LastPass Competitors: 5 Best Alternatives To LastPass

Want to use LastPass Competitors? Even though LastPass is the best password manager, because of various reasons you might need an alternative to LastPass. This article will give you the available LastPass competitors.

We have numerous password manager tools available on the internet. In the current digital era, Security is truly essential for all individuals to maintain protection for online accounts and so it is quite essential for all users to use effective password manager software.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is one of the best password manager available for all the users. It comes with a plethora of beneficial features and brags several users compared to its rivals. If you are seeking to get the best Password Manager apps then, we have come up with the best LastPass alternatives in this post. Have a look!

For those who are completely aware of Password Managers, It’s a Tool/ Software which Manages all our Account Passwords and Information securely. One can Create Strong Passwords with Managers as well.

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Best LastPass Competitors

Here are the Best Alternatives for those who are willing to try Other Managers.

1. Dashlane


Dashlane is one of the best LastPass Competitors available for all users. It offers excellent options to users in terms of functionality. The user interface of this tool is quite similar to the LastPass. There are a lot of features and Password Manager is one of the best features on this app that lets you save any of your account passwords instantly. There is an exclusive Autofill feature that lets you fill all your details in the payment web page at the time of shopping online.

You don’t have to enter your address and other details exclusively. Instead, the Dashlane app does everything for you with much ease. On this app, you can find a Digital Wallet feature. Through this feature, you can secure your payment information and it also captures the receipts that you have made via online shopping. There is a password generator that creates unique and complicated passwords for you at the time of setting an individual account. With the help of the Password Changer feature, you can easily change the passwords that are weak.

The Dashlane password manager app provides powerful master password requirements to the users so that they can set a strong password for their Dashlane account. No one can easily access or hack the account without knowing the complicated password. One of the amazing benefits of using this app is that it offers a customized and innovative system for securing the data and provides encryption options. You can get complete details in our Dashlane review.

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2. Keeper


Keeper is another best alternative to LastPass. The features offered by the Keeper app are pretty simple and you can easily explore those features. There is an exceptional feature on this app that makes it worthy to add this app to this list of best LastPass Alternatives. You can find a feature namely ‘Keeper Family Plan’. Usually, most of the family members share digital stuff such as Netflix passwords, Xbox account details, email login passwords and more.

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In such a case, the Family Plan helps the members to share all those details in a safe and secure manner. Through this app, you can easily add 5 members. Each user will get a private vault and 10 GB of file sharing space in a secure manner. Using more than a single fingerprint, you can bounce the passwords between different vaults. You can even access the premium version of this app through the individual plan or family plan.

3. KeePassX


KeePassX Ranks 3 in Our List. Remember, It is not a Cloud-Based One. It is an open-source and free application that lets you save all your data on the local device instead of storing it in the cloud. The users can easily check the source code of the app and make sure that all the encryption options are executed in a precise manner.

Despite saving the data locally, no one can easily access it. It is only restricted for the owners of the data. This app makes use of the Advanced Encryption Standard technology and Twofish Algorithm in order to deliver the utmost security to the user’s data. The KeePassX app depends on SHA-256 to secure your data. Besides encrypting the password, the data fields are secured in this app.



1Password Manager runs Smooth on Every Platform with a Good Interface then 1Password is an Option to Try. Surprisingly It offers all the Features of Premium Managers and so It was Loved. This Includes a Password Manager which helps you in setting up Strong Passwords, Secure notes to Save your Notes privately, and A digital wallet to save Banking Details and Payment related info.

Actually, 1password has Yearly subscription which was recently changed to monthly Basis one for Customers. It Supports both individual and Family Accounts(Family Accounts Limited to Five People)and both have a Different Business Model too. All the Data Will be shared Encrypted Cloud Servers. The only thing you should ignore is one cant store it or install it locally like as Keepassx. If you ignore this local storage and Pricing, it’s a happy go.

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5. aWallet Password Manager

aWallet Password Manager is another best LastPass alternative available for Android and iOS platforms. You may not find a web version or desktop version of this app. The two versions offered by this app include the cloud version and local version. The local version saves all your confidential data on your mobile devices. On the other hand, the cloud version synchronizes your passwords, credit card information and net banking login details with Google Drive or Dropbox.  It helps the users to access them on any of your devices with much ease. It encrypts the information fields and depends on AES and Blowfish algorithms.

Bonus :

Most of the web browsers have built-in password managers. Whenever you enter a password for your new account, it immediately asks you whether to remember it or not. Such browser-integrated managers are pretty comfortable. If you use the same browser on all your devices then, you can log in to any of the accounts in an automatic manner. In that way, the passwords will be synced on your devices without the requirement of 3rd party apps.

The security feature offered by these managers differs from one browser to the other browser. For instance, the Mozilla Firefox browser provides a master password option to the users. On the other hand, the Google Chrome browser supplies your login details to all the sites in an automatic manner. There is no ‘sync passphrase’ option on the Google Chrome web browser.  Even if your friends have the master Google account password, they won’t be able to access your login accounts. The best feature of this app is that it offers a simple interface. There is no difficulty in handling 3rd party apps.


That’s all! Here ends the list of the LastPass Competitors for securing your passwords and accounts in a confidential manner. Each password manager app has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on your requirements, you can pick the best one from the list. I once again suggest you go with Sticky password premium lifetime license(85% Discounted Link) for the best.

Hope this guide has helped you to find the best password manager for your device. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section below. Please share this article and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

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