2 Ways To Increase RAM After Checking Compatibility

Want to know which RAM is suitable for your device? When your present RAM is full you need to increase the RAM. When you want to increase the RAM of your PC, you must know about RAM compatibility. Want to know what are the ways to increase RAM?

Not all the RAMs are suitable for all computers. SDR, DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 are the types of Ram. You need to check which RAM you are using right now. And you need to Buy the same RAM to increase RAM. In this article, I am going to explain those things.

Can I add more RAM to my laptop or PC?

You can add more RAM to improve your computer speed. When you increase RAM, it not only improves speed but also gives smoothness to your PC performance. Even without buying RAM, you can increase computer speed. To know PC speed-up techniques, read my article about how to speed up pc. Even after reading that, if you want to buy RAM then you must read this article to know about Ram compatibility.

How to Increase RAM After Checking Compatibility

Method 1: How do I know if I can add RAM to my laptop?

Note down your product id. If you have a laptop, you will get the product serial number at the bottom of your laptop. If you have a desktop, there may be a sticker attached to the CPU. If your serial numbers are erased, then you have to check manuals that have come along with the PC. Even if you don’t have manuals, don’t worry you can skip to the second method.

  • Now Go to your PC manufacturer website.
  • Search for your product on your manufacturer’s website.
  • Go to the specifications.
  • Go to the main memory section. Here you can see Your PC’s upgradable capacity. You should not buy Ram more than your PC’s capacity.

Just remember whether your RAM is DDR2 or DDR3 and it’s Memory speed. Here My ram is DDR3 and its speed is 1600 MT/s or 1600 MHz. It means that I need to buy DDR3 RAM with a speed of 1600 MHZ. You can use RAM with less speed but not more than this speed. That means I can use DDR3 RAM with 1333MHz also.

Increase ram

Method 2: How do I check my laptops RAM?

Go to cpuid.com and download CPU-z software. It is a freeware software. You can use it for free.

Install CPU-Z and run the software. It will display all the details of your system. Click on Memory or SPD in the top menu. You will see your Ram. Just note down which is your Ram.  whether that is DDR or DDR2 or DDR3 and Buy that RAM.

You can also use the Crucial website which will display your ram details along with buying options.

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