3 Ways to Clear iPhone cache, Memory, app cache & junk files

Is your iPhone getting struck regularly? Want to speed up your iPhone? Want to Clear the iPhone cache and want to clear hidden data of your frequently visited pages on your iPhone?

Here are some of the methods by which you can easily and quickly clear out your iPhone cache and use this additional hidden storage space somewhere else you want to be. here you will see a full description of a cache that what is a cache? Why remove Cache and how to remove the cache from your iPhone?

What is Cache?

A cache is home to something to be stored temporarily which is sometimes also called the hidden place or simply cache is stored away in hiding or for future use. It is used by the computer processor itself for quick access to recently viewed pages later on. In order to run or improve the efficiency of your device different types of cache are used. Some of these are

  • Browser Cache: The Browser Cache is a temporary storage location on your computer or phone. This Browser Cache is used to speed up or for quick access to the processing such that the computer or phone does not have to reload or fetch from the original location when we go to different page locations.
  • Memory Cache: The program you use on your iPhone more frequently is automatically stored as the cache so that you can easily and quickly access the program you visit more frequently.
  • Processor Cache: It is used by Central Processing Unit (CPU) as a hardware cache to reduce the time to access data from main memory. Processor cache stores the copies of data from frequently used main memory locations much faster and quicker.

Why should I Clear iPhone cache?

Clearing cache in your iPhone simply means everything gets renewed and nothing would be restored whatever you frequently used earlier. If not clear cache regularly as it is hidden, it gradually consumed more and more storage space which seems to be unnecessarily on your device and may you have trouble in less free space storage on your iPhone.

Sometimes because of corrupted cache data, it becomes necessary to clear it for the troubleshooting process to resolve any problems. Moreover, clearing the cache of your iPhone also protects your Personal information and helps the application to run better on your iPhone.

How to Clear iPhone cache?

1. Clean Safari cache manually

clear history

Regularly keep on clearing your Safari’s History and Data, clear your iPhone cache. This stores your history and cache which may slow down your iPhone’s speed and consume excess memory. You can easily clear browsing cache and browse history by going to Settings> Safari> Clear history and data. 

By this option, you can easily clear your browsing cache and other browsing data.

2. Clear cache in iPhone using Apps 

Magic Phone Cleaner is the best apps to clear your iPhone’s cache. Magic Phone Cleaner cleans your iPhone’s space quickly and easily. It cleans system cache and lets you remove your largest files and even lets you know to remove large unused apps. It is basically a free version. If you need to remove a large amount of cache, you need to buy their tips. Alternately you can also use Power Clean another best cleaner app for iOS.

Steps to clear the cache using Magic Phone Cleaner

Clear iPhone cache
  • Once download is completed, Open Magic Phone Cleaner. Give permissions to the app to run on your iPhone. Now go to clear cache section.
clear cache

It automatically clears the cache.

By following these above methods you can easily and quickly clear your iPhone cache and which makes your iPhone storage capacity more. Now you can easily able to increase your hidden memory and utilize that excess memory somewhere else you want to be.

3. Use iMyFone Umate Pro

clean iphone

iMyFone Umate Pro is a premium software which clears your iPhone junk files, temporary files, cache, duplicate files. The best thing is, it permanently erases your deleted files from your phone so that even data recovery tools can not recover your files. It can also erase any private data and it will give you peace of mind from your data theft. Read How to use iMyFone Umate Pro and special iMyFone discount for WhatVwant readers.

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