students, maybe Scratch is the best unblocked music streaming site. It is unblocked in most schools. You can listen to thousands of songs for free from with school internet. Many schools allow students to use it officially to learn more skills.

4. SongArea

SongArea is an old free music website. You can discover and download trending songs on this website easily. You can search for your favorite song with the artist’s name. The best feature in this is when you don’t know the artist then you can search with lyrics. It provides the entire lyrics of the song when you are playing the video song.


5. HulkShare

As a social music network, HulShare has some huge growth recently. You can search and discover almost all songs shared by users just by entering the name of songs, artists, or albums. Apart from its homepage, there are other lists of weekly top songs, trending songs, and classic songs. With so many playlists offered, you won’t miss any excellent songs.

This music site is available for free for everyone. If you are interested in listening to the latest song freely, just come here. Also, you can create an account on Hulkshare to interact with your favorite musicians and other music lovers.

hulkshare Music

6. AccuRadio

Almost every song on the AccuRadio channel gives you access to everyone to listen to almost all popular and enjoyable songs without an account. In addition, you can visit some webcasts and radio stations for free. There are hundreds of radio stations for you to listen to freely.


7. BlueBeat

BlueBeat is another best-unblocked music site where you can enjoy free music with ease. It has a large number of free music including many high-quality 3D songs. In addition, any type of tracks can be changed as you like. You are allowed to create playlists on the homepage.

BlueBeat-Quick PLay-Trending Now


Except for music, Hungama also provides movies. This is really attractive. So, you can enjoy both of them in one portal. Top songs, top albums, and top artists are displayed weekly on the music section. TV shows and movies are also available in their area. It provides the most trending videos and movies separately to save time. You can listen to music from the radio through this app.


Bottom Line

These are some of the very popular free and best unblocked music sites. With enough information given to each site, it will be much easier for you to choose a suitable one for you to enjoy favorite music no matter you are in school or the workplace.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this topic, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Also, you can share the excellent unblocked music sites with your friends. If you need to make a music video with unblocked music tracks, just try the MiniTool MovieMaker program. For more technical tips follow Whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

8 Best Unblocked Music Sites to Enjoy Music Anywhere-FAQ

Which is the best Unblocked music site?

Groveshark is one of the best-unblocked music sites, is most popular among users in schools, colleges, and offices since it provides free access to personalized music albums ultimately.

Which is the best unblocking site for school?

Scratch is the best music unblocking site for school students.

Can we download music from blocked site?

Yes. The above are the best solutions that helps to download music from blocked sites.

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