Top 5 Best Password Managers For iPhone

Want to store your password in a secure place? Want to manage your passwords on the iPhone? You just need any one of these Best password managers for the iPhone. If you are using Android, you can read Best password manager apps for Android.

Everyone is Happy With Growth of Internet and Security Breaches of Some Big Companies Reminds us to keep accounts protected with some uncracked Passwords. Chances of Forgetting Passwords are high when there are dozens of online accounts which required a password. Having a Password Manager is the best solution to overcome this which also helps in creating strong Passwords. As we all know most of the easily available applications are incompatible with the iOS Version and so we compiled a list Best Password Managers for iOS.

Remember, Don’t Turn this Down by having an old-school idea of writing your passwords on a piece of paper. Apart from storing Passwords, there are Number of Pros with Password Managers and important of them are,

Password Manager and Its Advantages

In Simple, Password Managers are used For Storing Passwords with some good Encryption techniques. Along with this, they can,

  • Generate Strong Random Passwords.
  • AutoFill Passwords.
  • Strong Encryptions for Vault.
  • Best Way for Managing Passwords.

Enough we will discuss more in the below sections.

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Best Password Managers for iPhone

iOS Always needs a special mention and it’s well known, every android app is not compactable for iOS.Here is the compiles list of managers for iOS.Most of them available in 2 version i.e paid and free. Choosing between version completely depends upon the user requirement.

Apple is making the usage of Password managers easier with its Every iOS Version.

1.mSecure – Password Manager


mSecure is one of the simple and Best Password Managers For iPhone which is available in both free and paid versions with a ton of features. When you are using an application for Simple yet important tasks UI Got a Major Role. Without wasting much of time, let’s discuss the features,

  • Save Unlimited Passwords.
  • Minimal Design and uses AES-256 Encryption to secure the vaults.
  • More than 20 Templates are available for the vault.
  • Passwords can be grouped such as social, Banking and all.
  • Annual Subscription allows you to sync passwords with different devices.

The free version is a bit limited yet a useful one for Normal Users. Custom Made templates are the bonus for the premium users. The Paid version is available for all the Heavy Users Out there.

2.Dashlane Password Manager

dashlane for ios

Dashlane is well used in browsers as its basic version includes most of the features. This Password manager is available for iOs versions too offering the same features but with a more simple design. It doesn’t allow to sync information with the devices which was a big let down. If you can ignore sync, Have a look at its features.

  • Authenticate with Touch ID.
  • Uses 256 Encryption to secure your Vault.
  • Sync Option is available for premium customers.
  • Clean UI

Dashlane Basic version is good enough for Normal Usage. However one can be a premium customer by opting the yearly subscription.

3. Safari Password Manager

safari password manager
Source: Tips general

Apple itself had Safari Password Manager for iOS Users. To be frank, its user experience not that good as third-party managers as there is the only way to display your passwords. It cannot be compared with other alternatives as its an inbuilt tool for safari and was completely free. It’s worth to give it a shot and is recommended for minimal users.

  • Very Minimal.
  • Free.
  • Inbuilt tool. No installations required.
  • Sync over iCloud keychain to all your devices.

It works in the following way If you create some account while browsing it generates and suggest you a strong password as stores it as well. On the downside, the main is it lacks 2-factor authentication.



1password is the only application which looks like a Native Inbuilt application for iOS. 1Password Store your password, Bill and Card Details in a well-organized Manner.

It uses the same encryption as Dashlane and is powered by Amazon web services. Some of its worthy features are,

  • Hints for a password can be created and generated.
  • Accessible through all devices with a single login password.
  • Vault can be shared with selected persons.
  • Ease of Search for apps in the vault.
  • Apps can be categorized.

Despite features, Its free version is not available for download. One needs to get the premium to use. The trial version is available for a month. One word, It’s completely worthy for each penny you paid.


safe in cloud

SafeInCloud would be a Good Choice for those who are looking for some simple yet powerful one. The App is included with limited features that are required for minimal users. As Usual, Passwords will be stored in an encrypted database and it does have a powerful password generator.

  • Can sync with Popular cloud services such as Google Drive, DropBox Etc.
  • Built-in Browser
  • Freely Available for Desktop version.
  • User Interface is an advantage for beginners.

SafeInCloud is available in 2 versions. The features discussed above are for free customers. Backup, Unlimited storage are some more features for premium customers. Highly recommended for minimal users. Pro version is available for $7.99 one time purchase.


Hope These are the Best Password Managers For iPhone in their own strong areas. However, the final decision is yours which is completely dependent on your usage. All the above apps have free and premium versions. I suggest you go with the premium version for better security and features. One more time I can say, go with Sticky Password(85% Discounted Link) one year license for the best security.

Let us know your suggestions and queries in the comment section. Please share this article and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

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