Top 5 methods to Remove Watermark from PDF

Want to remove Watermark from PDF files? Mostly we don’t like PDF files with watermark, files with watermark look a little bit clumsy.

This article gives you the best methods to remove the watermark from PDF files in the most possible simplest way. In this, there are free online methods, offline, and premium methods. Just go through the article to find your desired method. If you are a person who frequently works on PDF file then Adobe Acrobat DC and Wondershare PDFelement are the best solutions.

What is Watermark?

Watermark is just a common measure that will be taken for any PDF documents to make it as confidential and protect the document from stealing any copyrights. A watermark is said to be a text or an image that appears either in front of or behind existing document content, like a stamp. For example, you could write a “Confidential” word as a watermark to pages with sensitive information, so that each and everyone understands the importance of it.

You can add multiple watermarks to one or more PDFs, but you must add each watermark separately. Unlike a stamp, a watermark is integrated into PDF pages as a fixed element and can be added or edited or removed. 

Why to remove Watermark from PDF?

Even though Watermark is the best common feature to protect the document from stealing copyright, it will cause you a big distraction for you when we read the document. It will like an obstacle for us while reading huge information. So it is sometimes required to remove Watermark from the PDF document.

Top 5 methods to Remove Watermark from PDF

Here we are going to show you the best methods to remove the watermark from a PDF file. We will show both free and paid methods from which you can choose the best one you desire.

Free solution or method is to convert the PDF to Word document, then delete or remove the watermark from word and again convert back to PDF.
The paid method refers to the direct method to use as a professional PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat DC Pro or Wondershare PDFelement. These editors help in removing a watermark from PDF files.

First of all, here it is recommended to use two free solutions to remove the watermark from PDF. In both solutions/ways it is much required you to convert PDF to Word at first, then remove the watermark on Word document.
For this, we can use the online PDF to Word converter on EasePDF or use Microsoft Word itself directly.

Video Tutorial:

We provided this article in the form of Video Tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are interested in reading, skip it for now and watch it after the completion of reading.

Method-1: Remove Watermark from PDF directly using Adobe Acrobat Pro:

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is probably the most famous and powerful PDF software nowadays. It is used for multiple purposes.
With a lot of PDF editing tools inside the tool, Adobe Acrobat Pro enables users to add, edit, or remove a watermark on a PDF easily.
Let’s have a look to remove the watermark from PDF now.

  • Make sure Adobe Acrobat is installed on your device, the Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  • Go to the “Tools” tab on top main menu and select “Edit PDF” from the options listed.
select tools
  • On the editing toolbar, click on the “Watermark”
  • Choose the “Remove” option from the drop-down list as we are going to remove the watermark.
  • A pop-up alert will open with a message to ask “Are you sure you want to permanently remove the watermark?”
hit on yes.
  • Click on the “Yes” button and all the watermarks on this PDF will be deleted.

That’s it. with these four simple steps, you have finished removing the watermarks from a PDF.

Method-2: Remove Watermark from PDF using Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement a powerful PDF editor that allows you to edit PDF, create PDF, convert PDF, add watermark, remove the watermark, etc. Remove watermark from PDF is a simple process. We have both online and offline methods to solve that problem. Among them, Wondershare PDFelement is the premium method that helps you to remove the watermark from the PDF files. If you are frequently working on PDF files, then it’s better to go with this method. You can read our Wondershare PDFelement review for complete details.

Step:1 Download and Install Wondershare PDFelement

Firstly Download and install the Wondershare PDF element on your device. Open the Wondershare PDF element software.

Step:2 Select the Open file option and upload the file

Click on the “Open file” option from the main interface, the program automatically navigate to your local device. Select your desired PDF file that you want to remove the watermark from that file and hit on the open option.

Step:3 Select Remove watermark option

The PDF file is displayed on the screen. Tap on the edit option from their clicks on the Watermark option. Hit on Remove watermark from the drop-down box. Within the blink of an eye, it will remove the watermark from the file.

Method-3: Remove Watermark from PDF free in Word using Microsoft Word:

If you have Microsoft Word installed on your device already, you can make use of it. Convert PDF to Word directly with Microsoft.
Please follow these steps to remove the watermark from PDF.

  • Right-click on the PDF you want to remove watermark and choose “Open with” as “Microsoft Word” to open the document in Word document.
  • A prompt will pop up showing warning message to you as “Word will now convert your PDF to an editable Word document. This may take a while. The resulting Word document will be optimized to allow you to edit the text. so it might not look exactly like the original PDF, especially if the original file contained lots of graphics”.
  • Click the “OK” button and Microsoft will convert your PDF to a Word document.
  • Now your PDF will be displayed with Microsoft in Word format.
  • Now you can remove the watermarks easily by choosing the “Design” tab from the main menu.
  • Choose “Watermark” and select “Remove Watermark” from the options listed.
  • If you are using Microsoft Office 2010 or 2007, please go for “Page Layout” and then choose “Watermark” from there choose “Remove Watermark”.
  • By doing so, all the watermarks on this document will be deleted.
  • Finally, save it as a PDF. you can choose “Save As” from the top main menu and select “PDF” as the saving format.

Method-4: Remove image or text Watermark from PDF using EasePDF PDF:

EasePDF is a free online platform. Every PDF user can use this to convert, edit, create, watermark, merge, compress PDF. When you choose EasePDF, you choose a cross-platform supported service that you can use on any device including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.

Open the “PDF to Word Converter” and see how it helps to remove the watermark from PDF with EasePDF.

  • Upload your PDF you wish to remove the watermark.
  • You can upload files by clicking the “Add File(s)” button in the editor or simply drag the PDF file to the uploading section.
  • EasePDF editor supports you in importing the PDF files from your Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, etc.
  • When your PDF is successfully uploaded to the EasePDF server, it will automatically start the process of converting your PDF to Word.
  • Once the converting process is completed, a download link will be displayed on the result page. It says as “Your document is ready”.
  • Now just click on the “Download” button to save the document to your local device wherever you wish to download.
  • Remove the watermark. Open the converted Word document by using any Word processor like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc.
  • Click on the watermark you want to remove and press the “delete” key on your keyboard.
  • A watermark has been removed by this action from the Word document.
  • If you see watermarks on more pages, then you can remove the watermarks easily by choosing the “Design” tab from the main menu.
  • Choose “Watermark” and select “Remove Watermark” from the options listed.
  • If you are using Microsoft Office 2010 or 2007, please go for “Page Layout” and then choose “Watermark” from there choose “Remove Watermark”.
  • By doing so, all the watermarks on this document will be removed.
  • Finally, convert the word to PDF by the “Word to PDF” option in the editor.
  • You have achieved your PDF without watermarks.

Method-5: Remove Watermark from PDF Online using Soda PDF

We will show you how to remove the watermark from PDF online with Soda PDF editor Soda PDF Online. – a professional online editor for PDF and other documents.

  • Find and go to Soda PDF Online.
  • Choose “Open PDF” on the left side menu to upload a PDF file from your computer, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
select the open option
  • You need to wait until the editor finishes the processing of loading your PDF file.
  • Then click on the “Edit” tab from the main menu bar and select the “Remove page marks” option once it finishes the loading.
select edit option and select remove page marks.
  • When you click on the “Remove page marks” option it displays different symbols. From that select, the “Remove watermark” symbol.
select the remove watermark symbol.
  • To do that task you need to log in with your email. Once you have done it starts the function.
  • The watermark will be deleted from the PDF page.
  • The watermark on the entire document will be removed at a time.

This solution might be a little time-consuming process. But it can work well and will be the best one on any operating system and device. For mobile users, this could be a good choice.


Above mentioned are the best and top 5 solutions of how to remove the watermark from PDF file that we have researched and tested and verified.

To remove the watermark on a PDF for free, you might need to convert the PDF to Word first with EasePDF or Microsoft Word and then remove the watermarks on Word document. You can, of course, save the Word document as PDF after removing watermarks, if needed.

To remove the watermark from the PDF file directly, you can go for Adobe Acrobat DC Pro or PDFelement editors. Last but not least, you can remove watermark online with Soda PDF without any device limitation. But it seems to be some time-consuming process as you need to remove the watermark from every page where you find it. But it was a good choice for mobile users.

I hope you like my tutorial about methods to remove watermark from PDF. If you Like it!! then please share it. If you want to add anything to it, please let us know through the comments section.

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How to Remove Watermark from PDF-FAQ

Is there a way to remove watermark from PDF?

Yes. The above are the solutions given to remove the watermark from PDF.

Which is the best method to remove the watermark from PDF?

Adobe Acrobat and PDFelemet are the best methods to remove the watermark from PDF.

Is there any online methods to remove watermark?

Yes. There are online methods to remove the watermark, with the help of that you can easily remove watermark without any device limitations.

Can i directly remove watermark from PDF?

No. It is not possible. You need to convert the PDF file to word using EasePDF or Microsoft Word and then remove watermarks on Word document.

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