Is it possible to Restore deleted files from PC,USB& Memory card

Want to restore the deleted files? Is it possible to Restore deleted files from a PC, USB & Memory card? Yes, it is possible because when you delete a file, OS will not delete the file actually. Instead, it hides the file. So file stays in the memory cluster until you rewrite the memory with another file.

If you replace the deleted file with another file, you cannot recover the file even with pro software. If you think, you have a deleted file then you need to stop using the computer. And try the below methods to restore deleted files.

I have tried possible methods to restore deleted files from PC, Recycle bin, Pen drive, and memory card. I am showing which method worked for me.

How to Restore deleted files?

Stop using the computer :

First thing first. If you know, you have a deleted file then stop using the computer immediately. Because anything may overwrite your deleted file’s memory.

Restore previous versions or file recovery:

“Restore previous versions” option available in Windows 7. Navigate to the folder from which you have deleted the file. Right-click on the folder. You can see the “Restore previous versions” option. Click on that. It may restore the deleted file in the same folder. See more details from the Microsoft article.

The “File recovery” option is available in Windows 8. But it is useless if you had not taken back up earlier. You can take backup to the external disk by using this option. If you had back up ready, then you can restore your file with this option. See more details from the Microsoft article.

Check Recycle Bin :

When you delete the file, it will go to the recycle bin. So check the recycle bin first. You can see the recycle bin on the desktop. Open recycle bin. Check the recycle bin for your file. You can also use the search function for a particular file.

If you had emptied your recycle bin then read how to recover deleted file from recycle bin after empty.

Data recovery softwares :

If the above methods did not solve your problem, then you should go for data recovery software. There are many free and paid software available. I have used two of them.

1. Recuva: It is available in free as well as the paid version. Even the free version will do the trick. It is a top-rated software. You can download Recuva. Read how I have recovered deleted files from pen drive. In that article, I have explained how to use Recuva with screenshots.

2.Easeus: I was not able to recover deleted files from the memory card of my android mobile. So I went to another software Easeus. It is also available in free as well as a paid version. With the free version, you can recover files up to 2GB. Download the Easeus trial version. First, scan your folder with it. If you find your file, then only you may consider buying it to restore the file. Read how I recover deleted files from memory card to know how to use EaseUS.

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