Top 7 Housing society and apartment management software

For those who own or manage apartments, housing society and apartment management software are crucial. They can assist you in keeping track of all the crucial aspects of your property, such as rent collection, upkeep, and security. Apartments and housing societies are intricate institutions, so any software used to administer them needs to be thorough and user-friendly. We’ll be outlining some of the top apartment and housing society management programs in this post. You may handle anything with the aid of these programs, including tenant relations and rent collection. So be sure to check out this software whether you are a seasoned management or a first-time landlord.

What is housing society and apartment management software?

A software program known as society management software is used to manage all the operations of housing societies or apartment buildings. The software programs allow all tenants and property owners to experience seamless rent collection, maintenance, parking, security, and other processes. Operations in societies are streamlined and automated through society management systems. The system offers residents, facility staff, and the administrator interface. Utilize a sophisticated dashboard to manage various administrative tasks and quickly access any feature.

What is the use of housing society management software?

Housing Society Management Software has several predetermined uses, which makes some of the challenges much simpler. Let’s go into greater detail about a few of the fundamental purposes of housing society management software.

  • Remind Residents of the Due Date for Payment: The software can send notifications about the payment’s due date and produce slips, ensuring that every family makes payments on time.
  • Online Payment Collection: A management system can contain a portal for online transactions in addition to keeping track of payments. The built-in money transfer mechanism can reduce the time for both the committee and the inhabitants.
  • Using Group Chat to Socialize: The group chats function on the app can help with the awkwardness that often comes with meeting new neighbors in a city. Request the addition of a chat component to the software from the UK application development team. You can interact with others digitally and eventually in person to discuss issues, meet new friends, and get involved in your community.
  • Seek Domestic Assistance: Finding more domestic help to help with household duties is a hurdle that comes with relocating to a new place. You can ask for recommendations using the community app. By doing this, you can hire a dependable cook, driver, gardener, etc. without having to search far and wide. There is no need to fear because the staff will register with the committee.
  • Create Events: A excellent option to organize gatherings for holidays and special occasions is through the online community. Residents can coordinate with each other and assign responsibilities to anyone interested in planning the celebration. Additionally, weekly or monthly meals with various sets of hosts can be organized using a tool that will be integrated into the app by application development UK.
  • Keep your emergency contacts in one location: There should be a page listing all pertinent emergency contacts, including the committee chair, security personnel, local hospitals, and police. In this manner, locals can file grievances or request assistance when necessary.
  • An electronic notice board: You can post updates online to reach everyone, saving paper by not printing notices and leaving them on everyone’s doorstep. Important alerts can also be sent as notifications so that no one misses out on the information.
  • All Residents’ Registry: Each new resident of the neighborhood is required to register online using a system. It facilitates centralizing everyone’s file storage. The data can be used in an emergency, and they are a terrific way to prevent fraud.
  • Make requests to leave: It is challenging to keep track of every tenant that moves into apartment buildings throughout the course of the year. The system makes it simpler to retain such information and keep track of the progress by enabling the renter to file moving-out requests for the committee’s approval.
  • Access from any location: Residents can use the app to stay updated on events at home even if they are traveling. It is a fantastic method to stay in touch with the neighborhood and stay engaged. Seniors age, who do not use computers or laptops, can also benefit from the program.

Top Housing society and apartment management software

Let us go through some of the best housing society and apartment management software in detail


Apna complex

ApnaComplex is a society management program that handles security requirements and provides a first-rate living environment. This software includes a wide range of features and a built-in payment gateway so you can routinely pay your utility bills. Rent from tenants is also collected through the payment channel, along with fees. The software program ApnaComplex efficiently keeps track of entries and exits in a timely manner and requires little effort to become familiar with.

ApnaComplex Society Management Software features

Let us go through some of the important features of ApnaComplex society management software

  • A dedicated accounting tool helps in automating the entire billing process and expense monitoring.
  • The gate pass system helps users with accurate asset monitoring, inventory management, and a comprehensive reservation system.
  • It serves as a shared space for community members where they can discuss important topics and come up with relevant suggestions accordingly.
  • The gate pass management software includes app-based visitor management, staff management, and guard patrol management.
  • The payment collection gateway helps with online dues collection and automated reconciliation. No convenience charge is required.
  • The gate pass system is a smart facility management tool that assists users with precise asset tracking, inventory management, and a thorough reservation system.
  • It provides a common area for community members to debate significant issues and provide pertinent solutions in response.
  • The payment collection portal makes online dues collection and automated reconciliation easier. No convenience fee is necessary.


The pricing of ApnaComplex ranges from about $40.00/month/user.

ApnaComplex real estate property management software is used by RWA members, security personnel, residents, property managers, and committee members in apartment buildings, cooperative housing societies, gated communities, and small commercial properties.


Adda ERP

Adda ERP is a flexible piece of software made with real estate managers in mind. This cutting-edge apartment management system assists in keeping an eye on societal activities and lowers security concerns at all times. With the use of ADDA ERP, property managers may efficiently and conveniently manage their condominiums, apartment building, and association. The software provides a solitary platform where users may easily communicate with other community members.

In terms of financial and security operations, the ADDA ERP apartment management solution delivers exceptional levels of transparency. The software creates more than 150 distinct reports on a variety of topics, including spending, utility upkeep, inventory use, and visits. Property managers may budget their expenses and track the results of their assessments with this apartment management software.

Features of ADDA ERP

  • Offers a platform for social networking to enable neighbors to interact, engage in crucial community debates, provide their opinions and thoughts, and stay informed about crucial activities and events.
  • You may take care of payment obligations, maintain the data of each tenant, and manage many properties from a single location.
  • Provides a centralized platform that enables full management of user access as well as full user data from various units.
  • enables you to share information about community events, emergency drills, and problems with tenants and owners.
  • Advertising for inhabitants of condos, villa complexes, and flats attracts a lot of independent contractors and companies. In order to set off automatic accounting entries, they can control the price, expiration date, and content of the adverts.


Pricing for ADDA ERP starts at $30.00/month/user

Apartment complexes, housing societies, and gated communities can use ADDA ERP, a comprehensive society management program. You can manage many flats, properties, tenants, and related information like family members, cars, parking, etc. with this platform.



A community management tool in India is called MyGate. Residential societies and housing estates benefit from increased safety and security thanks to this security community management application. Visitors, regular workers, and delivery personnel can only enter the society’s grounds after being verified and given permission by the residents. This society management program aids in the secure authentication of each visitor, whether they are a member of the housing assistance team or a package delivery person.

Features of MyGate

  • If you or anybody else inside the office building is in jeopardy, you can trigger a security alarm. The primary guard and other security personnel will receive the alert, allowing them to promptly take the appropriate action.
  • You may find out right away if the maid, driver, cook, or any other employee you hired is available on a certain day. For admission and exit, each person has a passcode depending on their ID.
  • When you give the employees any item or gift, you can issue a digital gate pass for gate verification. After reviewing their evaluations and ratings on the app, you can even hire new employees.
  • After a resident authorizes a visitor, the visitor receives an SMS containing an OTP for the gate entrance. They can accept invitations via the app as well. Using the passcode, delivery managers and other service providers can check in and out.
  • You will receive a phone call from a machine even if you don’t have access to the internet if you don’t respond to the mobile notification for approving any visitor admittance.
  • You can add neighbors and committee members to your list of emergency contacts by obtaining their contact information.


The price of MyGate’s services comes down to an average of INR 6000-INR 10,000 per community every month.

To make it more difficult to hack, all data transfers into and out of the app are secured using 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Additionally, user-based access is provided to the data to guarantee total information security.

4. ADDA GateKeeper

Adda GateKeeper

APARTMENTADDA has a program called Adda Gatekeeper. It serves as a security solution for the housing society’s management of visitors and employees, as well as for dealing with security-related issues. There is no longer a need to manually enter data at an apartment’s security gates. The users of Adda Gatekeeper can keep track of guests, employees, etc. You can write down the visitor’s information, including name, phone number, the apartment he is visiting, car identification number, visitor photo, etc.

Features of ADDA GateKeeper

  • Gatekeeper software is suitable for all small, medium, and large real estate businesses.
  • Organizations including SMEs, enterprises, government PSUs, startups, and agencies, among others, use the web app security software known as Gatekeeper.
  • It doesn’t need any particular training to use and has a user-friendly interface that can interact with current technologies.
  • The ADDA Gatekeeper mobile app allows users to achieve high performance and higher productivity in various areas and may be tailored to your company’s needs.
  • It offers the highest level of security and efficiently and affordably operates the premises’ security system.


Pricing for ADDA GateKeeper starts at $20.00/month/user.

The ADDA App makes it simple for users to keep track of guests, staff members, and notes. Visitor details include information such as name, phone number, apartment visited, car number, visitor photo, etc. The ADDA App works nicely with Android 4.0.3 and later.

5. SocietyRun

Society run Software

For upscale and commercial complexes as well as housing societies, SocietyRun is a web-based Housing Society Management system. It offers solutions for smart housing societies, offers cooperative housing societies a wide range of services, and is an industry leader in providing high-tech billing and accounting services to housing societies. The payment gateway, email/SMS broadcast, accounting report, society sharing, housing management, etc. are only a few of the features of this society administration solution.

Features of SocietyRun

  • The SocietyRun payment gateway allows Society Members to pay their maintenance fees online. Payments are accepted through UPis and other online methods.
  • Receive SMS or email alerts when a notice, event, or complaint is posted. Send out emails to everyone in the society, in one location, to a committee.
  • Accounting Report will be only available to admins. Different society categories, including maintenance and periodic for 2BHK, 3BHK, and penthouse flats, are supported by income tracker.
  • All societal members will have access to the Society Share feature. All members have access to the admin’s password change feature. Create a folder of your own by uploading it.
  • Housing Management
  • All Information of Login members is stored in one place!! Open for all members of society Admin provides a change password facility as well.


The price of SocietyRun services comes down to an average of INR 25000 per community every month.

It excels at High-tech Billing & Accounts Services to Housing Societies and offers services to Co-operative Housing Societies successfully and completely.

6.HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance

Hyper Soft technologies

The critical information for your complex is managed by HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance in a single location. The owners, residents, vendors, employees, cars, documents, assets, income, expenses, dues, etc. are among the key information. The operations are completely transparent, which pleases the society’s owners and residents. The entire complex can be managed professionally using tools and techniques.

Features of HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance

  • The creation of general ledger accounts is the most essential feature of HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance.
  • The establishment of Flat Owners and the activities preceded with them will be handled with the help of HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance.
  • HyperSoft Society Account maintenance facilitates with the feature which allows only one Entry of maintenance fees that are subject to change at any time.
  • Additionally, HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance allows us to enter cash and bank transactions more easily.
  • The Automatic Posting of Charges option that Hyper Soft Society Account Maintenance offers us also results in postings that may occur monthly, bimonthly, or at other intervals.
  • It also avails the feature of Managing Journal Vouchers.
  • HyperSoft Society Account maintenance offers us the option of 20 Heads of Accounts to which Flat Owners may be billed. for instance, building a corpus, sinking funds, maintenance, and water charges.
  • With Hyper Soft Society Account maintenance software, additional features like billing and invoicing, document management, and expense management are also made possible.


Pricing for HyperSoft Society Account Maintenance starts at INR14400.00/month.

This software manages all of your complex’s owners, residents, vendors, personnel, vehicles, papers, assets, income, spending, dues, etc. from one location with Hyper Soft Society Account Maintenance.

7. Society Maxx

Society Maxx

Society Maxx is a comprehensive apartment management tool created with startups, SMBs, SMEs, and agencies in mind. This apartment management software offers comprehensive solutions for Windows operating systems and features a straightforward, clean interface. This apartment management software tool aids in community engagement, society management, security, and simple billing and accounting. Additionally, help desk management, vendor management, and tracking of income and expenses are all made easier with the help of this program.

The world is moving towards modernity, and technology is advancing faster than ever. One of the best instances of how technology is influencing our lives today is housing society management software, which has decreased the need for human intervention and simplified life by saving time and money. Because it facilitates job efficiency and maintains the safety and security of both society members and residents, powerful and sophisticated housing society administration software is crucial for residential societies.

Features of Society Maxx

  • The primary and essential feature of Society Maxx software provides us with Society Management.
  • Society Maxx software benefits us with the help of community collaboration which helps us to organize activities and other important tasks within the community
  • This software benefits us with the easy ways of billing and also maintaining the accounts of the society in a proper manner.
  • As a backup for the rent payments at the correct due dates, this application also helps in sending payment reminders to the social tenants.
  • Help Desk Management is a feature that the Society Maxx app offers, making it the finest feature for all users of society.
  • Society Maxx software also avails us of other essential features like Vendor Management and Tracking income and also expenses.


Pricing for Society Maxx starts from INR 25000/month.

For startups, SMBs, SMEs, and agencies, Society Maxx is a comprehensive apartment management system. This web-based apartment management software is user-friendly and offers a straightforward UI. For Windows operating systems, Society Maxx offers complete solutions that work with Desktops.


We hope you liked reading about the top 7 apartment and housing society management programs for your house. We are aware that many people are looking for the best home management software. These programs can assist you with organizing your property list and tracking spending, among other things. We sincerely hope that you found this post to be useful. For more worthwhile material, please see the rest of our blog.

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Top Housing society and apartment management software – FAQs

Which housing society management software is the best?

The best housing society management software is ADDA, in our opinion. It is incredibly user-friendly and addresses all aspects of society accounting as well as any other requirements. Use of the Society Maintenance App, ADDA, increased maintenance collection by 60%.

Which Indian society management software is the best?

The Best Housing Society App is MyGate.
More than 3.5 million houses streamline daily communal life.
Every month, maintenance payments of over 100 crores are processed.
Our systems validate more than a million visits each month.

Define society management app

A housing society app/software that simplifies life for everyone in a gated community, from residents and management committee members to security guards and facility managers.

Which ERP is ideal for housing societies?

Top software in the category of apartments and housing societies
Available upon request. Hypersoft Society Mgt. Software, 4.8. (15 reviews). Get a price.
Starting at $0, SocietynMore. 4.7. (6 reviews). Get a price.
Available upon request. ADDA. 4.9. (17 reviews). Get a price.

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