8 Simple Steps to Export Gmail contacts

Don’t want to lose contacts in your Gmail? Then backup of those contacts to some other places like cloud, other mails will preserve your contacts. To do that you need to know how to export and import Gmail contacts, In this tutorial, we are going to see how to Export Gmail contacts.

Want to export Gmail contacts? You can Export Gmail contacts within few seconds. Exporting contacts will be helpful to save contacts on your computer. You can also transfer saved contacts to other Email services. Follow this guide to know how to Export Gmail contacts.

How to Export Gmail contacts?

1.Login into Gmail.

2. On the right side you can see different things related to your Google account like Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, etc. Click on the Contacts.

click on contacts

You will see the contacts shows that in the below screenshot.

3. At the top of the contacts you can see one arrow symbol for opening Gmail Contacts in a new tab. Click on that arrow symbol. 

click on arrow symbol

4. Now your Gmail contacts will open in a new screen with a heading namely Contacts. On the left side screen, you will see different options related to your contacts. Click on the Export option as shown in the below image.

click on Export option

5. Now a screen will open with exporting options for contacts. Select All contacts if you need to export all otherwise you can select frequently contacted contacts. It is always better to export all contacts.

6. And in that screen you can see three options for contacts to expert as follows:

  • Google CSV: If you want to transfer exported contacts to another Gmail, you can use this option.
  • Outlook CSV: If you want to transfer contacts to Outlook, Yahoo, Rediff or another mail service.
  • vCard: When you want to transfer your contacts to Apple devices or iCloud, you can use this option.

7. Select the transfer method as you wish. Click on the Export button. 

select method

8. You will get your contacts on your computer. You can import this file to another Email service. If you don’t know how to import you can read my article How to import contacts to gmail.

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