10 New Trends in Insurance Software Startups

It is great to have a software development specialization and even better if it is insurance software. While a year ago, most analysts painted a grim future, today, the industry shows steady growth. During the COVID pandemic, the health insurance sector created the demand for a truly modern solution to customer management, data unification, and personalized offer creation.

It is hard for Insurance Software Development Services to fulfill these requirements without learning the direction the industry is heading. Technologies considered obscure in the past are the mainstream now. But it is not about technologies for the most part yet about the cultural trends the society is going through. A key to a successful software startup aimed at insurance is learning them now.

New Trends in Insurance Software Startups

1. Implement Web3 for insurance

Coding for Insurance

Decentralization will be the most important trend of the following decades. While at their inception, blockchain technologies seemed like alternative banking, today is an entire ecosystem. Ethereum project led by Vitalik Buterin introducing its 2.0 iteration with decentralized software development tools. It marks the beginning of a new era when dedicated servers will not be an issue for online software.

According to the feedback from software engineers working with the documentation and tools, the system is in its infancy, yet the foundation is solid. When logical blocks become even bigger most of the insurance-related projects should be made there. Blockchain structure allows companies to cut down server costs significantly. In addition, the client’s data and inside documentation are fully protected from outside threats.

2. Incorporate neural network technologies

Artificial Intelligence term is not leaving the public discussion space with the latest form of Neural Networks. It is neither artificial nor intelligent, but the concept is similar to pictures painted in sci-fi books. These algorithms are able to process the information, interpret it and make their own strings of information in text, picture, audio, or video forms. Similar to teaching it is pretty much possible to create a neural network aiming for the insurance client profile analysis or customer support.

3. Create building blocks for the business

One of the ideas for the startup is to create a universal tool for all the insurance companies out there. It should not be a perfect software solution, yet leaning towards a constructor. The software let anyone with basic algorithmic knowledge is to make a personalized solution. Most companies are going for the method of outsourcing the development of it. An insurance software constructor will give the smaller companies basic building blocks to make a tool to help their everyday work. The concept is similar to Low-code Programming Languages, which are rising in popularity in recent years.

4. Automate mundane insurance operations

Each insurance business is compiled from a myriad of small processes that may be automated. Back then, it was the moving force of The Industrial Revolution, and today it is coming to the service industry. Most of the processes outside customer support and business planning do not require artificial intelligence to automate them. A simple string of programming commands is enough to free the employees from tedium.

Yet most of the startups focus on innovation instead of convenience. It is important to look back and create better solutions for processes already automated. The industry requires more precise and cheaper tools than it has. Create packet solutions for a small number of operations to have a niche in the market.

5. Cut the costs when it is possible

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All the troubles our global society is coming through affect the cost of products and services. That is why creating insurance software solutions that allow companies to cut costs is the best bet. It will not only ensures the software product will be successful but opens the opportunity to live their lives protected for more people.

It can be done by creating new means of automation, optimizing existing algorithms, or building an ecosystem. These concepts are easy to understand for investors from the industry, making the startup easy to fund.

6. Fill the companies’ needs

Creating all-in-one programs is still a valid avenue for software startups for an insurance business. Most companies require very «personalized» tools to operate at maximum efficiency. Aiming for these segments of the market requires the startup to have a team of adequate developers and team leads. It is important to recognize the flaws in the client’s business workings and fix them with the software.

7. Make the solution personified

Sociologists mark the trend of further individualization across the world, which implies personalized services are the trend. It is 100% for the insurance industry, each human being is living in their unique circumstances. This information can be used by the special systems to create a product tailored to the exact needs. Creating these systems capable of gathering and processing personal information is the central goal of a software engineer.

8. Lower the carbon footprint

Climate change is a very real problem that requires action from all people combined, including programmers. It is important to include it in the startup pitch in order to emphasize the care for future clients as well as the Earth itself. Each market, including insurance, is interested in software with a minimal carbon footprint. Optimize the code, use cloud technologies, compress the files and decentralize the network.

9. Create an ecosystem for the business

Most business use more than one program on their computers, hence the need for a solution tying it together is present. Possible approaches:

  • data unification plugins;
  • algorithm to send data from one software to another;
  • cloud storage aimed at insurance companies.

It is important to create something that can work with other popular programs to get a spot on the market.

10. Be an insurance software trendsetter

The future for insurance software is definitely bright. Digitalization is far from coming to an end. Still, it is important to create an open, cheap, and innovative startup to get proper funding. Do not forget about the goal of the industry, protecting the life or property of the customer. Reflect on it in the startup, and recognition will come!


Considering the present conditions, it is a very good idea to come up with Insurance software for startups. Many trending methods are implemented by startups to create Insurance software. With time, many new ways and methods are coming into the spotlight of the software industry. The above-discussed trends are some of the new trends to implement in the creation of Insurance Software.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about the New Trends in Insurance Software startups. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

New Trends in Insurance Software Startups – FAQs

Which is a new trend in Insurance Sector?

There will be a higher emphasis on building and nurturing data-related technologies – Specifically collection, analytics, and protection. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will help get a deeper insight into customer personas and therefore offer newer avenues to cater to their needs.

Which software is used by insurance companies?

The Top 4 Insurance Suits Software is Applied Epic, Guidewire, BriteCore, and Questback.

What is CRM software insurance?

An Insurance CRM is a solution that addresses the specific needs of insurance brokers, and insurance providers.

Is AI used in Insurance?

Some of the emerging AI use cases for auto insurance include Predictive cost analytics for claims: Leverage machine learning techniques and data science to estimate the average claims cost per difficult customer segments. Adjust premiums respectively and manage your cash flow better.

How doesSalesforce used in insurance companies?

Insurance companies can use Salesforce to automate and streamline their payment processes. This includes making payments and improving payment security. The platform allows for payment automation, which makes it a lot faster and easier to process all claims correctly and efficiently.

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