4 Ways How New Technologies Improve Writing Skills Among Students

Want to Improve your writing skills? This article will give you quick methods to improve your writing skills. We write more, and with greater urgency, but contrary to what is often said, we do not always write worse. Today much of the communication between people flows through written communication in a digital medium, either through Twitter, e-mail, chat, or Facebook, to name just a few means.

Beyond the rules imposed by each of these platforms, two characteristics reign, which applies (with variations) to all of them: the use of abbreviations and immediacy in the act of writing and reading that allows the text typed, shared instantaneously, away from the manuscript text (with what this implies). All this, flavored with emojis, animated GIFs, and more.

Despite the orthographic errors that users usually make in social networks and the theories that talk about an impoverishment of language, according to some research, such assumptions would be unfounded. In that sense, a study conducted at some popular universities such as the University of Alberta, in the United States, found that language that is normally used in instant messages and emails does not affect the spelling of the children. The research, based on 40 students between 12 and 17 years old, found that adolescents who had good spelling in the educational field kept it in their instant messages, and in turn, those with bad spelling in the classroom, did not write well in the messengers.

In social networks the writing flows with much freedom, anyway, while on Twitter there is more penalty with regard to spelling errors because it is a public space, on WhatsApp people, are more spontaneous.

Look at the other side: Read in a world of screens

On the other hand, a study conducted by Stanford University, in the United States, conducted between 2001-2006 based on 15,000 university students’ writings, including essays, chat sessions, e-mails, updates on social networks and notes, found that while for the older generations writing was a school activity, whose frequency decreased with the passage of time, unless the person had a job that involved writing, nowadays both young and adults write much more than their predecessors, due to everything to that communication in social networks. Now let us see How you can improve your writing skills.

Improve Writing skills

1. Use Grammar checker tools

I suggest you use any one of the Online Grammar checker tools like Grammarly. Almost every tool has a free version. You can at least use the free version. Every tool comes with browser extensions. Once you install the extensions, They will check your English grammar, spelling, etc of whatever you write on the web. Almost all Grammar checker tools will give you the offline app which works in Microsoft Office or other same like mediums.

2. The importance of online writing services for students in general

Online writing service

Contrary to what many believe, the students who were part of the study recognize the communicational context and use different languages and styles as appropriate for the occasion. In addition, according to some researchers, young people are more aware than their predecessors that they are writing for someone and that their writing generates an effect. Most students find that completing tasks related to writing is a tough struggle. They need a real solution that allows them to not just accept the paper as they want but also learn from it. They need to help sources and they can go to the sources by surfing the Internet. If you are one of them then you are advised to… visit this useful source for students. We hope that after reading this article you can benefit from getting better at writing.

3. Take English Learning Course Online

Today, you can learn anything from your home. There are many online learning platforms to learn anything online. Just take the English learning course from any one of the top online learning websites. I suggest you use Udemy which is the best online learning platform. It has over 40000 courses. You can learn almost anything from this website. It has free courses as well. Once you buy any paid course, you will get lifetime access to that course. WhatVwant readers get a special discount through this discounted link.

4. Use Freelancing websites

Freelance writer

Freelance websites will help you to find and hire a freelancer for your particular work. If you want to quickly proofread your work by an expert, you can hire a freelancer from any one of the Top freelancing websites like Fiverr or Freelancer.

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