How to use SHAREit on PC to Transfer Files To / From Mobile?

Want to transfer files to or from Mobile to Mobile/desktop? Using SHAREit is one of the fastest way to transfer files between mobile and Windows PC. In this tutorial, I am going to show you How to use SHAREit on pc to transfer files between mobile and PC.

You don’t need to use a USB cable or internet when you use SHAREit. Of course, you need data or an internet connection to download the SHAREit application on PC and SHAREit app on mobile. SHAREit uses a Wi-Fi hotspot to transfer files. So it is very fast compared to Bluetooth. SHAREit took 71 seconds to send a 323 MB file. You can also send files and apps between two android mobiles by using ShareIt.

When you want to use SHAREit on your desktop PC, you must have a Wi-Fi LAN card or WiFi adapter. When you use Laptop, you don’t need any extra accessories. SHAREit app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows phones. So you can transfer files from android or iPhone or windows phone to Windows PC.

Here I am showing you how to transfer files from android to/from Windows PC.

How to install SHAREit on Windows PC?

Before going to know about How to use SHAREit on pc, you need to install it on PC. Visit allshareit website from your PC. Download SHAREitfor your windows version. If you use Windows 7, You can download SHAREit for Windows 7. You will receive setup file. Install the setup file. You will get “SHAREit” desktop icon.

Initially it will show some tips. Check don’t show again box.

You can change the destination folder by going into settings. Destination folder is your computer folder where you want to store received files.

shareit settings
  • Click on the three lines symbol in top right corner shows that in the above screen.
  • Click on “Settings”. You will see settings window shows that in the below screen.
shareit advanced settings
  1. If you want, you can change your computer name. You will see this name on another device, when you use SHAREit.
  2. Click “Advanced” shows that in the above screenshot. You will see an extra field.
  3. Click “Browse”. You will see your computer folders. Select any drive or folder. Here I have selected ‘E’ drive. It has created “SHAREit” folder in ‘E’ drive.
  4. Click “Save”.

Click on folder symbol in top right corner which is left to three lines symbol, to get access to this folder from shareit application itself.

How to install SHAREit on Mobile?

You can get SHAREit app for android, iPhone and windows phone. If you had an android, Go to Google Play Store in your android mobile. Install SHAREit app. I have already shared step by step procedure to use SHAREit app in android.

How to Use SHAREit on PC to Transfer Files?

Video Tutorial: How to Use SHAREit on PC to Transfer Files To / From Mobile

You might have different shareit versions in PC and mobile. When two versions did not match, you can not send files.

Transfer files with Latest Version

If you have latest SHAREit version in your PC, you will see below screen after opening desktop icon. If you don’t see below screen, skip this method and read second method through which you can transfer files using older version.

shareit desktop

SHAREit will start searching for devices. Just click on Mobile symbol shows that in above screenshot. Now you will see QR code on desktop.

Open SHAREit on Mobile phone. If you don’t have the latest version, update app to latest version. If you don’t know how to update, just open Google Play Store and search for SHAREit, it will show the update option instead of install option.

shareit mobile

Touch on symbol in top left corner shows that in above screenshot. You will see below screen.

shareit mobile

Click Connect to PC. Mobile app will start searching for devices. If you don’t see any device name, the Click Scan to Connect option.

shareit mobile

Scan QR code on desktop. Now it will show desktop PC name. Touch on PC name. Immediately you will see below screen on desktop. Select Accept.

how to use shareit on desktop

Now two devices are connected. If you want to send files from mobile to PC, just select Photos of Files option and browse mobile, select files and send to PC. If you want to send files from PC to mobile, just click on Files, browse computer and send files to mobile. For complete details, continue reading next method.

Transfer files with Old Version

When you want to send files from mobile to PC, click send in mobile app. When you want to send files from PC to mobile, you need click “send” on desktop application. Let us assume you are sending files from mobile to PC.

shareit app

Open SHAREit app in android mobile and Open SHAREit application from the desktop icon in PC. That means open application at sender device as well as at receiver device. Below screen shows SHAREit screen on mobile.

Transfer files through shareit

Click on “Send” shows that in above screen. You will see below screen.

How to use shareit app
  • Select any one of the available tabs. If you want to send photos select photos tab. Here I have selected “Video” tab. Because I want to send video file.
  • Touch on a file which you want to send. You will see check mark right to file. And no.of selected files at “Selected” option,
  • Click “Next”.

Open ShareIt application in PC. You will see below screen.

how to use shareit on pc

Click On “Receive”. Immediately, your mobile app will detect your PC name, shows that in below screenshot.

how to use shareit app

Touch on Your PC name in mobile app. Immediately it will send file to your PC.

Click on three lines symbol right to received file in your PC application. You will see options to open file or open file location.

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  1. I’m unable to transfer files from my Andriod phone to desktop. I have installed Shareit v.4.0 beta on desktop and the latest v3.6.68 on my andriod phone. I can transfer files from PCto phone, but not vice versa.
    Also, when I open Shareit on PC it immediately waits for a connection.
    I need to backup my files from phone to PC. Please help.

    PS: I don’t have bluetooth or wifi connection for my pc.

  2. How to transfer multiple photos from mobile to laptop. Last time i tried to transfer around 25 photos but only 4 photos were sent, i did tried a couple of times but i was not able to do. Is there any solution ??

  3. ShareIt aps or software is the really good work for transferring any files from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC. You can quickly transfer any files, software, application, audio, video etc. So its a amazing program for any Android version mobile and PC.

  4. I can send files but can not recieve when using computer to iphone. Everytime I try to send a file from my PC to my phone, it says “network error”. How can I fix this?

  5. I have a doubt mam , same network is not available working on Windows 8.1 in LAN connection and my mobile is android having WiFi in different network . It is not accessible and asking version 4.0 but it is not available in ushareit . Can you suggest us the procedure.

    • I think it is asking for android version 4.0 or higher.
      Make sure that you have latest version in PC and in mobile.
      You don’t have to connect to any WiFi network. You don’t have to even turn on your WiFi in mobile. Your PC or laptop must have WiFi adapter. You can not use LAN.
      When you use app simultaneously in two devices, it will automatically turn on WIFi and hotspot. After file transfer it will automatically turn off hotspot.


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