Infatica Rotating residential proxies – Quick review

Want to know about Infatica Rotating Residential proxies? Here are the complete details about Infatica.

Infatica offers its customers proxy servers and active IP addresses that will allow them to easily bypass any security system of websites or large information portals and provide the user with complete anonymity, which is especially important for placing targeted advertising direct. The company’s managers guarantee the highest level of reliability, and trouble-free operation of each proxy server, regardless of the time the resource is used.

What is a residential proxy and what are its advantages?

Infatica presents to customers, both beginners in the IT industry and top-level professionals with thousands of different IP addresses, and rotating residential proxies, which include various third-party trusted agents. This is designed to ensure the complete privacy of the user, as well as to guarantee him protection from any cyber-attacks. The proxy servers have the following undeniable advantages:

  • All IP addresses generated for a subscriber on the platform come from local Internet service providers, which can be located anywhere in the world, according to the ownership and country of origin of a particular information portal. This allows the customer to access any website, regardless of which country the hosting belongs to.
  • The platform’s developers guarantee up to 99.9% full uptime of our proxy servers at the maximum level of system performance.
  • Customers will never face the need to solve annoying captchas, as well as other checks for the robot.
  • The company’s manager guarantee access to the use of millions of different IT addresses around the world, in every country where the network resource is located.

The customers leave only positive feedback about working with the platform, noting the convenient interest, reliability, and high speed of data processing, combined with the affordable cost of a subscription, according to the tariff plan.

Why do you need to choose residential proxy servers from Infatica?

You can take the Infatica residential proxy servers because of the below features.

The ability to conduct active commercial activities around the world, regardless of the location of the hosting website. This is because many useful information resources are located in different countries, many of which have many geographical restrictions. The platform’s proxy servers allow you to quickly and efficiently bypass all blockages and get into any local IT markets, which will provide an opportunity to develop the customer’s business and receive additional dividends. The proxy servers are targeted at retargeting, depending on what content the requested resource is located on.

High resource capacity, and the ability to work with portals at the highest speed without the risk of failures and shutdowns, which allows the user to conduct continuous advertising activities.

The very simple interface of the information resource with most of the set of functions, each of which has a graphic icon and is provided with a tooltip for beginners. Thus, to work with proxy servers from Infatica, no special skills or experience are required. The platform offers a convenient API for scaling services, as well as for providing total control over them.

Ease of access to various web resources around the world, which does not require solving complex captchas that are loaded by many information portals to protect customers from bots. Thus, many IP addresses are blocked when checking for a robot, which makes it impossible to visit the information resource. Infatica’s proxies provide unhindered access to each of the portals without a captcha.

The highest degree of user security, and reliable protection of important data from cyber-attacks, theft, or deletion. The system is tested for security automatically, which ensures continuous access to each information resource.

The platform’s engineers are constantly improving program codes, working to improve security and increase the speed of work. Let’s be glad, according to statistics, Infatica has achieved up to 99.9% of successful user requests when searching for an information resource of interest, trouble-free operation of generated IP addresses and proxy servers.

Why do professionals choose Infatica?

Not only beginners, and startup owners, but also major players in the IT industry market, who process thousands of different IP addresses every day, subscribe to Infatica platform proxy servers, thanks to the following features:

  • Focus on finding and collecting only the necessary information.
  • Residential proxy servers from our company Infatica perfectly integrate with any third-party software.
  • Convenient management of all proxy servers.
  • A simple interface that is digestible by any user in minutes.
  • Quick launch and configuration of all IP addresses.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
  • The ability to request additional time to complete the processing of the operation, up to 30 minutes, even after the end of the traffic allocated to the user, according to his tariff plan.
  • A unique Public API technology that is used all over the world today due to its efficiency.
  • All electronic document does not contain anything superfluous, it is easy to read and assimilate by customers, as well as developers.
  • Longest system uptime.
  • The highest level of platform cyber security eliminates the risk of cyber-attacks on the intellectual property of our customers.
  • Effective and practical optimization of search queries through a convenient system of filters based on territorial, functional, thematic, and other criteria.
  • The ability to quickly identify malicious advertising or attempted plagiarism of a brand owned by the user, full copyright protection for the company, slogans, logos, and content.
  • To offer the most complete and reliable market analysis using only trusted sources and information resources.

The main feature of the platform is the presence of its portfolio of IP addresses that operate all over the world. For example, the platform offers more than 225 thousand IP addresses for the USA, almost 800 thousand for Russia, more than 330 thousand for Ukraine, almost 120 thousand for Germany, and more than 1.1 million for Brazil. This means that each user will be able to use any number of IP addresses after subscribing to a certain tariff plan without restrictions.

For the Infatica’s subscribers, for only 2 dollars, the platform offers a 3-day free version of the resource. This allows you to orient the customer in further needs, choose the right tariff plan, and also get acquainted with the platform interface. The standard plan costs only $96, and the user will have access to up to 8 GB of traffic per month. The business plan will cost $360 per month and will include up to 40 GB per month. To meet the needs of professionals in the IT industry, the company offers a special plan that entitles you to use up to 100 GB per month for $700. For large companies that use millions of IP addresses, there is a premium plan for $2400, which provides ample opportunities for the use of up to 400 GB.

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Infatica Rotating Residential Proxies: Quick Review – FAQs

What is a rotating residential proxy?

A rotating residential proxy will change or rotate your proxy for each request you make. This gives you extra protection from getting blocked by websites because your IP address is never the exact same.

Are rotating proxies illegal?

Yes, in the vast majority of countries using a proxy to request the HTML and data from a site is completely legal.

What are rotating IPs?

IP rotation is a process where IP addresses are distributed to a device at random or at scheduled intervals.

Do proxies mask your proxies?

VPNs and proxies don’t literally replace your existing IP address. They just mask your IP address with one of their own so that other computers and servers on the internet can’t see yours.

Will my ISP know if I use a proxy?

HTTP traffic is easy to monitor since it’s not encrypted. In any case, your ISP knows the IP addresses (the proxy) you’re contacting even if you start using encrypted connections.

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