How To Record iPhone Screen Using AceThinker iPhone Recorder

Want to Record iPhone screen or iPad Screens? If you are a user of an iPhone or an iPad, you would be pretty familiar with the fact that there comes a need of recording the screen activity very often. There may be some different motives behind recording your iPhone’s screen. Or you might want to do it for making some kind of tutorials, recording some streaming videos, recording video calls with your loved ones, gameplay only, etc.

There are a few applications that allow us to record the activity on our iPhone’s screen. iPhone Screen Recorder is one of these apps that come in very handy when you want to record your iPhone/iPad screen.  Its computer software (Win/Mac) has the feature of connecting wirelessly to your iPhone using AirPlay. After the iPhone is connected to your PC, it shows you a mirror of your iOS display on your computer screen.

Now just go through this article to know the complete details on how to record the iPhone screen using AceThinker iPhone Recorder.

Premium Features and Review of iPhone Recorder

There are several different applications that allow you to record the activity of your mobile’s screen. There are several tools of this kind for Android to powered smartphones. But when it comes to the iPhone, the options are very limited.

Fortunately, some of the companies understood the despair of iPhone users. And developed different applications to meet the requirement of allowing the user to record the screen activity of their iPhone or iPad. AceThinker is one of those companies. It developed an application named iPhone Screen Recorder which allows the iPhone users to record the activity of their iPhone using a computer.

AceThinker Pricing and Plans

AceThinker-iPhone Screen recorder-Pricing-and-Plans

AceThinker offers Yearly, LifeTime, and Family plans for Personal and Business. The starting price of the AceThinker iPhone Screen recorder is around $39.95 (Lifetime License). And is $29.95 for 1 year. And is $79.90 for a lifetime (Family).

Minimum Requirements

If you want to use this handy tool, your devices require matching some minimum requirements. It works on iPhone 4S or later versions, which means that you cannot run it on iPhone 4. Your iPhone must also have the support for AirPlay Mirror feature. In addition to this, you need a computer installed with a WLAN network card that offers wireless connectivity. This app is designed to be used on Windows and Mac computers only.

How To Record iPhone Screen On Your PC?

First of all, you need to download the software. You can easily do it by visiting the web page of the AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder. Once the download is finished, you need to install the package on your PC. When you are done, you need to open the software.

When you have opened the iPhone Screen Recorder on your computer, you have to configure your iPhone or iPad for working with the application. To do that, you need to head to the control center of your iPhone or iPad. You can simply do that by swiping from your devices’ screen bottom. Once you are through, you need to select the “AirPlay” option to launch it on your phone.

Record iPhone screen

A new screen will appear, and you will be asked about where you want your AirPlay screen to be played. You need to pick up the icon with your computer’s name from the list which would take you to another dialogue box saying “Mirroring”. Then you need to toggle it ON to allow the streaming of your device on the computer. Once you are done with that, you need to click on “Done” to complete the wizard.

This would allow you to view all the activity on your iPhone’s screen on your PC. To record it, you can move your cursor to the top side of the application. There you will see a red-colored button that would allow you to record the screen activity of your iPhone screen. You need to push it. This will start the recording along with the audio as well.

When you want to stop the recording, select the “Stop Recording” option which is located at the top left of the side of the application in the form of a red square button.


After you tap the button for stopping the recording, you need to pick up a name as well as a format to store the video file on your computer. This tool offers the facility of recording the video activity in 9 different formats. These include animated images as well.

After selecting the name and format for the video, you can save it on your computer. Once you press enter, this will open up a folder that contains the recorded video file. You can easily access it using any media player of your choice.

The application has a simple console which makes it very easy to use. So anyone who knows basic computer skills can easily install and use the software. There are no unnecessary steps involved here that might have made the process a bit more complex.

Comparison with other applications

In addition to iPhone Recorder, there are a few other applications that are designed to do the same task, i.e. recording the screen activity of an iPhone or an iPad. The majority of these applications are designed to run on the iPhone itself. Moreover, they are a bit harder to use.

On the other hand, iPhone Screen Recorder allows you to record the screen activity using a computer. This makes it more convenient and easier to record your iPhone’s screen since you see the entire activity on a bigger sized screen. It is much easier and simpler to use since you can have your recorded videos in just a few simple steps. All these features make the iPhone Screen Recorder much better than any other similar application.


From the above discussions, you can conclude that even though there are several iPhone screen recording tools available in the market, AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is better than those tools. Because it provides convenience and good quality results at the same time. So if you are willing to record your iPhone’s screen activity for any reason, all you have to do is to visit the AceThinker website and download the iPhone Recorder.

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