How To Use Android phone WiFi hotspot?

Want internet from Android? You can use the Android phone WiFi hotspot feature to connect other devices to the internet. When you configure a Wi-Fi hotspot in an android phone, you can use mobile carrier data on laptop or tablet. You can also use mobile data on the desktop if you had used a Wi-Fi adapter or WiFi LAN card.

You don’t need any android app to use your android phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Because It is an inbuilt feature of android. But your data carrier must support tethering. If your carrier does not support tethering, you need to use an android app like FoxFi.

What is Tethering?

Tethering is nothing but connecting one device to another. Tethering allows devices to share the internet from one device to another. You can use USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect devices. When tethering is done by Wi-Fi, it is called as mobile hotspot. You can read more details from Wikipedia.

Now we will see how to use Android phone Wi-Fi hotspot feature.

How to use Android phone Wi-Fi hotspot?

  • Turn on data on your mobile.
  • Go to Settings.
cellphone wifi hotspot
  • Go to Connections shows that in the above screenshot.
  • Touch on Tethering and Mobile hotspot. If you don’t find this option. You can search in the More Networks option or in the Wi-Fi option.
how to use phone as wifi hotspot

Touch on Configure Mobile hotspot you will see below screen.

Android phone WiFi hotspot
  1. Type any name in the Network SSID field. It is the identifier of your mobile network which you can see in other devices.
  2. Select WPA2PSK under Security. When you want to set a password for your WiFi, you must select a security option. Otherwise, you can leave it as open. But, when you set it open everyone can access your internet. It is always recommended to set a password. Now you will see the password field.
  3. Type your required password in the Password field.
  4. Touch on Save.

Now you will come back to Tethering and Mobile hotspot window.

Now you have configured WiFi hotspot. When you want to use WiFi on other devices go to Tethering and Mobile hotspot settings and check the rectangular box near to Mobile hotspot.

Search for WiFi connections from your laptop or tablet or other mobile or desktop. Select your detected device and enter the password. Use your mobile connections internet.

You may find that using mobile internet in PC is somewhat slow. I have already written some articles about how to boost mobile internet speed on PC. I am sure that the below article will help you to boost mobile internet speed in PC.

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