What is Shellshock Vulnerability

Do you what Shellshock means and how it affects your computer? Are you thinking that your computer is free from Shellshock Vulnerability? Want to know more about Shellshock Vulnerability? Then, this article is the perfect place for you to know the complete details regarding Shellshock Vulnerability.

What is Shellshock Vulnerability?

Shellshock is a computer bug that appears in the Bash Command line and can make a big mess. This was discovered in 2014. It mainly affects the special part of the computer called Shell which helps the user to interact with the computer’s operating system using commands. If a computer is affected by Shellshock, then it runs bash commands automatically in the background. This will help the attackers steal your confidential and important data.

Shellshock Vulnerability refers to the weakness in a computer that affects the Unix Bash Shell. With this Vulnerability, attackers can execute unauthorized commands and sneak on your data. This can be used remotely which allows hackers to target your computer from all over the internet. This act makes to consider this Vulnerability a more serious threat to computers.

How to Protect Computer from Shellshock Vulnerability

  • Keep the Bash and the related software up-to-date.
  • Run regular scans using the best antivirus software like Intego, CleanMyMac X, etc.,
  • Check and always keep the firewall protection ON.
  • Monitor System and Activity Logs for any suspicious activities.
  • Stop and Disable unnecessary services that are running on your computer.

How to Check and Remove Shellshock Vulnerability

1. Intego Mac Premium Bundle

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Homepage

Intego(Special Discount Link) is a Mac antivirus software that has millions of users across the globe. It has a simple user interface with advanced features. Moreover, it is cost-efficient for the features and its pricing. Intego provides the utmost security in removing viruses and malware from the user’s computer. Intego Mac Premium Bundle comprises various products like NetBarrier, VirusBarrier, ContentBarrier, Personal Backup, and Washing Machine. All the products serve different actions or operations in keeping your Machine safe from threats and attacks.

Key Features of Intego Mac Premium Bundle

  • Easy-to-use
  • Professional and handy User Interface
  • Allows to scan deep into your machine
  • Results are very accurate
  • Provides its services in Free Trial and Premium versions
  • Good Customer Support around the clock
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Intego Mac Premium Bundle is available in Free Trail and Premium versions. The prices of premium plans vary based on the number of computers and the period of protection. The prices of all the plans are listed below.

  • 1-Year
    • 1 Mac – $69.99
    • 3 Macs – $94.99
    • 5 Macs – $119.99
  • 2-Year
    • 1 Mac – $129.99
    • 3 Macs – $174.99
    • 5 Macs – $219.99

How to Remove Shellshock Vulnerability using Intego Mac Premium Bundle

Intego VirusBarrier After Scan

In This Section, I will show you the step-by-step procedure to scan and remove Shellshock Vulnerability using Intego Mac Premium Bundle.

Total Time: 5 minutes

STEP-1: Download the Intego Mac Premium Bundle

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 Homepage

Launch any browser on your computer and Visit the Official site of Intego. Choose a plan for the “Intego Mac Premium Bundle” based on your requirements and download the application onto your Machine.

STEP-2: Scan for Shellshock

Scan in Intego

Launch the Intego VirusBarrier application on your computer after the completion of installation. Then you will find the interface as shown in the screenshot. Click on the “Full Scan” option to start scanning your computer completely.

STEP-3: Scan Results

Intego VirusBarrier After Scan

After the completion of the scanning process, it displays the results in a separate window if any malware is found. Else, it shows the homepage of the application with the message “Your Mac is Safe”.

Estimated Cost: 69.99 USD


  • Computer,
  • Internet,
  • Intego Mac Premium Bundle


  • Intego VirusBarrier

Materials: Antivirus

2. CleanMyMac X


CleanMyMac X is a Mac-friendly cleaning application that allows users to perform various operations using this one single application. This has a huge user base across the world. It has an intuitive user interface that helps users to use it very easily. It allows you to optimize, clean, uninstall, and update your computer in a single click. CleanMyMac X is available in free and premium versions.

Features of CleanMyMac X

  • Simple to use
  • All-in-one application
  • Results are viewed in a detailed way
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Provides 24/7 support


CleanMyMac X is available in Free Trail and Premium versions. The prices of premium versions depend on the number of Macs and License type. The prices are listed below.

  • One-Year Subscription
    • Plan for 1 Mac – $34.95
    • Plan for 2 Macs – $54.95
    • Plan for 5 Macs – $79.95
  • One-Time Purchase
    • Plan for 1 Mac – $89.95
    • Plan for 2 Macs – $134.95
    • Plan for 5 Macs – $199.95

How to Remove Shellshock Vulnerability using CleanMyMac X

  • STEP-2: Launch the application after the completion of the installation process. It displays all the features of CleanMyMac on the left side of the interface. Move to the “Malware Removal” section from that list and Click on “Scan” to start scanning your computer.
  • STEP-3: After the completion of the scan, it displays the results if any malware or virus is found. Else, you will find the interface as shown in the screenshot.


Bugs are very commonly seen in every software and most of the time, they can be rectified by updating the software. For some bugs, you need to try the best antivirus software like Intego and CleanMyMac X. You can follow the steps discussed in this article to find and solve the Shellshock Vulnerability.

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What is Shellshock Vulnerability – FAQs

How does Shellshock vulnerability work?

Shellshock Vulnerability allows systems containing a vulnerable version of Bash to be exploited to execute commands with higher privileges.

What is the security vulnerability of Shellshock?

Shellshock, also known as the Bash bug, is a critical vulnerability in the Bash shell. It affects all operating systems (Linux and Unix-based), which allows an attacker to execute arbitrary commands on a vulnerable system by sending specially crafted environment variables to a Bash-based application.

What is the exploit of Shellshock Vulnerability?

Shellshock is effectively a Remote Command Execution vulnerability in BASH. The vulnerability relies on the fact that BASH incorrectly executes trailing commands when it imports a function definition stored into an environment variable.

What are the solutions to Shellshock?

Shellshock-type attacks can be avoided by not processing user data directly as variables in web/bash code.

Does Shellshock have a virus?

The “bash bug”, also known as the Shellshock vulnerability, poses a serious threat to all users. The threat exploits the Bash system software common in Linux and MacOS X systems to allow attackers to potentially take control of electronic devices.

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