5 Best Android Apps for Students

Are you searching for the Best Android Apps for Students? Here is the quick guide.

The pandemic has changed the lives of everyone across the globe — and students are no exception. In fact, the World Bank reports that countries across the globe are increasingly relying on educational technology as they navigate this situation.

Though this is indeed a safe option, learning is much more challenging when purely done across a screen. The good news though is that the smartphone rather than being a distraction (which it certainly can be) is actually a great educational tool. This is due to the different apps students can use that will aid with their learning, essay writing, productivity, and much more.

Best Android Apps for Students

1. Educational Apps

Learning resources don’t have to be limited to books and lectures, as you can expand your knowledge the help of educational apps. If you’re having trouble with tricky algebra or calculus problems, the Mathway app not only answers them, but it also shares a step-by-step guide on how to solve them. Meanwhile, if writing bibliographies isn’t your strong point, you can download EasyBib to generate one for you by simply inputting the reference into the app. These apps show how no matter where you are it is possible to continue learning.

2. Blocking Apps

The bulk of your screen time is probably spent on videos or social media apps. This is why it’s especially crucial to download apps that help you stay focused and block out distractions. A great suggestion would be the Flipd app, since it limits your time on certain apps by placing a set period. Not to mention, it also has a sleep timer that turns off notifications when it’s time for bed. And if you want to stay focused for an upcoming exam, the Anti-Social app will disable access to all of your social networking apps. It also regularly tracks and reports your phone usage to help you manage your screen time better.

3. Note-Taking Apps

Great ideas come at the strangest of times, especially if you are writing an essay. Instead of looking around for a piece of paper or notebook to write things down, it’s best to download a note-taking app for your Android device. Not only it is a much faster method, but it also allows you to transfer your notes to other apps and programs in no time.

To this end, Google Keep comes highly recommended by HP, as you can dictate your thoughts and ideas and the app will then turn them into a note for you. Plus, it comes with a widget that lets you glance at your notes on your home screen. Lastly, if you’re allowed to capture images of your class lectures, the app can scan them and convert them into text.

4. To-Do List Apps

From managing your midterm exam week to running your daily errands, the life of a student can be hectic at times. Fortunately, a to-do list can help keep you grounded by organizing your myriad of tasks. For instance, the Any.Do app is perfect for creating to-do lists as its sleek interface will make things more manageable. Another way the app simplifies your tasks for you is by allowing easy synchronization to other devices. Moreover, you can prioritize each task to help you stay on top of everything.

5. Sleep Apps

Anyone between the age of 13 and 18 should have 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day. But of course, this is easier said than done with so many distractions around us. Plus, blue light from our devices suppresses melatonin. Though using your phone to help you sleep sounds counterintuitive at first, apps like Calm and Pzizz play stories and voices to help you get a good night’s rest. You can even monitor your sleep patterns with the Sleep Cycle app to understand what adjustments you need to make.

When used right apps can provide many benefits to students and become a vital tool in how they not only learn, but also organize their study habits. The only thing students need to do is stay away from social media and games.

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