7 Energy Saver Apps (iOS/Android) That Help You Save Electricity

Using Energy Saver apps is one of the best ways to Save Electricity. It’s hard to keep tabs on the energy that the devices around your house consume. It’s only when the electricity bill arrives that we end up scratching our heads. The Energy Information Administration reports that an average residential unit uses 897 kWh in a month. This number adds up to 10,766 kWh annually.

There are several initiatives that you can take for efficient energy usage and a greener lifestyle. For instance, you can harness the potential of solar power for energy generation. Solar companies in New Jersey can help you install solar panels that absorb sunlight and use it to produce electricity.

The sun is renewable and environmental-friendly source of energy. In fact, Forbes highlights that using solar panels in your home is equivalent to planting 88 trees in a year. In this way, you’re able to lessen your carbon footprint and save roughly $84 monthly on your electricity bills.

You can also take small efforts to bring down your electricity costs. After all, many a little makes a mickle. To this end, you can use smartphone applications that make you energy efficient, therefore, help you save money.

Energy Saver Apps That help you Save Electricity

Here is a look at seven amazing apps that can assist you in cutting down your energy expenditure:

1.Light Bulb Finder

Light Bulb Finder is a genius application helps you make informed deccision for switching from using incandescent bulbs to LED lights. The Environmental protection Agency has named the Light Bulb Finder as the best overall app. It goes on to say that the app can help an average American Household save more than $120 from their electricity bill.

Simultaneously, you get to cut the carbon emissions by 1,360 pounds according to the same source. You will only have to insert the details of your current light bulbs. The app will give recommendations for energy-efficient alternatives as per your needs. It will also narrate how much you’d be able to save in terms of cash and watts by making the switch. The app is available for users of both Android and iOS platforms.

2.Energy Calc Pro

Energy Calc Pro app helps you determine the average electricity use for numerous household applications. It is powered by a preloaded database, which allows the app to calculate the total energy expenditure that you make.

You can then take steps to cut down the power use depending on which appliances are sipping more energy. You only have to enter your average daily power usage, wattage, and cost over a certain time frame to calculate the energy use of an appliance. The Energy Calc Pro is an iOS application. The app’s free version goes with the name of Energy Calc, but this one is the paid version for $1.99.

Download Energy Calc Pro

3.CodeGreen Energy

CodeGreen Energy app is an initiative by ENERGY STAR®. It is planned to compare and

is an initiative by ENERGY STAR®. It is planned to compare and contrast the energy use of many buildings. It also completes an ENERGY STAR® score for you to tell you if you are following the new law for energy conservation.

This app is helpful for both household units as well as office buildings. It’s also an excellent app to use if you plan to shift to a new building. The info provided by the app can help you slash down your cooling and heating costs by pinpointing compliant buildings. The CodeGreen Energy application is available for both iOS and Android users.

Download CodeGreen Energy app


JouleBug app is dedicated to making sustainable living a fun game. It rewards you with badges, points, and pins whenever you take eco-conscious steps. For instance, every time you turn off the lights while exiting a room, JouleBug adds the attempt to your score.

The app lets you connect with your friends as well to see their score on the eco-friendly action plan. You cannot make green choices with the use of this app but you can also pick energy-saving habits. Consequently, you will lower your electricity bill. JouleBug is available on both the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Download JouleBug iOS app


Kill-Ur-Watts application came to the surface during the 2012 “Apps for Energy” challenge conducted by the Department of Energy. It has also been ranked the first in a list of top energy-efficient apps for 2013.

The free iTunes app plots graphs to showcase your electricity consumption. You can make monthly, daily, and hourly notes of your energy consumption. The app also provides a picture of your annual energy costs and electricity expenditure by major categories like lighting, electronics, heating/cooling, appliances, and more. Moreover, you can underline the peak times of energy usage and your carbon footprint with this app.


Wink is the app that helps save the day when you leave your lights on during an outdoor trip. Electricity waste in ways such as these can add to significant digits on your bills. For instance, a PC that is left awake overnight can waste an amount of energy enough to laser print more than 500 pages.

Wink connects with many energy-wise brands to regulate their appliances. It can help adjust the thermostats, control the lights, and more. Furthermore, you can give voice commands to the app to switch off the lights, lower thermostat, lock the doors, and more. The app is for both Android and Apple users. 


MyEarth app is also for both the operating systems. It was envisioned by the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology researchers. The app gives you a picture of your daily energy consumption. Besides the calculations, it provides essential recommendations to conserve energy, which helps you take down your electricity bill.

The app judges your activities and makes suggestions based on five main everyday categories. These include usage, travel, food, and recycling besides electricity. Additionally, the app displays a polar bear’s image on an iceberg to exhibit the efforts you put to save energy. The bear grows in size as you become more and more energy-efficient. You can Download MyEarth for iPhone and Android.

Key takeaway

Briefly, these apps can help you lower your electricity bill by making you more energy-efficient. They help you calculate your power use as well as recommend steps that you should take to cut down your energy expenditure.

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