15 Benefits of Proxy That You Need to Know

Want to use Proxy? Want to know the Benefits of proxy? Proxy offers tremendous advantages when it comes to helping you have a secured web browsing and perform other online activities. Not only because it protects your personal information by staying anonymous or serving as a way to improve your internet experience by saving previously visited pages, but the Proxy server has various advantages you might not have known all this time.

As a web filter and browser-based system, there have been speculations on the disadvantages of the free web proxy, let’s all keep an open mind that even the finest software or technology created has its flaws or defaults that sets its limitation. This article will give you 15 Benefits of proxy which you must know before using the proxy.

15 Benefits of proxy

Let us see the benefits of using Proxy.

1. Selected Contents

You might have stumbled on some websites wherein you found out it’s not accessible in your country, or have heard a friend who told you that some social media sites (e.g. Google Docs and Facebook in China) are banned from being browsed in their place that’s only one of what Proxy does. It may filter contents accessible to you, or in the company, you work with, or even in an entire country. This may be used either for security measures or for example in an institution, prohibiting the use of social media sites will create more productive time for its employees.

2. Secured Privacy

Benefits of proxy

Instead of using your own IP Address, Proxy will use its own IP address, which will prevent detecting cookies and avoid tracking of websites you visit. It will also protect your personal computers from getting hacked or getting malicious and dangerous malware that came from the internet.

3. Internet Performance

As mentioned earlier, Proxy server saves previously accessed content from all computers in a specific place connected in the same network so that the next time someone will search for that specific page, it’ll show instantly, minimizing the file size of the content, time consumed to load the information, and makes the internet browsing experience more convenient.

4. Web-Developer Friendly

The quality-driven website is a must for any website developer, thus thorough testing and quality assurance is done to meet the expectations of clients. Proxy helps these web developers by having a preview of their created website according to regions, thus specific features like language will be available to see if the website created is user-friendly and accessible to the prospect viewers of the site in that specific country.

5. Reverse Proxy for your Confidential Information

stop hacking using proxy

Through the reverse proxy, you’ll be able to transfer your sensitive data to internal servers and keep it away from possible hacking and attacks that may lead to the spread of confidential data. Since saving your data in hard drives is still a great risk for it may lead to public dissemination of projects, payroll, finance matters that are deemed to not be disclosed to any third party, doing reverse proxy will prevent such event from happening.

6. Marginalizes Expenses

Still, through the use of Reverse Proxy, it allows companies and institutions to downsize their expenses for all servers used by the company may be included in one internal network, thus allowing services for both internal and external clients.

7. Hassle-free Maintenance

The most common dilemma of any company with their server is that it can create such a big loss in case it needs to go down for quite some time to fix errors, bugs, or maintenance. Fortunately, with the Proxy server, any maintenance or replacement in the backend will not completely affect your users and the operation of the company.

8. Faster Loading of Information

It was previously mentioned how Proxy increases productivity in a working area by prohibiting access to sites that are deemed less significant. It also helps for faster adding and transferring of files and what makes it more favorable to the users is that in case the server goes down, it will directly transfer to the next server, thus users may not even notice that such a case has happened and the market will not be affected greatly.

9. Trusted Middleman

Proxy, like the good middleman that it is, also prevents you from accessing websites that may bring malware and possibly encrypting your data beyond your knowledge. Of course, you may not completely depend on it. You must use any one of the Top Antivirus products like AVG Internet Security (47% Discounted link) or Bullguard Internet Security (Special Discounted link).

It will also help you in preventing hackers from getting to your side for Proxy will serve as your barrier, and although it’s not that strong, it still has a way of preventing such unfortunate events from happening.

10. Use of GeoLocation

geo location change using proxy

The Proxy also utilizes GeoLocation that helps any visitors to visit the website’s pages directly by identifying the location of the visitor. This technique has helped the visitors on having better internet experience for they can easily find the topic they are looking for. The Proxy Server will serve as your way of accessing websites that are not accessible to your country of origin.

11. Usage of HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS

Proxy uses HTTP/HTTPS/ and SOCKS as a security lock for your website. This will not only make your website look good and earn higher page rank and website authority, it will also help you in gaining prospective client’s trust every time they visit your website. Also, if you’re utilizing SEO for your website, having a site lock is highly recommended for it greatly helps to have your website show on the first page of Search Engines.

12. Strong VPN Proxy Service

VPN Proxy has the ability to provide a more secured connection, security, and anonymity to its clients. It prevents any hacking to happen even if you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi, acts as a firewall to any kinds of devices (e.g. laptop, tablet, mobile phones). Aside from that it has no speed limits and can be automatically setup to the device you’re currently using.

13. Increases Productivity in a Company

Most commonly used in institutions and organizations, Proxy also helps in taking control of what employees can access on their desktop while inside the company’s premises. Thus, a company using Proxy may ban all employees from accessing social media sites or any other websites deemed insignificant to their daily tasks and will only consume their time. This will also help the company to track the common websites and content that their employees are accessing.

14. TOR VS. Proxy

Similar to Proxy, TOR better known as The Onion Router enables people to surf online while maintaining their anonymity. But it may actually slow down your browsing experience and bring delay of data. There also been issues surfacing this software since it is commonly used by the criminals and journalists, thus government is keeping an eye on users of TOR.

15. Free Proxy for Everyone

Although we can’t deny that Premium Proxy like TorGuard Proxy has the features that offer security we’ve been looking for, Free Proxy like Hideme free Proxy has also offered that you can start within case you’re still hesitant to acquire the service. For starters, Free Proxy has the ability to hide your identity, your IP Address and you may access your desired websites.


These are just a few of the many reasons as to why a lot of industries have chosen Proxy as their main security provider online. I suggest you go with the premium proxies like Stormproxies or Squidproxies.

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