How to Take a screenshot on Mac OS X (2 Simple Ways)?

You can Take a screenshot on Mac OS X with very simple steps. The Screenshot is the one that explains the scenarios very elaborately with the pictorial presentation. Whenever we need to show the error message while performing some testing task or show the chatting messages to someone.  Taking a screenshot in Mac is a very easy process.

Screenshots of the whole screen can be taken and just the specific part of the screen can also be captured which will be saved automatically as .png files on the desktop in the finder window.

How to Take a screenshot on Mac OS X?

You can take screenshots on Mac using two methods.

1. How to take the screenshot of the whole/full screen?

1. Press Command (⌘) + Shift + 3 keys on the keyboard. Then the screen will be captured.
2. The screenshot as a .png file will be saved on our desktop.

Take a screenshot on Mac

2. How to take the screenshot of a specific part of the screen?

1. Press Command+Shift+4 keys on the keyboard. The pointer/cursor will be changing to a crosshair pointer symbol which will be identified.


2. Move the crosshair pointer symbol to the specific part of where exactly you want to start the screenshot or the screenshot can be taken.
3. Selected area can be dragged.
4. When the specific area is selected, the mouse or track-pad button can be released. For canceling, click the ‘esc’ key before the release of button.
5. The screenshot as a .png file will be saved on our desktop.

I hope you got the information on how to Take a screenshot on Mac and if you feel this is good then please share it with your friends.

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