Intego Mac Washing Machine Review: A Good Mac Cleaner

This Intego Mac Washing Machine Review gives you complete details about its interface and how to use this Washing Machine properly & efficiently. Do you want to protect & save your Mac from malware and remove the unnecessary Junk data & information, then Intego Mac Washing Machine is the best option for Mac?

Intego Mac Washing Machine makes it very simple to clean all the junk data and information that is making your Mac slow. Duplicate files & programs, files & folders never use will be cleaned gently. Intego Mac Washing Machine makes the things in Mac to automatically Organize and makes the Mac operate, run with more efficiency.

Intego Mac Washing Machine Review

Special Features:

  • Disk Space will be reclaimed to enhance system performance.
  • Duplicate and unnecessary files will be cleaned and make your Mac speed up more.
  • Helps in creating smart folders which can be used to access quickly. This is used for most frequently used files & programs.
  • Organized desktop, Dock, and files in an excellent way for easy & smart access.
  • A double-way personal firewall to defend against intrusions and threats.
  • Protects the Mac from Phishing attacks and frauds.
  • Dual protection version available for customers who use Windows and Macs.
  • Scans external devices for malware.

Data Cleaning & Junk removal process:


Mac Washing Machine is a Mac cleaner that makes it easy & organizes well to get rid of duplicate files, junk files that slow down your Mac.

Data & Junk files will be cleaned by Mac Washing Machine in two cycles (Reclaim and Duplicates) and final cycle (Organize) is used to organize the data in a smart way and optimizes the Mac desktop.


Large chunks of data and files that exist on your Mac but those are no longer in user, Caches which are unnecessary and no use, many language files, projects, etc will be cleaned by in this process of cycle
to boost your Mac, makes your Mac run faster and more efficiently.


Removes all the redundant files. Sometimes even we don’t know that we have large amounts of redundant data that never been used and consumed a lot of space in the drives. Those duplicates and redundant files
can easily be identified and clean them to release a lot of space available for the new data.



Mac Washing Machine organizes the things very well.

The first enemy for efficiency is Clutter. Washing Machine allows the heap of desktop files, dock files to organize well and place them into the right folders.
The Washing Machine will identify and gives you a clear picture of the most often used files. So you can drag and drop them to and from the Dock in an easy way.


Privacy & Identity Protection:

Rogue applications will be blocked from accessing the network.
Accessing specific domains will be blocked.

Support & Convenience:

Specifically built for Mac users.
Easy-to-use interface.
Notifications & updates at regular intervals against the threats protected. Always makes your Mac safe & stay secure.

Price & Discount

£24.99 (free upgrade from Mac Premium Bundle 2013) or $29.99. Intego runs special promotional offers from time to time. Please check WhatVwants Intego Discount Coupon Page for the latest offers on this product.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS should be 10.8 or higher versions
  • Languages supported are English, Spanish, Japanese, German & French
  • Hard disk space should be 1.5 GM available
  • Internet connection for any security updates must be there
  • Operating System Supported
  • Mac OS 10.8 or higher
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Any officially-supported Mac OS X compatible computer
  • 1.5 GB of available hard disk space
  • Internet connection required for NetUpdate security updates
  • Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Mac Washing Machine X9:

  • It enables and helps you to find out easily the files that slow your Mac and affect performance.
  • It makes you decide what type of files you need to choose to reclaim just with one click.
  • Protects against network attacks and unknown devices via a sophisticated firewall available only with Mac Washing Machine secure X9.
  • Protects against suspicious applications when browsed.
  • The performance will be increased drastically by reclaiming the disk space.
  • The application bandwidth will be monitored.
  • Helps in creating smart folders for quick accessing to the most important and often used files.
  • Performance is much greater, faster scanning for a weightless, light-footprint on the Mac.
  • Protects against Trojan horses, spyware, viruses, malware, worms, and rootkits.


  • User Interface is excellent with overlays as extraordinary.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • The organizing feature is useful and good.


  • There is no quick-look support for file preview.
  • Requires more data cleaning tools.
  • The highlights of Intego Washing Machine include
  • When it the scenario to clean, organize, and boost Mac’s performance or speed, then Washing Machine is the one to be chosen.
  • Reclaims Space: It will easily identify the files that were no longer use or need and very quickly removes them from your Mac. In this way, the gigabytes of unnecessary data will be released and a lot of space will increase that intends to increase the performance. These files include downloads, caches, logs, and trash, etc.
  • Finds Duplicates: Identifies the duplicate files by analyzing the bits, and allow you to select which versions/programs to be removed. Other Mac cleaners find duplicates by using basic techniques that fail to identify all duplicates.
  • Creates Smart Folders: A powerful OS tool, Smart Folders offer quick access to frequently used files and applications. Even add these folders to Finder favorites.
  • Organizes the Dock: Shows what apps are used the most (or least) and allows you to quickly drag the apps to or from the dock.


93% of the score achieved for quality and quantity of reclaim and Organizing tools.
91% of the score achieved for the quality and quantity of the manufacturer’s customer support options.


A new version of Mac Washing Machine 10.9.3 is available

  • Requires OS X 10.8 or later
  • A perfect streamlined interface exists
  • Quicker, Faster scans to improve performance and makes your Mac running smoothly
  • Anti-phishing settings were improved to protect your privacy

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