Simple Guide to Change Gmail password

Want to Change Gmail password. Here is the simple guide to change the Gmail password with neat screenshots. A password is used for the security purpose of any Google account. It is always good to change your password frequently. So that you can keep your account secure. If anyone know your Gmail password, then they may misuse it.

How to Change Gmail password?

Video Tutorial:

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1.Open Gmail. Login with your username and password.

2. Click on the Profile symbol at the right upper corner of the page which indicates your account. And then click on the Manage your Google Account option as shown in the below image.

manage google account

3. Now you can see Google account settings window. Click on the Personal Info section.

go to personal information section

4. Now you can see the personal information window as shown in the below image. Click on the password row.

5. Now verify your credentials by re-entering the password. And then click on the Next option.

verify your credential

6. Next, you can type a new strong password at least 8  characters and don’t reuse it for other account.and type the same password in Confirm new password box.

enter password

7. Click on change password option.

8. Finally your password has been changed successfully.

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