3 Easy Ways To Reduce data usage Or To Save Internet bandwidth

Reduce data usage“, often you may get this question? Here you will get simple steps to save your internet bandwidth as well as to work the internet faster. You may have a limited internet plan. Sometimes you may have to connect your pc to the smartphone. The smartphone may have a limited data plan. In these cases, you need to reduce data usage. 

If you have limited data plans, you need to monitor data usage. Read my article about How to monitor internet data usage. If you follow this procedure, you will save data. It also helps to work your internet connection faster.

Methods to Reduce data usage

Method 1: Use Google Chrome

Google Chrome works faster than Internet explorer. By default Google chrome compresses data. You can easily see this. Open any website with Google chrome and with Internet Explorer. You can easily see the difference in clarity. Google chrome opens a website with less clarity compare to IE.

Method 2: Change Google chrome settings

No doubt Google Chrome increases the speed of your internet connection. You can also read how to speed up Google chrome.

If you have a limited data plan or if you connect pc to the smartphone. Then you must Reduce data usage. Below settings will help to save data usage.

  1. Settings->advanced settings->privacy->Content settings->Images->check “do not show any images”
  2. Settings->advanced settings->privacy->Content settings->plugins->check “click to play”
  3. Settings->advanced settings->privacy->Content settings->popup->check “do not allow any site to show popups”

The first setting stops showing images. Usually, images take much bandwidth compare to text. If you can not understand the content without images, better don’t use the first setting.

The second setting stops playing videos and flash automatically. when you click, then only they will play. This setting is a must to Reduce data usage.

The third setting is also must to save bandwidth usage.

Method 3: Using Windows 8 or 10 metered connection

If you have Windows 8 or later versions, you have on more extra option to reduce bandwidth usage.


These are the three effective methods to reduce data usage while you using limited data plans. If you know any other techniques to save bandwidth, do share in the comment section.

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  1. Install Opera. It have Opera Turbo which save much of your precious data. You just turn on The Turbo since it’s come with the Opera browser itself.

  2. I reqlly enjoyed this article. These are nice tips to save extra bandwidth when you have limited data plan. Thank for the tips


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