What is Archive in Gmail? How To Archive And Access Archived Emails In Gmail?

Want to know What is an archive in Gmail? Want to know how to archive Emails in Gmail? Want to unarchive or Access archived Emails in Gmail? This is the best place for the answers to all your questions about archiving Emails.

Gmail, one of the most important tools used by the business organizations, students etc. in their day-day practice. We know that it is a free service provided by Google. The servers in the Google scan emails which includes filters and malware. Most of the people know why Gmail has been used. You can send Videos through Gmail and also messages. However, they might not know all the features which are available.

For instance, Archive. Do you ever raise a question to yourself why this feature is available? What is an archive? Why is it used? Here we have explained all the important details regarding this feature.

What is the Archive In Gmail?

Loads of emails stored in our Gmail accounts. In that, some are important and some are junk i.e.., spam emails from some companies and advertising emails from some companies. From this all junk, sometimes we need to send emails from inbox to Archive emails instead of deleting all those messages. In case we want to see those emails, then we have to restore emails from archive emails to inbox.

Although, you can recover deleted Email in Gmail, archiving the Emails is the best way when you are removing all the emails from the inbox without deleting them. Moreover, your Emails are moved to the All Mail. When you archive an Email it comes back to the inbox when someone replies to it.

How to Archive Email in Gmail

If you want to archive any of the Emails follow these simple steps.

Firstly, login to your Gmail account by entering all the required details.

gmail acc

Select the Email you want to archive.

Later, click on the archive section of the menu bar.


That’s it! Now, you have archived your Gmail.

By doing this you can archive the Gmail without deleting them or moving to the trash.

Why And When Should I Unarchive Gmail?

By archiving Emails you have sent all the emails to the label called “All Mails” without moving to the trash, as in the trash bin the Messages will store only for 30 days and automatically thereafter gets deleted. However, one might want to restore/ unarchive the Emails to the inbox if it is necessary. Unarchiving is most important for the business people, students, organizations etc. who are dealing more with Emails. As there is a no separate folder for the archive mail one might get irritated to find the message which you want to retrieve.

You can enable Gmail’s All Mail view and unarchive any messages that you may want to get back in your inbox. Are you searching for how to unarchive a Gmail? Here we have given complete details regarding the same.

How To Unarchive Or Access archived Emails in Gmail?

Here we are providing you step by step process to restore emails from archive emails to unarchive mails.

First, you need to sign in to Gmail account from Google.

Then enter recommended details such as email Id and password.

gmail acc

Tap the 3 horizontal lines symbol which will appear on the top left corner of your screen. so that menu will appear on your screen.


In that menu, scroll down until you get All Mail option. Click on that option.

all mail

Select a mail by clicking on an empty box of your email which you want to unarchive from those emails.

By clicking on vertical dots symbol, you will get some options like change labels, move to inbox, mark important, print and spam. Click on move to inbox option.


That’s it. Your selected mail now restored from archive emails to inbox.


If you want to restore all emails at a time, then tap on all emails.

After selecting all emails click on vertical dots symbol.

Then click on move to inbox. Same as we did on a selected mail process.

Unarchive Emails in Gmail App on Android:

Open the Gmail app on your Android smartphone.

Now, click on the 3-line menu icon.

Select All mail.


Now, select the Emails which you want to unarchive.


Now, you have unarchived your Gmail to the inbox.

That’s it! Simple right? I hope you have understood now how to unarchive Gmail and what is the use of it? and How to Access archived Emails in Gmail. If you have any queries regarding the same do let us know in the comment section below. You can follow whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more technical tips.

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