Forgot Gmail password ?? Here is the way to Recover

Have you Forgot Gmail password? Don’t worry there is a simple way to recover a lost Gmail password. If you forgot your Gmail password, Google gives several options for recovering your Gmail password. By using the account recovery page you will recover the Gmail password. If you have associated your phone number with your Google account, you can recover the Gmail password very easily. Here I am going to give you the simplest way to recover Gmail password with neat screenshots.

As you know, if you forgot the Gmail password, you can not access any of the Google services like Google Plus, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, etc., So try this method to reset your password and to use all your services.

Forgot Gmail password? How to recover?

Video Tutorial:

We provided this article in the form of a video Tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are interested to read, then skip the video and start reading.

1.Open Google Account Recovery page. You will see the below screen. Enter the Email id account or phone for which you forgot the password, click on Next option.

enter mail and click on next

2. Now you will see the below screen. Actually, here we need to enter the password of account for login. But our problem is we forgot the password. So click on Forgot password option.

click on forgot password

3. Now click on Try Another Way as shown in the below image.

click on try another way

4. Now it will ask to confirm your activity by sending some secret code to your mobile. Click on the same code that shows on the screen of the mobile.

confirm on mobile

5. Now the password reset window will open as shown in the below. Enter the new password and re-enter it in the confirm password section. Now, click on the Next option

enter new password

With these steps, your forgotten password will erase from your account and the new password which you entered will be updated as your account password.

Sometimes you may get a code in the message form. Verify it, confirm it for entering a new password as shown below.

gmail password

That’s it now you have recovered your Gmail password. If you want, you can change the Gmail password at any time. For the read How to change Gmail password.

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