How To Lock A Folder Or File On Windows? Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

How To Lock A Folder Or File On Windows? Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read this tutorial for a simple solution. You can lock any file or folder with free software. If you don’t mind spending some money, you can use premium software Lock My Folders through which you can password protect your folders or files very easily. Don’t want to spend money, then continue reading this article.

Windows has a built-in feature to hide files. It has a drawback. If anyone changes the folder view option to “show hidden files”, then they can see hidden files. You can also use a free software Winmend folder hidden to hide files. If you use Winmend, no one will see a folder or file. You only can access the folder. But when you hide a folder, you will also not able to see a folder. You need to unhide a folder or file from Winmend software to see the file.

If you want to see your folder and want to lock the folder, then you need to go to the easy file locker software. This software gives the perfect solution for the question How to lock a folder. It is also freeware. This software gives you the option to show a folder and lock the folder. You can also password protect software. You can change the permission of the folder or file Only with this software. That means you are indirectly password protecting your files.

How To Lock A Folder Or File On Windows?

lock files
  1. Click on “System” in the top menu.
  2. Click “Set Password”. You will see another small window where you can enter your password and confirm your password. Just type the password and confirm it.

Now you have set a password for this application. When you open this application, you need to enter a password. You need to add files or folders to this software by following the below procedure.

Open software.

How to lock a folder
  1. Click on “Edit” next to “System”. You will see the option to “Add file” and “Add folder”. Click on any one according to your need. You will see the “Settings” window.
  2. Uncheck “Accessible” and check “Visible”. If you want to hide the folder, uncheck “Visible”.
  3. Click on “…” near the “Path” rectangular box. You will see the “Browse for folder” window.
  4. Select any one of your folders to lock.
  5. Click “Ok”.
  6. Click “Ok” in the settings Window.

Now you can see the folder in the list with available permissions shows that in the above screenshot. If you want to change permissions, just double-click on the folder name in the application. You will see the settings Window.

When you click on the locked folder in your computer, you will see the Access denied window shows that in the below screenshot.

How to lock a file

You can close the application. When you want to open a locked folder or file, Open software then it will ask for your password. Enter password. Delete the locked folder or file from the list or change permission. Then only you can access the file or folder.


Always free software has some flaws. When you are serious about the security of your files, I recommend you to use Lock My Folders software. It uses military-grade encryption to password protect your folders and files. You can lock any file from your Windows PC or USB. No one can uninstall this software without your password.

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