Ipvanish Review: Supports Unlimited devices

Read my Ipvanish review before buying this VPN service. I have experienced some good and bad experience while using this service. In this article, I want to share my complete experience with this VPN. I think this is the only VPN that supports unlimited devices.

Day by day while technology is getting developed, the number of hackers and hacking methods are also getting developed. At any time, hackers may hack your computer and steal your sensitive data like bank details. Mostly when you access the Internet through public WiFi, there is a huge chance that you may get hacked. So today, it is a must to have Internet security like Bullguard Internet Security(Special discounted link) and VPN service on your computer.

Even after using Internet security, still, there is a chance to get hacked. Because Internet security products can not encrypt your data. VPN services encrypt your data and bypass country censorship. You can surf anonymously because they hide your IP. Now let us continue with the IPvanish review.

IPVanish Review

Why IPVanish?

The specialty of IPVanish is, it provides maximum security to your data. It is fast. It provides a no-logging policy. So it will not store your history. It is a tier-1 network means it maintains all its resources like software and hardware. There is no third-party outsourcing. Your data will be in IPVanish hands, it will never be given to any other third parties.

Plans & Pricing

IPVanish discount

The above image gives you details about its plans and pricing. IPVanish gives monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. It is always good to have a yearly plan for getting a maximum discount. I think the price is OK. It is not expensive at the same time it is not cheap. You can offer it for its security.

Can I get the discount?

You will get a 46% discount on the annual plan. Time to time they run promotional offers. Please visit our IPVanish discount coupon page for the updated offer.


You will get the below-mentioned features with all the plans. So even if you take monthly or quarterly or yearly plan, you can use all features.

  • Zero logging policy.
  • 1500+ Servers in 75+ Countries.
  • 40000+ IP addresses.
  • 7-Days Money back guarantee.
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption.
  • 24×7 Support and Live Chat.
  • Anonymous torrent downloading.
  • Unlimited Simultaneous connections.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switch.

I will explain some of the important features below.


When I want to compare VPN services, I will give first priority to its security. What are the protocols they are using and which encryption technologies they are using?

Encryption: IPVanish uses 256 bit-AES encryption technology to encrypt your data. This technology gives maximum possible security. Of course, almost all VPN services use this technology.

Protocols: IPVanish uses OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec VPN protocols. You can use any of this protocols. The widely used protocol is OpenVPN. Because it is fast. Almost all VPN services support these protocols.

No Log Policy: It is the important thing in IPVanish. They will never store your internet activity and how you have used their VPN service. A few VPN services give this feature.

Servers and IP

The other important factor in deciding VPN service quality is its number of servers and IP addresses. They have more than 750 servers in more than 60 countries. You can choose fastest server depends on its response time. They do have more than 60000 IP addresses. These numbers are impressive. Of course, some of the top VPN services may compete with these numbers.

Unlimited bandwidth and Unlimited Server switch

All three plans give you access to unlimited bandwidth. And they never restrict you in switching servers. Many VPN services will not give Unlimited bandwidth in all plans. Mostly they will give it in their premier plans. This is the reason you can choose IPVanish even if its price is expensive.

Unlimited Simultaneous connection

You can use this VPN simultaneously on unlimited devices. No other VPN supports unlimited devices.

Automatic IP change

ivanish ip change

If you want more security, you can change your IP address automatically at the preset interval. Remember while changing IP address, your internet connection will get disconnected and reconnected. You can set IP change time interval in the software’s IP Settings section.

7-Day Moneyback Guarantee

It is the best feature to test VPN. If you satisfy, then only you can continue with it. Only a few other VPN services offer this feature. Of course, it is not giving free trial while you may get a free trial with some services

App for Fire TV

They have released an app for Fire TV. Their Amazon store app is also compatible with Android devices running Fire OS. It also works on Native Amazon devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Kindle Fire HDX. It needs an IP Vanish account to use. If you have already using APK Installation IP Vanish VPN for Fire TV, you must uninstall that.

My Experience

I have some good and bitter experience with this service.


After getting connected, it works fine. Its speed is acceptable. You need to remember that, every VPN service must reduce your internet speed, because they are adding another extra server. It will reduce your internet speed but its speed is good while comparing to some other VPN services.

Desktop Client Software

I have used the IPVanish Windows desktop client. It will work fine after connecting. But it will take time to get connected. Their software is very slow. I can say it is the worst desktop client I have ever seen. It will crash often. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software. Even after that situation is the same. IPVanish needs to improve its software. I hope they may improve it in near future.

I think now they have improved a lot. If you have used their software, give us your opinion through the comment section.

Android Software

I was not able to connect in android mobile. It was saying authentication failed. I have contacted their support team about this issue. They replied to me while accepting that their VPN service is not supporting some of the Android mobiles. They said that they are improving their software. Just check the below screenshot for their response.

IPvanish support

Customer Support

IPVanish give 24X7 support. When I contacted support team about my android software issue, I have received first response within 20 minutes. That is Ok. Of course, some other supports may respond within 5 minutes. You need not to worry about their support team.

Now they have introduced Live Chat also.


Though it has some issues with Software, you can try this because of its security and speed. It has a 7-day money-back guarantee. So try this for seven days. If you don’t like it, you can cancel the service and get a refund. Probably, my devices are not working properly. Your devices may work. If you have used this service, do share your review in the comment section.

  • 7- Days Money-back Guarantee, Zero Log policy.
  • Over 40000 IPs. More than 1500 servers in 75+ locations.
  • Maximum security with 256-bit encryption and three types of protocols.
  • Unlimited Simultaneous connections.
. The speed is OK.

I hope you got enough information from my Ipvanish review. If it helped you, please share it with your friends. Please, follow whatvwant on Facebook and Twitter.


How much does IPVanish cost?

$6.49/Month with the annual plan, $8.99/Mo with the 3 months plan and $10/month with the monthly plan.

How many devices can be connected to IPVanish at a time?

IPVanish connects 10 devices simultaneously.

How many servers does IPVanish have?

It has over 1300 servers in over 75 locations.

What is IPVanish kill switch?

When you disconnect IPVanish, it automatically disconnects the Internet. It is called a kill switch. You can disable this feature.

Which IPVanish protocol to use?

Open VPN is always preferred. You can use any other protocol based on your requirements.

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