4 Best Websites to Stream Free Movies With a VPN

Almost everybody loves watching movies with their favorite snacks and drinks with or without company. The fun of watching movies multiplies when you get these movies for free. An enormous amount of movies are available on the internet today.

Although you might easily find links, websites, and apps claiming to offer free content, most of them are generally unsafe. I’ve been searching for some decent websites to stream free movies on my android smartphone using a VPN. Here is a list of reliable and safe websites to stream free movies.

4 Best Websites to Stream Free Movies With a VPN

1) Yidio

Yidio Homepage

Yidio gives you the latest movies for free same as the other websites. One of the USPs of this website is its content categories. It also gives you an option to search for movies from the search tab on the top.

Yidio gives you several filters making it easier to find a decent movie. It sorts content according to popularity, date added, and ratings. It also allows you to rent a movie.

However, several users do not entertain Yidio directing them to a third-party website to stream some movies. Also, you might not get much content in HD quality on it. You might want to use a VPN with it to hide your IP address and location to protect yourself from legal action.

2) Crackle

Crackle Homepage

Crackle is one of the best websites to stream movies on android phones. It also has a decent app with an uncluttered and easy-to-use interface. It offers thousands of movies in HD quality on both the app and the website.

You might have to be patient with the ads. There are limited and short ads on both the website and the app. You can also enjoy the in-built Closed Captioning feature. You can also sign up for free and enable parental controls.

It also allows you to save your progress to watch the full movie later. However, it does not sort movies by their popularity. It is not a convenient thing for those who want to stream the up to the date content.

Both the website and the app are officially available in the United States of America only. However, you can use a VPN with American servers to access both from anywhere. I used Nord VPN on the mobile app and Surfshark VPN with the website.

3) Popcornflix

Popcornflix has one of the cleanest and smoothest websites out there. It gets its content from the same source as the Crackle website. It keeps its library updated with the latest movies.

You can stream movies of different genres like documentaries, horror, drama, action, romance, etc. You do not need to set up an account before streaming movies. It also offers inbuilt subtitles.

However, Popcornflix also has the same issue with sorting the content. It does not sort the movies by popularity or by their release date. Even though you can stream all content without using a VPN, you might want to use one to hide your IP address. You might want to use an adblocker with this website.

According to Fire Stick Tricks, several websites allow adblockers to give you a better streaming experience.

4) FMovies

FMovies Homepage

FMovies gives you free movies with a bearable amount of ads. You can also use an ad-blocker and VPN with this website. It lets you stream videos up to 1080P quality. It has an uncluttered interface.

You can search for movies on this website by using the search bar. It also has categories like latest, popular, and genre, which makes it easier to search for movies.

It does not ask you to sign up to stream movies. However, you can create an account if you want to receive new movie updates and recommendations. Almost all content on this website is HD quality and has subtitles. You can also stream TV shows on this website.

You can also send a request to this website if you can not find a movie or show you want to watch. You can use NordVPN (Special discounted link) with this website because it has more servers and locations than most other VPNs. It also claims to have a double security feature.


You might not want to stream copyrighted or illegal content because it is a criminal offense in many countries. You might also want to use a VPN before accessing free movie websites for an additional layer of security.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about the 4 Best Websites to Stream Free Movies with a VPN. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

4 Best Websites To Stream Free Movies with a VPN – FAQs

Should I use a VPN with 123movies?

The safest way to visit 123movies and stream online is to use a VPN. A VPN will mask your IP address, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions and access the content you want to see.

Is streaming with a VPN illegal?

Yes. In most countries, including the United States and other western nations, it’s perfectly legal to use a VPN while streaming. This protects your internet connection and privacy.

Is popcornflix legal?

Popcornflix is 100% legal, no subscription required, and way fewer ads than regular television.

Is Yesmovies safe?

The High Tech Society recommends that you avoid YesMovies and do not sign up for an account.

Is FMovies safe?

You should never assume FMovies or any other torrenting/downloading services is safe. Not only are the sites themselves a hotbed for sketchy software downloads, you just never know what you’re getting when you download a file from a site like those.

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