9 Best House Party Apps

Do you have any pals who genuinely enjoy being together? Are you continuously trying to think of fresh approaches to bring them together? You’re in luck if so! The market is flooded with fantastic house party apps that make throwing a party a breeze. We’ll look at four of the best in this article.

Ever wanted to throw a party at your place without all the hassle? You may have your party without any hassles if you use the correct house party applications. These applications eliminate all the hassle associated with arranging a house party, including organizing the event and purchasing food and beverages. The five top house party apps on the market right now will be discussed in this article. These applications, like Party Perfect and House Party, contain everything you need to organize the ideal party. These applications are ideal for you whether you’re looking for a way to spice up your social life or simply want to host a party without all the worry. Therefore, download one of these applications and have the party of a lifetime!

Apps for house parties make it simple to plan and control your event from start to finish. They make it simple to administer the event itself, handle RSVPs, and invite friends. Additionally, they make it simple to invite friends and family to the celebration online.

What are House party Apps?

Houseparty, an app that advertises itself as a “face-to-face social network,” quickly grew in popularity because of its straightforward capability to arrange convenient group video chats. It is appealing due to how easy it is to use. You can drop in and out of a “home” rather than making a call, and the admittance requirements are minimal, requiring only the most basic personal information (yet you can find your friends very easily). One of the important aspects, as you’ll hear, is the ability to play games with your fellow inmates.

Applications of House Party Apps

Let us go through some of the important Applications of house-party apps in detail

  • Video chat with buddies immediately: To assist you in building a network of friends on the app, the Houseparty app uses your contact lists (from your phone as well as from Facebook and Snapchat). The program then notifies you of its current and recent users. If you want to connect with a friend who is online at the same time as you, click the “join” button next to their name.
  • Spontaneous social gatherings: Houseparty app enables conversations between up to eight individuals at once. But when compared to other apps like Zoom, it has a more laid-back, spontaneous vibe. You can immediately join any open group that has at least one person you’re acquainted with without making any preparations or sending out invitations. Because of this, it’s a good method to meet new people, much like going to a real party with a person you know.
  • Alerts when friends are online: You can utilize the hand-wave icon next to a friend’s name to let them know you’re nearby if they aren’t currently using the Houseparty app. They will receive a notification on their phone and can choose whether to join you or not. Additionally, the app automatically notifies you when your contacts or friends use it, letting you know when they have joined the app.
  • Friendship-based games: The availability of easy games to play during chat sessions is one of the app’s features that users love the most (for ideas, check out our list of the top Houseparty applications). There are four alternatives when you click on the dice in the upper right corner of your screen: a trivia challenge, games that are essentially Pictionary variants, Heads Up!, and Apples to Apples. The Pictionary game is the most entertaining. These might be a huge plus if you’re trying to kill a little time with your friends.
  • Simple recording: The Houseparty app makes it simple to record and send a quick video message to someone you want to communicate with if they aren’t around. You’ll receive a notification when they view it.
  • Personal Mode: You can switch to private mode if you don’t want anyone with whom you share contacts to listen in on your talks. The Houseparty settings page can be accessed by clicking the smiley icon in the top left corner. You may toggle on Private Mode over here. This implies that the room will always be “locked” when you video chat with a friend (no one else can join).

Disadvantages of House Party Apps

As we have discussed earlier House party apps make it easy to have social gatherings and it comes with many advantages as well in the same way, we have some minor disadvantages of House Party Apps.

  • Despite using strong and distinctive passwords, instances of hacked accounts have grown as more individuals use the program.
  • Chat rooms in House Party apps limit to 8 people mostly and any person can enter chat rooms with a code and password no additional Security encryption is available
  • If you are not sneaking in, people can notice and also privacy will be lost, when you are using the House Party app.
  • Be careful what you say because HouseParty doesn’t let users know when some other user from the same chat room is recording a chat.
  • House-party apps have a threat of being HACKED as their security systems and related software have high chances to be exposed.

Top HouseParty Apps

Video Tutorial

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Let us go through the best House party Apps available and get to know them in brief

1. Bunch

Bunch is an app that is comparable to Houseparty but with a unique twist. Bunch offers you the option to play games while you’re on the call in addition to video group rooms and calls with your friends and family.
Bunch is a metaverse where you can move your character and play games while interacting with your friends and family via voice and video chat.

Bunch is fantastic because it integrates video chatting with games well enough that you can play the game on any average-sized phone and still see the person or persons you’re in the video chat with. If you don’t feel like playing games, you can still find conversation starters by exploring the metaverse and seeing what’s there.

2. Discord

A simple alternative to Houseparty that may be used in the browser is Discord. You have the opportunity to start a group that can quickly develop into a community, depending on the number of members you invite. To keep the group secret among your actual friends and family, you can set it up as an invite-only type of group. On the other hand, you can join public channels to talk to people who aren’t gaming pals.

Discord is fantastic since you can use it for both individual and group video calls. It will have excellent audio and visual quality because it is built on dependable technology. You will experience low-latency calls as though you were in a physical room as opposed to a virtual one. Discord is also much more practical because it is simple to set up and can be used on desktop or mobile devices.

3. Google Duo

Google Duo

You are quite likely to have at least a Gmail account as everyone uses Google for at least one of its services, and that is all you need to use Google Duo. With a high-quality standard and support for browsers, desktop computers, smartphones, and even smart displays, Google Duo is a free video call app.

Calls between you and friends and family members who already have Duo are possible. You can invite your friends and family if they don’t already have Duo, and they will join right away with minimal wait time. You may quickly name a group and include 32 individuals if you wish to hold group video conversations. This is more than enough to keep a whole family entertained.

4. FaceBook Messenger

While Facebook Messenger is mostly used for chatting, users shouldn’t ignore the app’s audio and video call capabilities. Anyone with the Messenger program downloaded to their smartphone or computer may easily search and add friends, as well as initiate an audio or video call, given that almost everyone is now using Facebook.

A strong internet connection is all that is needed to make the most of Messenger calls because of how convenient and decently-quality they are. A group call can accommodate up to 50 participants, which is more than adequate for a sizable number of friends or family.

Since practically everyone has Messenger loaded, at least on their smartphone, it is convenient to use because it is extremely compatible with almost any smart device. But have in mind that before joining the video call, everyone should have Messenger installed and configured.

5. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a safe messaging program designed for mobile devices to create a more effective means of communication. However, it has developed into a useful program that you can download to an Android or iOS smart device, a Mac or Windows computer, or both. It allows for both audio and video conversations, and all that is required to place one is the recipient’s phone number. Another useful tool that’s nice to have is the ability to share documents and even take real-time images with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp limits the number of callers you can add to a group call to a maximum of eight. However, the typical user typically finds this sufficient. However, if you’re talking about a typical WhatsApp group, you can add as many members as you like, but only eight of them can participate in a group call at once.

6. Rave

Rave House party app

When you can watch anything together or play music in the background during your video conversations, there’s no need to just talk and gaze at each other. Similar to Houseparty, Rave also enables users to connect and meet to watch movies and TV shows on nearly any device. Devices running Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone are all compatible.

Even though you might not be able to video chat, you can still converse online over voice while viewing the same movie or television program that is being broadcast concurrently on two screens. Everyone who wants to participate must, of course, download Rave on their device, and everyone must have a subscription to the service you’re watching the movie on, like Netflix.

7. Tribe Calls

Tribe Calls

Tribe Calls is comparable to Houseparty but takes a different approach to virtual socializing. You can add contacts and create groups using Tribe Calls, but it also alerts you when pals are nearby, online, or have been away for a while, among other things. You and your friends or family can begin utilizing Tribe Calls in place of keeping track of your texts and calls.

You won’t have missed calls with Tribe Calls, there are no timetables, and you may catch up with anyone online whenever you see them. Tribe Calls thereby brings the real-life experience of running into a friend on the street to the online world where we frequently get too busy. With the app’s high-quality technology, you can make excellent audio and video calls with just a few screen taps.

8. Fam

Fam Logo

Fam is a fantastic app for iOS and Mac users if you’re searching for something similar to Houseparty that you’d largely use with your family to stay in the loop. Fam is made for families to create one group where you can plan activities and keep track of them, keeping everyone updated while also keeping in touch with each family member without having to send lengthy messages or discuss the same subject with everyone individually.

You can also make brief video or audio chats with everyone in your family group from a section of the program where you can exchange images, voice comments, and more. This software is useful since it lets you set up an event so that everyone knows when you wish to call your family on voice or video. Even senior family members will be able to navigate the app with ease because it is so simple to use.

9. Hago

Hago app

If you have something to do together, spending time with your friends or family digitally is always preferable. Hago offers hundreds of games across all genres, the majority of which can handle up to 10 people, in contrast to Houseparty’s lack of any add-ons to facilitate this.

So you can communicate with your buddies while playing games via text or audio chat, and when you’re not playing, you can use the video chat option. By doing this, you’ll be able to spend hours together, even if it’s distantly, exploring things, having conversations, and without feeling like it’s all taking place digitally. In order to invite others to join you and hang out with you, you can also make live video streams that showcase your pals.


We sincerely hope you found our blog post on the top house party apps useful. It can be challenging to choose which of the many excellent house party applications to utilize. We’ve whittled it down to the top 10 house party apps, and we hope you’ll find one that’s ideal for your upcoming gathering. Why not use one of these apps to invite your pals over for a house party after reading our blog post?

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Top House Party Apps-FAQs

What is the purpose of the Houseparty app?

The social networking site Houseparty offered PC and smartphone apps for group video conferencing. When friends are online and available for group video chat, users are notified. In group or one-on-one talks, users used the app for an average of more than 60 minutes for each conversation.

How is the Houseparty app funded?

Currently, the company generates revenue by selling in-app upgrades for games. Sima Sistani, CEO of Houseparty, is concerned that adding advertising to the system may worsen users’ experience.

Who is the app’s owner?

Owner of Houseparty, Epic Games, announced its closure, stating that it was unable to “provide the app or our community the attention that it deserves.” Epic Games stated that they “do not decide to stop supporting the app lightly.”

For youngsters, is the Houseparty app safe?

The platform is intended for users aged 13 and over, according to Houseparty’s privacy statement. The app is rated “teen” on Google Play Store and “12+” on the Apple Store, respectively. Children under the age of 12 can easily sign up using any age, though.

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