Internet Download Manager review: Worlds Best Download Manager

My Internet Download Manager review gives you complete details about IDM features, price, settings, and options. Are you looking to download different types of files like RAR, zip, exe,mp3, and other types with more speed? IDM is the best download manager in the world to download anything from the internet.

We are using IDM for a long time. We have found that it is one of the must have softwares for any PC. Though many freeware and premium download managers are available in the online market, nothing competes with the IDM. You can download YouTube videos with one click. You can also download torrent files using IDM.

Internet Download Manager review

Overview of Features:

IDM is the best because of the below features. I am giving you an overview of features because it has too many features. You can see complete details of features on IDM website.

  • It supports all browsers and applications.
  • It accelerates download speed at 5 times than usual. It has download resume capability.
  • The one-click download is possible. You can schedule downloads.
  • Easy video downloads from popular sites like YouTube. It can support browser integration.
  • Automatically checks viruses in the downloading file. You can also limit download size.
  • Drag and drop links to IDM is possible.
  • It has a website spider and grabber. It supports multi proxies.
  • It can download multiple files at a time. It supports multi-languages.


idm price

It gives various options to buy shows that in the above screenshot. The best one is a lifetime license. It will give three years of updates with lifetime access. When you buy 2 or more PC licenses you will get at a discounted price.

How to Use Internet Download Manager?

Buy IDM. Download and Install the software. Open the software. Follow the below instruction on available settings and options to download manually or automatically.

IDM main window:

IDM main window consists of  Add URL, resume, stop all, delete, options and more you can see on top of the IDM window as shown in the below figure.

idm main window

IDM supports both manual and automatic downloads

idm manual download

Manual download on IDM, click on the Add URL tab and paste the URL link and press OK and then download will start as shown in below.

Automatic download on IDM:

  • The IDM download dialog automatically appears on the browser. IDM will give different qualities of videos while downloading videos from YouTube and other sites. This is the best tool for downloading videos.idm automatic detect download
  • The automatic download dialog appears when IDM detects the type of file which are listed in the box of “automatically start downloading the following file types are shown below.idm fie types for automatic download

Browser settings:

The IDM can support for all browsers, if you can not download through idm, check tick on your browser as shown in below.

idm browser settings

File types:

IDM can support lots of file types like 3gp,fkv, zip, etc. You can also add file type which type of file has to be automatically download shown below.

idm fie types for automatic download

Downloads directory:

In IDM we can edit the saving location of downloading files and categorize downloading files into pictures, videos, files, etc,.

idm save option

Download settings:

IDM provides customization of different dialog on the status of downloading the file and it provides virus checking option to detect viruses on downloaded files, thus it provides us from viruses and malware.

idm download option

Connection settings:

IDM can support low, medium, and high-speed internet connections. It provides 2 to 32 multi connections for a single downloading file that can utilize maximum available speed.

idm connection

Sound settings:

IDM provides notification on the status of the downloading file in the sounds shown in below.

idm sounds

Dialup/vpn settings:

The IDM tool provide download files through VPN and dial up networks.

idm dial vpn

Proxy /socks:

In IDM we can download files through proxy or socks thus we secure from cyber attacks.

idm proxy settings

Resume the downloads:

  • The IDM has a better resume capability for most downloads. In browsers, resume capability is not available, if there is any interruption in the connection we need to download the file from starting.
  • But in IDM we get a resume when “yes” is appear on resume capability, thus we can pause or stop the download and again start the download at the point where you stop thus we can save a lot of time.

idm download window

Download speed acceleration:

The IDM uses dynamic file segmentation technology. In this technology, the entire downloading file is divided into many parts as segments that depend on which you selected in the maximum number of connections. The segmentation improves download performance due to it connect more connections if anyone that is lost download will not stop it download file from the remaining connections and try to reconnect that lost connection.


I must recommend you to buy IDM because of its speed and more features. If you don’t want to spend money, you can consider using Free download manager.

  • Download speed acceleration and Resume.
  • Too many features and less prices.
  • One-Click download. Virus scan.
  • Not Freeware. Premium software.
  • Only three years updates even with the lifetime license.

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