What is a Proxy Server? Should I Use it?

Want to know What is a Proxy Server? Nowadays, there are so many ways to remain anonymous on the internet, that you might even ask yourself if your data will stay safe after all. However, the most common ways of remaining anonymous and being safe are proxy servers.

What is a Proxy Server?

Basically, they are machines or servers that accept web requests and forwards them to the destination through their server. Proxy servers keep your computer separate from the destination web server.

What does that mean? It means that you will show up as anonymous to the web server, so as far as that site knows, you have never visited the site. In simple words, Proxy hides your IP and displays IP from one of their servers.

VPN is also similar in features but the functionality is different. You can use maximum five simultaneous connections with VPN service. But you can use up to 2000 simultaneous connection using Proxies.

Types of Proxies

There are all sorts of types of proxies, but here are the most common ones:

SOCKS Proxies – Used to tunnel kinds of traffic which could include messenger or a fpt traffic.

HTTP Proxies – As the name suggest, they’re used for HTTP traffic.

Filtering Proxies – Commonly found at work in different organizations and is used to block the access to websites to prevent a large bandwidth wasting. They are NOT used for privacy.

Proxy Categories

Also, there is one category that goes for all, in which proxies are categorized:

Anonymous – Basically what a proxy helps you do; stay anonymous. You can either be elite or disguised.

As an elite proxy user, the web server won’t be able to see that you’re a proxy and it will give you full access to its contents.

As a disguised proxy user, the web server can see that you’re a proxy and may limit the content you can see or may block you completely from using the site.

How Can I get Proxy?

There are many places from which you can acquire proxies. There are even online, free ones which anyone can use. Of course, if you want maximum security and quality services, you should go with private proxies like Stormproxies or Squidproxies. Our readers get special 20% recurring discount coupon for Squidproxies through this discounted link.

However, please note that usually free proxies will collect logs and keep them, so your data won’t be very safe with them. If you’re going with a private proxy, check their ToS and see if they’re clearly saying they do not collect logs, so you can have maximum privacy.

Free Proxy Websites

Let’s check out together the best proxy service providers, ones that you can trust and do not collect logs!

Hidester Basically a VPN service provider. Hidester provides a quality proxy and is also called the most reliable free web proxy in the market. They offer free and premium proxies along with VPN. You will find the proxies in the tool section of the website.

You can also try Hide me Free proxy.

Premium Proxy Websites

If you need a complete security you must go to the premium proxy websites. I always recommend using the premium proxy websites like Squidproxies, Stormproxies, or Torguard.

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