IOTransfer 4 Review: A Better Way To Manage Your iPhone or iPad

For new Apple users, you may find out it too difficult to simply upload files to an iPhone or iPad. You need iTunes, which is unclear how it works, slows down, hangs, and is buggy. In this article IOTransfer 4 review, I will show you an easy way to transfer and manage data on your iOS devices with the help of IOTransfer, an application that appeals to most.

With its help, you can easily perform many operations with your device, and almost everyone will understand how the program works.

IOTransfer 4 Review

IOTransfer 4 is a powerful iOS manager, designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users to transfer, manage, and back up their vital iOS data. IOTransfer 4 supports wireless transfer, iOS system cleaning, and video download and convert.

IOTransfer 4 Price & Plans

IOTransfer is available in one PC/3 pc one year license and 1 PC/3 PC lifetime license. It is best to buy a 3 PC lifetime license. Because it is available for a very low cost.

IOTransfer 4 Lifetime license 3 PC price is $29.99.

IOTransfer 4 Discount

25% IOTransfer discount Coupon

Our readers get a special 25% discount on a 3PC lifetime license only for $22.49.

How to transfer files from / to iPhone with IOTransfer?

You can buy IOTransfer with our special 25% Discounted Link. After launching the application, it reminds you to connect your iPhone (iPad) to the computer. Here is the main screen of the application.

IOTransfer 4 review

After connecting the Apple device to the computer, you will see the following: (Number of photos, music, videos, contacts) You can also learn in more detail how much space certain files take (music, photos, videos).

How to transfer files from/to iPhone? Just go to the Manage tab and manage files on your iPhone. You can upload any video to the phone’s memory if you click Import, or download it to your computer if you select the Export option In the same way, you can manage photos in the gadget’s memory and contacts in the phone book.

In addition, you can also manage other types of data (e-books, podcasts, voice messages, and applications.) Important! Modern iPhone take photos in HEIC format by default, not JPG. When you transfer HEIC photos from your iPhone using IOTransfer, it will automatically convert HEIC TO JPG, so you can easily view or edit all your photos on your PC.

iPhone Junk Files Cleaner

It’s no secret that the iPhone runs out of memory very quickly, and the installation of a flash drive is not provided by the manufacturer. You should immediately buy an older model, which costs $ 200 more, instead of buying a flash drive for $ 30. That is why Apple costs $ 1 trillion))) For the frugal, there is a Clean function – cleaning the memory. It will help to remove old and unnecessary files.

Download Videos or Audio from Popular Sites to iPhone

The IOTransfer program has one interesting function – the ability to download any video (from many services) into the memory of its device. It is also possible to download videos from Youtube online. See here for more details. Go to the VIDEOS tab in the Downloader section and insert a link to the video. Many services are supported, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo (more than a hundred in total).

In the same section, there is a program – a converter for video files. You can convert any video in the memory of your PC and immediately download it to your iOS device.

Wireless file transfer

If you don’t have your USB cable around, you can use the Air-Trans feature to transfer files between your computer and the Apple device. Transfer data within the same Wi-Fi network without using any wires.

IOTransfer Useful Utilities

Under TOOLS section, there are 4 interesting and useful tools, which are Instagram Downloader, GIF Maker, iCloud Photo Manager, and similar Photo Cleaner. I like the Similar Photo Cleaner very much because I have many duplicated photos and this one is a lifesaver.


IOTransfer is definitely an easy to use software available in a very less price.

I hope this tutorial IOTransfer 4 review helped you to transfer files to/from ios devices. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

IOTransfer 4 Review-FAQ

Is IOTransfer safe?

Yes. IOTransfer is safe. It is the best application designed to help you manage and transfer files easily.

Can i transfer files to iPhone using IOTransfer?

Yes. You can easily transfer files from/ to iPhone using IOTransfer.

Can i transfer data without USB cable?

Yes. If you don’t have your USB cable around, you can use the Air-Trans feature to transfer files between your computer and the Apple device. Transfer data within the same Wi-Fi network without using any wires.

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