How to Share USB Over Ethernet with USB Network Gate

Want to share USB Over Ethernet? In today’s review – connecting USB devices over Ethernet with the help of USB Network Gate, a software which uses your TCP/IP network to connect to USB devices that are physically attached to other computers.

There are many hardware and software solutions available that enable the remote access to USB devices. Some of these solutions are designed for use by experts or may involve a complex installation process. An alternative that is easy to use and powerful at the same time is USB Network Gate.

How to Share USB Over Ethernet Using USB Network Gate

Simply download and install the application, push the ‘Share’ button in the app’s interface and your USB device is ready to be connected to a remote computer that has the USB Network Gate client installed.

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\usb network gate.png

The application can be invaluable in certain situations, such as when using USB tokens on an RDP server. You can control access to devices by allowing particular users to connect to them while restricting other users. In cases where you cannot connect directly, we can use USB Network Gate in virtual environments. There are versions that support various operating systems including Windows, Linux (RPM and Deb packages), and macOS. You can also run this tool on an Android device. Let’s inspect how the app works.


Serving as both a server and a client simultaneously, the application’s default screen displays all the USB devices that are connected to a computer. You have control over which ports are displayed and shared.


Sharing settings can be configured individually for each interface or device. You can limit access to a subset of addresses and can use encryption and user authorization to create secure connections.


On the client side, USB Network Gate scans the local network to determine and display the devices available for connection. You can access devices attached to machines in a different subnetwork by using the “Add server” button (e.g. when connected through a VPN). After I enabled access to a printer it was listed on my other computer as the device available for connection. I also tested a USB hard drive which was connected without any issues as well as the printer.


There is a trial version of this software that only lets you access a single remote USB device. The registered version comes in several various license types, starting at $159.95 and finishing with the unlimited version for $1199.95. If you are looking for an uncomplicated way to quickly share a USB device over the network, USB Network Gate is the right tool for you.

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