Best 5 Top paid games for PC

Here is my favorite 5 Top paid games list. Many people have the opinion that PC games are a factor of distraction but in reality, PC game is mind game. In fact, it is a factor for developing creativity. They are a great source of entertainment now. Those who are completely addicted to the PC game will be automatically interested in computers and related works as well. OK, here are the top 5 paid PC games which should be played by everyone. All the games which are listed are actually not for free. But you feel worth after having a trail over them.

Top paid games for PC

1.Dead Island


Dead Island is a conceptualized video game. From Zombies to the significant stories, from weapons used to great sound effects, everything is elaborated in perfect harmony. Dead Island has been coming in different series and it is loaded with all essential features. The protagonist’s straightforward action is incredible and gives full strength to this stunning video game. You can download this adventurous game on most of the platforms.

Price: $ 19.99 approximately (Prices may be varying ). Click on the below link for the current price.

2.Game of Thorns

Top paid games

Game of Thorns is programmed in the best manner. It has all the lively levels which are challenging to clear. The way of narrating the story is indeed and formulated. You will enjoy every bit of it and crossing all the levels of this video game is adventurous that keeps you interestingly engaged. This video game is compatible with platforms like PS4, Xbox 3 and Microsoft Windows.

Price: $ 29.99 approximately. Click on the below link for current price.

3.Wasteland 2

wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is a fascinating PC game that is constituted with a narrative story, music and atmosphere. It gives the full-fledge to the game and keep the interest alive in you. All the levels are challenging to cross and refreshing the conceptualization of this game is enjoyable. There is no protagonist in the game and combat needs to be improved in the successor of Wasteland 2. The graphics are impressive and Wasteland 2 gives a good vive when the players feel like playing it often.

Price: $ 39.99 approximately. Click on the below link for current price.

4.Battlefield 4

battle field 4

Battlefield 4 is an amazing video game for PC. Its effect and visualization is sunning. It makes you feel proud when you have Battlefield 4 on your PC. The story is engaging and well written and it’s all the series are channelized greatly. Battlefield 4 is integrated with powerful features that do not leave you being the victim of buffering issues. This PC game is so smooth and runs properly while playing.

Price: $ 15 approximately. Click on the below link for current price.

5.FIFA 14

fifa 14

With every series of FIFA, there is progress in technology and the playing experience. The developer has crafted everything in proportion in FIFA 14. It regulates the noteworthy story, combat, characters and more to engage you. This PC game is definitely worth a play for open world game fans. FIFA 14 is bundled with all the fun and excitement for the soccer lover. This high tech video game never let you feel bored with its action. Apart from PC, FIFA 14 supports other several platforms that make you play without interruption.

Price: $ 20 approximately. Click on the below link for current price.

 All the above 5 Top paid games are the all-time favorite for all age groups. It builds the development of the brain and creates a blissful atmosphere. You can free download these top 5 PC games of all time. Once you play these powerful games of 2016, you will not able to stay away from all these technical games. For all the PC gamers, these cool video games are a boon and solution to boredom.

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