Best 5 Free Book Writing Software To Edit and Publish Your First Book

Are you a beginning writer? Are you seeking to write a book? And are you searching for the top free book-writing software? Then follow this article to acquire complete knowledge on the Top 5 free book writing software.

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What is Book writing software?

Book writing software is an application or program that provides all tools like a kit, guidelines, technical support, user-friendly interfacing, collaborators, and many other features required for you to write your book in a comfortable and fast manner.

Why should I need book writing software?

In the present scenario, Computers and Laptops completely replaced the typewriters used earlier to write books. A computer or Laptop is the first basic element you should need to write a book. Then the remaining features like the complete set of writer’s tools, user-friendly interfacing, tracking of your revisions, good appearance of menus, cloud storage, publishing support, and many more are provided by the book writing software. That’s why you should definitely need book writing software to avail of various features to make your book writings quite easier and faster.

Hint: Always free products have some limitations and they don’t provide you with proper support. When you don’t mind spending a little amount for the best features and support, you need to go with premium software. I suggest Microsoft Office which provides you with complete features with cloud storage.

Top 5 Free Book writing software

The following are the top 5 free book writing software that enhances your writing skills and provides all features to you to write your book in a quite fast and comfortable manner.

1. Google Docs


Google Docs” is one of the best writing software applications provided by Google. It is a user-friendly, and online word processor application. You need a web browser to use this application and no need to install any software. It can be Accessible on any computer or laptop. All your “Google Docs” documents can automatically be stored on “Google Drive”. As this application saves your document automatically, you will be tension free and have no need to bother to save your document manually for every minute.

This application allows three modes to view your document. Those are editing, suggesting, and viewing mode. The suggesting mode allows you to obtain suggestions from any of your friends in your written document. The suggestions sent by them appear in a different color. Now click the tick mark to accept them or click the cross mark to reject them. This feature motivates you and enhances your writing skills.

Features of Google Docs

  • A completely online word processor application and does not need to install any software.
  • As your documents are stored on Google Drive, you can edit and modify any of your documents at any time on any computer.
  • No need to carry a pen drive or any storage device for editing and storing each time on any new computer.
  • You can track all the revisions you made to your document.
  • The “Spelling check and grammar” option is available to check spelling and grammar on your document.
  • Saves your document automatically on the cloud while you are editing.
  • You are able to insert, create and edit drawings.
  • Headers, footers, and page numbers can be added.
  • Mathematical and scientific formulas can be inserted and edited.
  • Your documents can be downloaded in any format like “.docx”, “.rtf”, “.pdf”, “.odt”, “.html, zipped”, “.txt”, and “.epub”.
  • This application can be viewed and used in offline mode also.
  • And many more enhanced tools are available to make your book writing simpler and faster.

Cons of Google Docs

  • You must require internet access to edit your document on a new computer. You can’t access your document without internet access.
  • This application doesn’t possess all features you expect in Microsoft Word.
  • Documents cannot be exported to the desktop as it is from the cloud. There may be a change in font size or something else you can notice on the desktop copy.
  • The available template appearances are not so attractive.
  • The appearance of online layouts is quite different from Microsoft word. Beginners may feel difficulty in interfacing. However, if they do practice twice or thrice, then interfacing becomes easier.

2. LibreOffice

LibreOffice Homepage

LibreOffice is an excellent writing application that provides almost all the tools you to write your book easily, fastly, and quite comfortably without searching for any tool here and there. LibreOffice is a mixture of several applications like Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Paint, different databases, and so on. LibreOffice is a free office suite and provides nearly similar features to the Microsoft Office suite.

Features of LibreOffice

  • “Writer” is an important tool like a word processor in LibreOffice. It has certain significant features listed below that resemble Microsoft word.
    • You are able to edit, save, export, and import your word document.
    • Find and replace, spelling check, autocorrect, thesaurus, and hyphenation.
    • “Writer” allows you to save your documents in Microsoft Word formats and also in PDF formats.
    • Enhanced templates with different frames, styles, columns, and tables.
    • Drawing and image rearranging tools.
    • Linking mathematical equations, spreadsheets, and many other objects.
    • And many more features you can find.
  • “Calc” is a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel provided by LibreOffice. This program has nearly all the characteristics of Excel. “Calc” allows you to open and edit any Microsoft Excel file on your desktop. You can save the spreadsheet in “Calc” in Excel and PDF formats.
  • You can prepare various presentations to decorate your book writing by using the “Impress” program in LibreOffice. You can expect nearly the same features as PowerPoint in “Impress” also. This program enables you to open any Microsoft PowerPoint file on your computer. All files in this program can be saved in PowerPoint and PDF formats.
  • You can make any graphic presentations and drawings in your book using the “Draw” program in LibreOffice. You can make any technical drawings in your book with a page size not exceeding 300cm by 300cm. This program allows you to design natural and good-looking flowcharts that may be required for your book writing. You can utilize any images and objects in 2D or 3D.
  • You can prepare pie charts, square columns, round columns, 2D, and 3D charts, and even more with numerous styles, colors, and sizes by using the “Charts” program in LibreOffice.
  • You can access different databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, and Oracle by using the “Base” program in LibreOffice.
  • You can insert and edit all mathematical and scientific equations and formulas by using the “Math” program in LibreOffice.
  • All files in LibreOffice are saved in ODF (Open Document Format). “.odt”, “.ods”, “.odp”, and “.odg” are the extensions of ODF files for text, spreadsheet, presentation, and graphic files respectively.
  • And many more features that make your book writing quite simpler and faster.
  • LibreOffice is user-friendly interfacing and anyone can use and need any expert supervision.
  • LibreOffice can work on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/GNU, Android/Linux, and other operating systems.

Cons of LibreOffice

  • This application uses plenty of memory and is a little bit slower performance process.
  • You can’t anticipate all features as in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • The “Impress” program cannot export the presentation file in LibreOffice to the Microsoft PowerPoint file properly. You can observe the change in font size.

3. AbiWord

AbiWord Homepage

AbiWord is a distraction-free word processor application. This application supports almost every feature as in Microsoft Word. It can perform various types of Word processor tasks like spell check, autosave, track every revision of your document, illimitable undo and redo, tables of data, command-line usage mode, and many more that are necessary for every book writer.

Features of AbiWord

  • Illimitable undo and redo ability.
  • Simple to use and user-friendly interface allows you to edit and save your document at any instant.
  • Spell check capacity with non-compulsory underlining.
  • The “Nested Table” option to make a table inside a table is available.
  • Numerous options like bullets, lists, styles, tables of data, mail merge, and so on are available.
  • Avoids the tension of manual saving and permits autosaving of your document.
  • This application assists in bidirectional text.
  • This application permits you to save all your documents in Microsoft Word, PDF, WordPerfect, and any other formats.
  • This application can safely operate on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.
  • And many more tools you can use in AbiWord to make your book writing more comfortable.

Cons of AbiWord

  • If you are using earlier versions of Windows, then you may receive errors during the installation process of the AbiWord software.
  • If you open several documents particularly 8 to 15, then AbiWord on your desktop may be cracked.
  • Entire features in Microsoft Word are not expected in this application.
  • To observe the print preview of your AbiWord document, you need an additional image program from external.
  • Many features like math, drawing, presentations, and databases are missing in this application.

4. OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer Homepage

Apache OpenOffice Writer is the best writing and user-friendly office suite application. You can access all tools in one area and no need to search for any tool here and there. This is a significant feature required for you to write your book quite comfortably. This application resembles the Microsoft Office suite in most features. This application permit features in Office Suite like Word Processing, Powerpoint presentations, Spreadsheet, drawings, maths, databases, and many more.

Features of OpenOffice Writer

  • “Writer” is a word processing program like Microsoft Word offered by OpenOffice Writer. It has enhanced features listed below.
    • This application permits you to save all your documents in Word, PDF, HTML, and MediaWiki formats.
    • You can save your typing effort with the “AutoComplete” feature. This feature suggests some common words to finish a particular sentence.
    • Spell check is possible with “AutoCorrect Dictionary”.
    • There are other features like styles and formatting, text frames and linking, and tables of data.
    • Wizards permit you to create letters, faxes, agendas, and so on.
    • All your “Writer” files are saved in “.odt” format.
    • And many features you can observe in the “Writer” program.
  • “Calc” is the excel program in OpenOffice Writer. It has many features like Microsoft Excel. “Calc” permits you to open any excel sheet file on your computer. Files in this program can be saved in excel and pdf formats.
  • “Impress” is the presentation program in OpenOffice Writer. This is like Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to prepare various presentations and multimedia works.
  • “Draw” is the picture analysis program in OpenOffice Writer. You can insert, copy, crop, rotate and enhance any image. You can plot drawings in a page size not exceeding 300cm by 300cm.
  • “Base” is the database program in OpenOffice Writer to access various databases.
  • You can insert and edit any scientific and mathematical formulas by using the “Math” program in OpenOffice Writer.
  • This application can operate on Windows, GNU/Linux, OS X, and other operating systems.
  • And many more features you can observe in OpenOffice Writer.

Cons of OpenOffice Writer

  • Complete features as in Microsoft Office Suite are not available here.
  • You have to download the entire OpenOffice Suite even to access a single subprogram.
  • Interfacing is not fine.
  • This program is a heavy setup application and requires much time to download.
  • The layout of the menus is not in a sequence as in Microsoft Word and appears to be cluttered.

5. FocusWriter

Focus Writer Homepage

FocusWriter is a distraction-free word processor application most suitable for beginning writers to write a simple book with a maximum of words. This application allows you to involve completely in your book writing by providing a distraction-free screen. You can move your mouse at the edges of the screen, to visualize various options to interface your document.

Features of FocusWriter

  • This application is user-friendly interfacing and easy to use.
  • Supports various files like TXT, basic ODT, and basic RTF.
  • There are “Timers and alarms” that give alarm signals after completion of your set time to check whether you finished the targeted portion of your writing within a specified time. This enables and alerts you to utilize the time effectively.
  • There is an option “Daily Goals” to complete your predefined daily work on that day.
  • Various themes are available to decorate your screen background.
  • The “Spell check ” option is available to check for any spelling mistakes in your document.
  • The “Autosave” option saves your document automatically and avoids the tension of manual saving.
  • The screen is completely distraction-free which enables you to involve in your writing work completely.
  • This application operates on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and other operating systems.
  • And more features you can observe in FocusWriter.

Cons of FocusWriter

  • This is not the best program if you want many features as in Office Suite.
  • No tracking facility to track all revisions you made to your document.
  • You must depend on Microsoft Office to use enhanced tools like spreadsheets, presentations, math, drawing, and so on.


By the end of this article, you can understand the complete features of top free book writing software. Now you are in a position to select any of the top 5 free Book writing software for you to start, write and finish your book in a more comfortable manner. One more time, we suggest, It is better to go with Microsoft Office instead of using free software.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about the Best Free Book Writing Software. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

Best Free Book Writing Software – FAQs

Can I use Google Docs to write a book?

Yes. In fact, many writers choose this platform because it’s free but has all the options writers need to craft a book.

Is Google Docs good for content writing?

Google document is simply the best content writing tool. With the tools and add-ons, it comes with, you can create the best content that only looks good but is also well-optimized for readability and SEO.

Is LibreOffice good for writing books?

It’s simple enough for a quick memo, but powerful enough to create complete books with contents, diagrams, indexes, and more. You’re free to concentrate on your message, while Writer makes it look great.

What is AbiWord used for?

AbiWord is an open-source word-processing software that helps businesses generate, manage, and share documents on a centralized platform. Supervisors can utilize multiple layout options and add tablets, lists, images, bullets, or footnotes in files according to requirements.

Can I use OpenOffice Writer Online?

OpenOffice Writer Online is an extension that allows creating, editing, and viewing any Microsoft Word documents in doc format. It is a word processor and publishing tool. It allows the creation of large documents, reports, and books, and is simple enough for a quick memo.

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