8 Email Writing Tips to Improve Conversion

Want to improve your conversion through Email? Here are some useful Email writing tips to improve conversions. Emails and their marketing potential are undoubtedly critical to click-through rates (CTR) and conversions. However, what is the best way to construct email copies?

Learning the proper email writing techniques helps increase your chances of acquiring new subscribers. In other words, you can boost your lead conversions and expect more revenue.

Keep reading to learn different email writing tips to improve conversion!

Email Writing Tips to Improve Conversion

1. Use Direct Response Marketing Playbook to Get Ideas


Direct Response utilizes various methods to get instant reactions from consumers. This marketing strategy enables you to send a sales pitch or message, directly explaining your products’ or services’ value and benefits.

When constructing emails to boost CTRs and conversions rates, consider the following format:

  • Determine the problem. 
  • Give the solution. 
  • Show value by using evidence like statistics and research. 
  • Wrap up with a call-to-action. 

Meanwhile, here are some techniques you can incorporate while constructing emails:

  • Use pronouns like “you” and “I” to add a touch of personalization to the email’s subject line. 
  • Do not capitalize all words in the subject line. 
  • Use the subject line to ask a question and entice the readers by answering that question in the body.
  • Provide a few details about your products/services and company. 
  • Offer one-of-a-kind benefits or create a sense of urgency. 

2. Personalize Emails

Email personalization can bring in up to 6x higher transaction rates. Plus, it also develops a personal touch with your clients. 

If your email addresses someone by name, it is more likely that they will open it. Mentioning someone’s name in the email is not only personalization but also an effective technique to improve CTRs and conversion rates.

You may consider the use of audience segmentation, which subdivides people into groups according to specific criteria, demographics, use of the product, etc. 

When you segment your audience, you have a chance to create personalized content for different groups. This email writing technique caters to particular consumers’ interests. As a result, they are more likely to click on and buy your products through emails.

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3. Use Powerful Words in the Headline

Headline acts as the first hook prompting the consumers to open your email. On the other hand, using incorrect words can waste that chance.

Email recipients usually report emails as spam based on the subject lines. So, there is a big chance that your emails will fail once you miswrite the headline.

Below are some groups of words you can use when writing effective headlines:

  • FOMO-Connected Words. These words are often used in subject lines since they create a sense of urgency. They also make a private club experience since consumers receive urgent limited-time offers, making them feel being treated special.
  • Curiosity-Sparkling Words. These words are suitable for headlines if you wish to catch consumers’ attention without being too intrusive.
  • Greed-Provoking Words. These words are according to the feeling that people are all guilty of, like “a new product will change your life,” “get this must-have for you,” or “get your priority access.”

4. Make CTAs Attractive and Visible

CTAs undoubtedly have a strong effect on CTRs and conversion rates. If your email campaigns include even a single CTA can already increase CTR.

Here are some rules you will need to follow to ensure an attractive and visible CTAs:

  • Include only one CTA per email to prevent a paradox of choice. 
  • Create a CTA button and place it under personalized offers and recommended products.
  • Use the right colors for the CTA button, like warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red that often stand out in the body.

5. Use Pre-Header Text to Entice Consumers

Pre-header texts are found in the right section after the subject line. It gives a sneak peek of what your email is about.

When writing an engaging pre-header text, the following rules will help you:

  • Avoid a long pre-header text. Keep it short and ensure it explains what your message is about, ideally, up to 45 characters.
  • Use pre-header text to complement the subject line without giving too many details.
  • Add a short CTA to encourage consumers to open and read the email further.
  • Add the name of the addressee in the pre-header text for more personalization.
  • Do not clutter the pre-header with unnecessary symbols. 

6. Add a Hook

Hook also helps boost CTRs and conversion rates. Below are several ways how you can make a hook work:

  • Hook an email with a question.
  • Apply the principles of reverse psychology 
  • Start the message with words that express gratitude 

7. Use Plain Text Testing

If consumers cannot open and read emails properly, they will not convert. So, testing the plain text version helps see whether everything is correct or not. You can test it once the email copy is finished.

Since emails are often sent in HTML format, consumers can easily open them without issues. On the other hand, some platforms or devices cannot display HTML correctly.

As a result, people choose to block your emails in HTML format. That is why sending a plain text version alongside the HTML email version ensures that your target recipients receive your message.

8. Use Storytelling Techniques

If you incorporate an effective storytelling technique in your email, you can create intrigue among recipients. In return, they will read your emails.

Aside from entertaining the readers, stories also change brain chemistry and bring out emotions. As you apply storytelling techniques in the emails, you can spark the readers’ curiosity and imagination.

You can create a good storyline to paint vivid pictures in the readers’ minds while building up the narrative that will lead to the CTA. 

Final Thoughts

Creating clickable and converting emails may be challenging at first, but they will benefit your business in the long run. You may need to remove something or add details, but there is a big chance that recipients will read your emails.

You also need to consider consistency as it builds trust. Do not forget to align the emails to your customer strategies. Above all, they should deliver personalization and a good customer experience.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about Email Writing Tips to Improve Conversation. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

Email Writing Tips to Improve Conversation – FAQs

How Email has improved communication?

Email is used nearly everywhere. You can send it any time of day to almost every country. This can be particularly helpful for those who work in teams across different time zones or those who have shift work.

What is email writing in communication skills?

Email writing skills are aptitudes that can help you create meaningful correspondence with professional and personal connections electronically.

What is the golden rule of email?

In case you never learned it in college, the golden rule of email is never send an email that you wouldn’t want to show up on the front page of your local paper.

What is the C’s of Communication?

Remembering to be clear, cohesive, complete, concise, and concrete when communicating will help improve your communication.

What is the rule of 1 in email?

The Rule of One: Each email you write has one goal, every element of your email has one job, and every email is written to one person.

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