How to Password protect notes on iPhone, iPad or iOS?

You don’t need any extra app to Password protect notes on iPhone. You can use iOS inbuilt feature to create password-protected notes. This tutorial will give you a complete and effective guide to password protect notes on iPhone or iPad or iOS. You will also learn about the Cons of iOS notes app.

iOS notes app is a very good app through which you can create notes on the iPhone. You can also manage your notes from your computer or Mac using iCloud. If you see any issues with notes app read Easy Fix for iPhone Notes app keeps crashing issue.

How Password protect notes on iPhone

Creating password-protected notes on iPhone involves two steps. i.e., creating a master password and creating notes with a password.

Step 1: Create Master Password for Notes

Before creating Password protected notes, you need to set a master password for notes.

Go to Settings. Scroll down up to Notes.

notes iphone settings

Tap on Notes. You will see below screen.

password protect notes on iphone

Tap on Password. You will see options to enter your password and reenter the password and enter anything related to the password in the hint box. You can also enable Touch ID, if you want extra protection along with a password.

Step 2: How to Password protect notes on iPhone

You have created a master password in the first step.

Now open Notes app -> Go to Notes.

Create new note or open existing note which you want to password protect.

Touch on a symbol at the top right corner shows that in the below screenshot.

password protect notes ios

Select Lock Note. You will see the below screen.

password protect iphone notes

Enter Password which you have created in the first step.

Click OK. You will see Lock Added message. Now you have added a password to your note, but you did not lock the note.

Touch on the lock symbol at top right to lock the note. Check the below screenshot for reference.

lock iphone note

Now you will see This note is locked Message.

How to see locked notes

Open your Notes app. Go to Notes. You will see the lock symbol at left to your notes.

iphone notes

Touch on a locked note. Tap View Note.

view locked notes on iphone

Enter Password and Click OK. You will see note content.

How to remove Lock from notes?

You can easily remove password from locked notes. Open a locked note. Touch on the symbol at the top right corner.

unlock notes on iphone

Tap Remove Lock. Immediately, you will see Lock Removed message.

How to change Password?

When you want to change password, Go to Settings. Scroll down up to Notes. Select Password. Tap on Change Password or Reset Password.

Cons of iOS Notes app

iOS notes app is a very good app to create notes and to password protect notes. But it has some issues.

  1. You can not give different passwords for different notes. You need to use the same password for all notes.
  2. You can not password protect the Notes app. Anyone can open your Notes app and they can open notes which have no password protection. But they can not open your password-protected notes.
  3. Anyone can delete your password-protected notes. I think Apple has to update their notes app. Because it shows delete options even without entering a password.

Best way to create password-protected notes

I use a Sticky password (85% discounted link) to protect and manage my passwords and notes. It is the best password manager. You can manage your passwords and notes from anywhere(desktop, Mac, Android, or iPhone).  It comes with a lifetime license. It gives the option to create notes. Our readers will get a special 85% discount through the above link. You may also read my review about sticky password.

When you install a sticky password. You will have to create a master password. After creating a master password, Tap Secure Memos to create notes.

sticky password notes on iphone

You can select any group or Tap ‘+‘ symbol to create a new note. If you open it on your computer or Mac you will get more options like default templates.

password protected notes on iphone

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