Internet usage monitor: Easy to check data usage & Bandwidth

Want to check data usage? There is a free Internet usage monitor software. Networx is a free Internet usage monitor tool. With this tool, you can also check bandwidth.

If you are using Windows 8, you need not use any software. Windows 8 has an inbuilt option to monitor data usage. Read my article How to use Windows 8 network usage monitor option to monitor data usage. With this tool, you can monitor your system’s data usage. You can also monitor multiple system’s data usages. It has a lot of options.

You want to check data usage. That means you may have a limited data plan. The below articles help you to reduce data usage. So that you can save data as well as data charges.

How to configure internet usage monitor software?

  • First, you need to download Networx software here.
  • You will get two types of software. One is the installer another one is portable. You can download anyone. Better download portable. Because you can carry it to any system with a pen drive.
  • Unzip the file. It has 32 bit and 64-bit folders. Open anyone according to your system requirement.
  • Click on the Networx.exe file. You will see a small symbol in the right bottom corner. See ‘1’ in the below screenshot.
Internet usage monitor
  • Right-click on the icon. You will see a small window.
  • Click on Settings. You will see the Settings window.
  • Click on “Advanced”. Set the month’s start date according to your ISP billing cycle. My Internet provider billing cycle starts from the 7th of every month. So I set 7th.
  • Click Ok.
  • If you want to check data usage, Click on “Usage Report”. You can see the usage report window.
  • You will see so many tabs. You can check one-day data usage. One weeks’ data usage. One month’s data usage. Like this, you have too many options. You can also enable this software on multiple computers. You can check the data usage of all users.

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