Ultimate Guide To Password Protect Folder/file in PC/USB

It is possible to Password protect folder or file in your PC or USB. In this tutorial, I am going to discuss possible methods to Password protect a folder. When the security of your folders or files is your first priority and don’t mind spending little money, you can use premium software Lock My Folders which helps to password protect any folder of the file in your computer or USB. No one can uninstall this software without your password. If you don’t want to spend money, then continue reading this article.

You can also protect your USB or external hard drives or your computer drives with a password. You can get file security, even without a password. Here I will discuss all possible methods to get file security.

How to Password protect a folder in PC?

Hide files with Windows built-in feature

windows 7 show hidden files

Windows has built-in features to hide files. You can use this feature to hide your files or folders. For a complete procedure to hide files with Windows feature read,

The drawback of the Windows hide feature: When you hide a folder with this feature, even you cannot see the folder. Anyone can see hidden files if they set the folder view option to “show hidden files”.

Lock folder with easy file locker

How to lock a folder

Easy file locker is also open-source software. You can see the folder, and you can lock the folder. You can hide the folder with password protection using this software. Anyone can see the folder, but no one can open the folder. If anyone tries to open the folder, it will show an access denied error message. Only you can change the permission of the folder by opening the software with a password. I think it is the perfect free solution to get file security. Want to know how to use an easy file locker? read,

Password protect folder by creating zip file with 7-zip

Video Tutorial: How to password protect a folder in windows with 7-zip

We had explained the detailed process of how to secure your files using 7-zip in this video below. Watch it now and have fun!

Compress files

The drawback of the above two methods is, you can not password protect each folder. You can only hide files and password-protect the software. If anyone uninstalls the software, then they can access folders.

The solution for this problem is, convert the folder into a zip file with password protection. You can use 7-zip or WinRar to compress and protect files. Want to know how to use 7-zip? read,

Encrypt drive with DiskCryptor

free encryption software

You can encrypt the entire drive or USB with DiskCryptor. No one can open the encrypted drive. They see the option to format the drive. Only you can decrypt with your password.

The drawback of DiskCryptor: You will see only option to format drive, so someone may format your drive and you may lose data. Before doing encryption, you need to take a data backup. when you think, losing data is Ok instead revealing data, then only you can go for this method. Read,

How to Password protect folder in USB?

There are three ways to secure USB files. All are discussed.

  1. Hide files with Winmend and password protect
  2. Password protect USB with encryption
  3. Convert folders to zip folders with password protection.

How to password protect the word document?

You can use 7-zip to create a zip file from the Word document. And password protect zip file. MS word has a built-in feature to protect the word document with the password. I have a separate tutorial about it.


All the above free methods may have some flaws. If you need complete protection, I recommend you to use lock My Folders software. It will use military standard encryption to protect your folders or files with the password. You can lock files from your Windows OS or USB. No one can uninstall this software without your password. So that you will have complete protection.

I hope you like my article about how to protect folders with Password. If you like it, do me a favor by sharing it with your friends. If you want more tips, follow whatvwant on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe whatvwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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