6 Best Windows screen recorder Softwares (Free&Paid)

Windows screen recorder softwares will help you to record your computer activity. You can make how-to videos for YouTube with screen recording softwares. Here is the surreal 5 Screen Recording Software for Windows for making screenshots or recording.

Are you tired of getting the desired result on your PC and you are not finding any alternative to share the screen with your colleagues to have better reach? If you are looking for a simple and faster process without being late for your work then the introduction of the 5 screen recording software will be quite helpful for you.

Best Windows screen recorder Softwares

1.Camtasia Studio(Premium)


Camtasia studio is the number one tool in screen recording softwares. It is from Techsmith. Famous bloggers and YouTube video creators use this software. You can record videos of your screen and you can edit that video with many effects. It is famous because of its video editing tool. It will give you amazing video editing features. If you use it, you will love it. You can also take screenshots of your screen. But it lacks image editing features. It is the must-have software for YouTube video creators. It is available for Windows and Mac. You can import and edit any video with its editing tool. You can also share videos very easily. It will also give you a Trial version.

2.Snagit (Paid)

Windows screen recorder

Snagit from Techsmith is wonderful Windows screen recorder software for your personal and professional both. It is TechSmith has included features that are not in Camtasia. You can edit images like you were using Photoshop. It is eligible to capture the screen faster and you can share it with your friends and colleagues. Snagit does not take time in downloading and it supports various platforms apart from Windows. It is quite responsive in cloud-based services and this editing tool is multi-tasking. It is true that it is paid but the smoothness it offers is incredible. Snagit is very popular in screen recording or screen capturing. Note: Free Version is also available so you can have its trail before going to invest in it.

Snagit will give you image editing features that are not in Camtasia. You can record videos but you can not edit videos with Snagit. For editing videos you need to go for Camtasia. So when you want complete features, you need to buy the Camtasia/Snagit bundle. TechSmith is selling bundles for discounted prices.

Techsmith will also give you discounts for high volume purchases, for students and for government organizations.



When you don’t want to spend money for Camtasia, then Camstudio is the perfect choice for you. Camstudio is the open-source software for screen recording. Of course, it lacks in Video editing features. But it offers too many features. It can also record your voice along with the video. I can say it is the number one screen recording software among open source softwares. It will create a video in AVI format. First, You need to spend some time to learn about this software.

4.Jing (Free)

ging free

Snagit is a good option but it is not everyone’s mind to invest bucks in purchasing software. In that case, Jing is a good alternative. Its offerings are unlimited as it is effective in capturing the screen in no time. It is supportive but not in all cases. When it comes to capturing the big screen recording then it is not a pleasant option. Though Jing is very popular and has gained millions of users.

Download Zing

5. EZVID (Free)

ezvid free screen recorder

EZVID is a good way to improve the speed of screen recording or screen capturing. Though, it is free even it does its task instantly. This screen recording software for Windows is supportive of other platforms also. EZVID is a better choice and comes with a video editor. It is useful and in-demand with its multi-tasking ability. It has better control and all the noticeable features are many in this Windows screen recording software.

Download EZVID

6. Webinaria ( Free and Open Source)

webinaria screen recorder

Webinaria is coming with various features. It will not let you down when you need it. Webinaria is mind-blowing in making Flash Videos or Screen recording for PC. You can also engage you in recording the voice with the recording. Hotkeys are essentially easy task in Webinaria. Webinaria is a screen recording tool for Windows that offers unlimited workable features. It is impressive to use as all the offerings are active and innate.

Download Webinaria

By far the above mentioned Windows screen recorder softwares are eligibly active and gives outstanding result in accomplishing your project or task. Any of the Windows screen recording software can be your favorite so download it to have fun with sharing images, uploading content, and more.

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