16 Must-Have Software or Apps for remote workers to improve productivity

Have you heard about these apps for remote workers to improve productivity? Are you working remotely for your organization? and trying to contribute your work efficiently and productively? Do you think, your productivity is good enough? If not, then this article is the perfect place for you to know about the apps and improve your productivity.

While in an organization, working productively is very important to complete your work effectively. There are lots of apps and software available to help you in enhancing your workflow. In this article, we have provided complete information regarding the must-have software and apps for remote workers to improve productivity. So, read this article till the end to grab the information.

Must-Have Apps for remote workers

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VNC Client

Virtual Network Computing(VNC) is a desktop-sharing system that allows you to access and control another computer remotely using the Remote Frame Buffer Protocol(RFB). As remote workers work in both offices and from home, they used to swap computers according to the workplace. And when there is a need of accessing the previous work or data, you need to have a VNC client installed on your devices to access your computer from another one. There are many VNC Client apps and software available to use and some of them as listed below.

1. RealVNC

RealVNC Homepage

RealVNC is an application that enables you to access and control one computer with another one. This helps you to access both the computer and mobile devices with ease. It is a trusted application across the globe by reputed organizations. RealVNC assures the utmost security to control your devices and even allows you to customize the security protocols to enhance the safety of all users.

Highlights of RealVNC

  • Trusted software across the globe
  • You can access and control the devices safely from Anywhere
  • It allows you to customize the security protocols
  • Provides 14 days free trial version


RealVNC prices are available in two ways, such as Price per user and Price per Device. Each way is available in four plans, such as Essentials, Plus, Premium, and Enterprise. The prices of each plan based on the purchase type are listed below.

  • Price Per User
    • Essentials – $8.88
    • Plus – $15.72
    • Premium – $24.15
    • Enterprise – Contact Sales
  • Price Per Device
    • Essentials – $3.49
    • Plus – $3.99
    • Premium – $5.29
    • Enterprise – Contact Sales

2. Screens

Screens app download from Setapp

Screens is the best application that allows you to control your Mac remotely from Anywhere. It connects you to other devices remotely by providing a secure connection between the devices. It has a mode named as“curtain” in which the Mac desktop can be hidden while accessing it remotely. You can easily transfer files from one Mac to another with blazing speed.

Highlights of Screens

  • Blazing Fast
  • Curtain Mode to hide Mac desktop
  • Drag and drop process to transfer files
  • Supports Multiple Displays
  • You can create custom keyboard shortcuts


The Screens application is available in free trial and premium versions. The pricing of the premium version is $29.99.

3. TightVNC

TightVNC Download

TightVNC is a free VNC software that helps users to control their computers remotely with lightning speed. It is a very lightweight application and can be used very comfortably.

Highlights of TightVNC

  • Open-Source Software
  • Blazing Speed
  • Easy-to-use
  • Requires less storage to install and use

VPN Client

Generally, organizations make use of VPNs mandatory to access important information about the organization. So, employees must have to connect to a powerful and trusted VPN client to access their organization. Here are some of the best and must-have VPN clients.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN Homepage

NordVPN(Special discounted link) is a reputed VPN tool that provides fast and secure VPN services to users. It protects you from ads, trackers, and malware. This integrates all new techniques and features to avoid you from cyberattacks. Using NordVPN allows you to access confidential websites or company websites in a very secure way. This has a user base of 14 Million+ across the globe with the best reviews and ratings. NordVPN provides its application compatible with various devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Android TV, and more.

Highlights of NordVPN

  • Safe and Secure to use
  • Hides your VPN
  • Can be used on Multiple devices
  • Protects you from Tracking
  • Smart and Private DNS
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee


NordVPN provides its services in three versions, such as Complete, Plus, and Standard. All three versions can be purchased in a Monthly Plan, 1-year Plan, and 2-year Plan. The prices of all three versions according to the purchase are listed below.

  • Monthly
    • Standard – $12.99/month
    • Plus – $13.99/month
    • Complete – $14.99/month
  • 1-Year Plan
    • Standard – $4.99/month($59.88 for the first year VAT may apply)
    • Plus – $5.99/month($71.88 for the first year VAT may apply)
    • Complete – $6.99/month($83.88 for the first year VAT may apply)
  • 2-Year Plan
    • Standard – $3.49/month($83.76 for the first 2 years VAT may apply)
    • Plus – $4.49/month($107.76 for the first 2 years VAT may apply)
    • Complete – $5.49/month($131.76 for the first 2 years VAT may apply)

2. Shimo

Shimo app Download in Setapp

Shimo is the best VPN Client service available for Mac users. This is a very powerful and trusted VPN client across the globe. It provides an optimized user experience with the highest standards of security. Shimo is compatible with the latest version of macOS and you can also use it in the dark mode.

Highlights of Shimo

  • Provides High Security
  • Handy Interface with Menu bar Icon
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Supports macOS dark mode
  • Available in a Free Trial version


Shimo is available in a 30-day free trial and premium versions. The premium version of Shimo charges €49 per user.

3. OpenVPN

OpenVPN Homepage

OpenVPN is one of the best VPN Connect Client software to connect and work with your organization with the utmost security measures. You can connect to any compatible server like OpenVPN cloud or OpenVPN protocol. It uses 2FA and SAML authentication to secure your connections. OpenVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Highlights of OpenVPN

  • Flexible Internet routing
  • Cyber Shield
  • uses 2FA and SAML Authentication
  • IoT Security


OpenVPN provides two services, such as OpenVPN Cloud and Access Server. Both versions can be purchased in Monthly and Yearly Billing. The prices of both versions according to the billings are listed below. It displays the price of each plan after choosing the number of connections in the pricing section of each plan.

OpenVPN Pricing

4. Tunnelblick

Tunnelblick Homepage

Tunnelblick is an open-source VPN software for Mac users to access data securely and remotely. It is free from ads, affiliate marketing, and other spam things. This works only on Mac and iOS only, so Tunnelblick is not for Windows and Linux users. Tunnelblick has an excellent support team to resolve the issues if any arise.

Highlights of Tunnelblick

  • Open-source
  • Available in various versions to download
  • Good Support

FTP Client

While working remotely, it is not possible to transfer files using physical external storage devices. So, to access and transfer files at lightning speed, all you need is an FTP client. There are lots of FTP clients available on the internet and only a few apps work effectively. Here are some of the best FTP client apps.

1. Forklift 3

Forklift App Download in Setapp

The Forklift is one of the best FTP software that allows you to manage the files on a server at a blazing speed. You can easily access all the files available on the server from anywhere and at any time with the appropriate credentials. It even syncs your entire storage disks and allows you to preview and edit the data remotely. It is compatible with the latest version of macOS and also supports dark mode. The Forklift has a user-friendly interface and makes the user feel comfortable while working with it.

Highlights of Forklift

  • Easy to access
  • User-friendly interface
  • Sync the data accurately
  • Supports dark mode
  • Multilingual
  • Comes with Advanced dual pane


The Forklift is available in three licenses, such as Single-user License, Family License, and Small Business License. The prices of all three licenses are listed below.

  • Single-user License – $19.95
  • Family License – $29.95
  • Small Business License – $69.95

2. FileZilla


FileZilla is a free and Open-Source FTP solution that allows users to upload, download, and manage all their data remotely. FileZilla client uses the FTP, TLS, and SFTP services. FileZilla offers a Pro version, that comes with additional protocols like Amazon S3, WebDAV, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, and much more.

Highlights of FileZilla

  • Open-Source
  • Sync your Config
  • IPv6 supported
  • Compatible with FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS, and SSH File Transfer Protocol(SFTP)
  • Multilingual
  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

3. CyberDuck

CyberDuck Homepage

CyberDuck is one of the best and easy-to-use FTP clients that suits best for all types of users. It is available for both Windows and Mac Operating systems. Unlike other FTP clients, Cyberduck integrates best into the Mac system and even supports Mac features like keychain and finder.

Highlights of Cyberduck

  • Open-Source
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac Operating systems
  • Supports Keychain and Finder features on Mac
  • Secured SSL/TLS protocols

Communication Apps

For smooth workflow, you need to interact frequently with colleagues to share thoughts regarding your work. So, you have to use applications that look both professional and simple to use. The apps provided below are some of the best and most handy applications to use. They work pretty fast by taking all the required security measures.

1. ChatMate for WhatsApp

ChatMate for WhatsApp in Setapp

ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp Client for Mac users. It helps you to chat and share media files with your family and colleagues from your Mac itself. This saves lots of time from looking into your phone and replying to messages. You can access multiple WhatsApp accounts from this one application. It has many advanced features which will help you a lot in your daily life. ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp is the perfect choice for Mac users to improve their productivity by responding to messages instantly.

Highlights of ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp

  • Clean and Simple Interface
  • Protects your data with Privacy mode and Stealth Mode
  • Easy switching between accounts
  • Supports the system’s dark mode


ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp is available in a free trial and premium version. The free version lasts for 30 days and the premium version is available in two variants, such as Plus and Max. The prices of the two variants are listed below.

  • ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp Plus
    • Monthly – $0.99/month
    • Yearly – $9.99/year
  • ChatMate Pro for WhatsApp Max
    • Monthly – $2.99/month
    • Yearly – $29.99/year

2. IM+

IM+ App in Setapp

IM+ is an all-in-app messaging app that makes communication fast and simple. It supports to use of nearly 24+ popular messaging apps. This application started serving the user from the year 2002 and got a huge response. IM+ allows you to transfer files at lightning speed with utmost security. You can connect multiple accounts and also your workplace messaging applications for easy access.

Highlights of IM+

  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • supports 24+ popular messaging apps
  • Allows File Transfer
  • Supports Multiple accounts
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, and Mac
  • Advanced Ad-blocking


IM+ is available for Mac, iPhone, and Android Operating systems. The app charges $17.99 to download the application for Mac.

3. Canary Mail

Canary Mail App in Setapp

Canary Mail is a very simple tool that helps users to manage mail in a very handy way. It has a very clean and easy-to-use interface with advanced tools. It is integrated with AI tools to help in each step of your work. You can find the required emails just by asking the AI to do that and it will do it efficiently. It has various advanced features to improve and enhance productivity at work. Canary Mail allows you to customize the inbox as you like with shortcuts, and filters to compose or reply to mail easily.

Highlights of Canary Mail

  • Simple and Clean Interface
  • Inbox with advanced features
  • Supports Multiple accounts
  • AI Integrated
  • Top-notch Privacy and security


Canary Mail is the smartest Email app available in three versions, Free, Pro, and Enterprise. The prices are listed below.

  • Free
  • Pro – $20/Year
  • Enterprise – $10/user/month

File Compression

Transferring a file of a larger size is a very tough task and many transferring sites or apps restrict the file size to some extent. At that time, only the file compressor software will help you. There are lots of file compression tools and some of them are discussed below.

1. Archiver

Archiver app in Setapp

Archiver is a file compression app that helps you to compress files according to your preferences. It supports opening ZIP archiver, RAR, 7z, and much more. It allows you to encrypt and protect files using the password. For easy handling, Archiver provides a preview of the files without opening the Archived file. Archiver has a feature to split and combine the larger files to make transferring and sharing convenient.

Highlights of Archiver

  • Clean Interface
  • Works efficiently
  • High range of Protection
  • Provides preview without opening the Archive
  • Split and combine feature to send large files easily


The Archiver application is available for free with basic features which are sufficient up to some extent. If you want to access all the premium features, you need to purchase the application. The pricing of Archive is $19.99.

2. BetterZip

BetterZip app in Setapp

BetterZip is one of the best compression apps available for Mac users to handle file compression tasks. This app allows you to open, Preview, extract, and much more. It is a very handy software to use with lots of amazing features. BetterZip supports extracting nearly 30 file types like ZIP, TAR, 7-ZIP, BinHex, Apple Disk Image(DMG), etc., You can easily have a preview of the file before extracting the file. It uses AES-256 encryption to protect your data.

Highlights of BetterZip

  • Simple-to-use application
  • Compatible with the latest version of macOS
  • Supports to extract nearly 30+ archive formats
  • Uses AES-256 Encryption to protect your data
  • Previews files before opening the Archive


BetterZip can be used in free and paid versions. The paid version provides extra features compared to the free version and is available at $24.95.

3. Permute

Permute app in Setapp

Permute is an amazing converter application that allows you to convert various media files. The process of converting in Permute is pretty simple and fast. Along with the conversion of the file format, the files are also compressed to reduce the size to make them compatible for sharing. Unlike other media converter applications, Permute supports WebP and SVG formats. Permute can convert files into ISO formats. It is available with the integration of Downie.

Highlights of Permute

  • Easy-to-use
  • Blazing speed
  • PDF support
  • Converts Video format into Audio format
  • supports WebP and SVG format
  • Compatible with the latest version of macOS


The Permute is available at a price range of $14.99


In any professional career, trying and implementing new methods and things is very important to improve and enhance productivity. There are many aspects like soft skills, working practices, etc., in enhancing productivity. Technology evolves every day with new topics and knowing those new topics and adapting them will keep you ahead of others. As discussed in this article, there are lots of must-have apps or software for remote workers to improve productivity. You can use those apps to save lots of time and make your work easier.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know about the Must Have software or apps for remote workers to improve productivity. If you want to say anything, let us know through the comment sections. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

Must have software or apps for remote workers to improve productivity – FAQs

What is the hardest part of working remotely?

Working from home can be extremely isolating and lonely at times.

Which soft skill is the most important in the remote workplace?

Remote work requires excellent communication and given the nature of working across timezones and locations, this is a soft skill that should be prioritized.

Why do managers hate remote work?

Managers worry that communication will suffer without face-to-face interaction. It might be challenging to build trust and a relationship with team members when you aren’t able to see them in person on a regular basis.

Does remote work get boring?

Remote working can be great for flexibility, especially if you’re an entrepreneur however boredom will certainly kick in at some point.

Are remote employees happier?

82% say the ability to work from anywhere has made them happier, and 55% say that such work decreased their stress levels.

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