List of Top Transcription Programs and Services

Are you looking for the top transcription programs and services to transcribe your videos effectively? Then you are at the right stop! This article is perfect for you. In this article, we have discussed about the top Automatic and manual transcriptuion programs and services.

Transcription is not a new thing to many businesses. A lot of companies turn to professional transcription services every day with different goals. However, the main purpose is always the same. They want to hire experts that can help to improve the business.

However, there is one problem in choosing a relevant service. In most cases, you don’t know anything about professional transcription software. Thus, you don’t have an opportunity to understand whether the company is good or not.

That is why we interviewed professional human transcribers from Transcriberry.com. They told us about transcription software in detail. Thus, with our guide, you can easily choose a program for your own or even check the company that you hire to make audio to text transcription for you.

Types of Software

First of all, we should mention that there are two types of transcription programs. There is an automated transcription software and manual. According to Transcriberry.com experts, each type can be better for a certain order.

For example, automated software is very good for verbatim and edited transcription since it helps to write down all the words quickly. After making a transcription, a human just has to edit spelling in some situations, proofread the grammar and add timestamps. This kind of software is very good for podcasts, marketing analysis, and studying since such spheres need accuracy in every word and sentence.

Manual transcription software is very useful for intelligent transcription. An intelligent approach means that you don’t have to transcribe every single word. You can just write down the main message that is communicated in audio or video. It is very good for online meetings, conferences, and news.

Professional transcription services such as Transcriberry.com analyze every order and assign a transcriber individually since every team member has good skills for every approach. Moreover, some team members are good at automated transcription, and some are better at manual.

They use different programs to complete orders. However, there are several programs that are the best and can be useful for anyone even if they don’t have proficient skills in transcribing.

Transcription Services

Before proceeding to programs, we want to talk about some online transcription services. Some of them are the developers of transcription software. Thus, you might be interested in ordering their services directly.

1. Transcriberry.com

Transcriberry is a company with a young and dedicated team of transcribers. They have quite affordable prices (just $1.25 per minute) and a unique approach. We always ask Transcriberry for help with transcription since they provide very urgent help and don’t admit any mistakes.

2. Otter.ai

Otter.ai is one more company. They mostly use automated transcription software since they believe that AI is the king. We don’t agree with such a statement. Nonetheless, this company provides high-quality services and has a positive online reputation.

3. TranscribeMe

There is one more company – TranscribeMe that mostly relies on automated transcription software. Here you can ask for subtitles and captions as well. The big difference at this company is that they have several pricing packages that differ in urgency and transcription approach.

Of course, you can find way more transcription companies online. We represented only the best services according to our own experience. Please, share your recommendations and ideas in the comments if you have used some transcription services earlier.

And we go to transcription programs themselves.

Automated transcription software

Automated transcription software is improving quickly since AI is getting better. Many online transcription services believe that very soon, automated programs will replace manuals to the fullest. Here are some of the best automated transcription programs.

1. Pairaphrase

Pairaphrase - Transcription programs

Pairaphrase software can surprise you a bit since it can be used both as manual and automated. It has all the necessary functions to make the transcription process easy and smooth. Many companies use this software to transcribe online meetings and one-on-one conversations. It has a very convenient interface, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to start using it. However, this program is not suitable for transcribing recordings with a lot of speakers since the accuracy becomes worse.

2. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout Homepage

Buzzsprout is a specialized transcription software for podcasts. If you or your company records podcasts for any platform, this program can be very helpful. With Buzzsprout, you can make audio to text transcription very fast. It sets timestamps automatically and even helps to define all the mistakes. The in-built notepad has a lot of functions to edit the text and upload the polished draft.

3. Dragon Individual

Dragon Individual Homepage

Dragon Individual transcription software is very often used as a voice recorder since it has a very good AI that can catch difficult words easily. Many companies use this software to create e-mail and reports just with the voice. It ensures high-level accuracy. However, it is not so good for verbatim and edited transcribing since you can’t set timestamps here.

Manual Transcription Software

Such kind of software is very useful for studying and marketing analysis since you start to learn information during the transcription process. Many companies love this kind of software because it allows them to create captions quickly. Moreover, the text drafts of transcription from manual software can be added to reports and used for data analysis.

1. Designrr

Designrr Homepage

Designrr is the first and the most popular program is both among freelancers and transcription companies. It has a very good in-built player and text editor. Moreover, it helps to write down dialogues. This software is very useful for creating reports and even writing electronic books. Many bloggers use it to create alternative versions of their content.

2. Descript

Descript Homepage

Descript is a manual transcription software for video bloggers. With Descript, you can easily create accurate captions and subtitles since it has a high-quality text editor that allows you to manage timestamps easily. Moreover, this program has a very good function for editing text. Users said that Descript could be used as a Word document editor.

This program is good for bloggers because it allows them to use a webcam and microphone and make transcriptions from the file that was recorded inside the program.


There are a lot of transcription programs. You may find some simple software for basic transcription and even very complex programs for expert transcribers. Mind that such software is very useful when you have a lot of recorded material to work with. It is also very useful when you have to create video presentations and blogs.

Whenever you don’t understand how to use transcription software or don’t have enough time to learn it, you can always turn to professional transcription services. We recommend relying on Transcriberry.com. Firstly, we turn to this company ourselves when we need help. Secondly, they provided us with the information about transcription software for this article.

They are real experts and can satisfy all your needs in transcribing.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about the List of Top Transcription Programs and Services. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

List of Top Transcription Programs and Services – FAQs

How do I become a transcriptionist at Home?

For some aspiring transcriptionists, enrolling in an online training course is beneficial. Others can master the skills of an effective transcriptionist through practice.

Do transcription jobs pay well?

Transcription is a well-paying career with many opportunities. A transcriptionist’s salary is generally around $15, while an advanced transcriptionist earns around $25 to $30 per hour. With this rate, you can easily earn $1,500 every month if you work 2.5 hours per day for 24 days.

How long does it take to transcribe 1 hour of audio?

Generally, the industry standard for transcribing one hour of audio is four hours. That means you should expect any audio that is less than 15 minutes to be transcribed within an hour.

Is transcribing hard?

Transcription is challenging work, but you can train from home and work from home or anywhere you have access to a computer with an internet connection.

Is Designrr worth buying?

It’s an absolute bargain, even if you only use the software a few times. The time saved when you create ebooks in Designrr compared to Word or complicated design software is huge.

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