How to Screen record on Mac

Screen recordings are a good way to share information for better understandings. Here are the methods to screen record on Mac in all aspects. Have a look.

Screenshots and screen recordings are really helpful to convey things and are the only way sometimes. Recording a screen is far better if you care about to explain a process who is probably miles away from you. Keep smartphone things aside, as it was easier these with inbuilt options. Here we will be discussing methods to screen record on mac. In short, here I will be explaining all the aspects on how to record video on mac.

Why to record screen on mac ?

There might be several situations where you need this,

Maybe you want to grab a particular clip from a video which is playing on your screen or might be explaining an issue with video guidance and some issues might need a screen recording. Although there are several apps to do the work, the free inbuilt way is far better for quality output. One might regret not using this to date.

It is,

  • Quick and takes no time
  • Very easy and free to use.
  • Of Good quality and is worth a try

There are several methods to screen record on mac. Inbuilt tools are available to do the work. However, other options are available if you really want to try the new one’s.

Firstly we start with the free inbuilt options and then the other one’s. The process of how to screen record on MacBook pro is the same well.

1.How to screen record on Mac with QuickTime

Quicktime is an inbuilt free application that comes with mac. It is much simple process than any other.

stop recording

This process works for all macOS but is usually used for Mojave and below. No need to worry as there is no need for any installations and all. It is all about using a pre-installed application.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Open Quicktime player


Open Spotlight and search for QuickTime player and launch it. If it is on your dock then directly access it. A screen recording popup with a bunch of options will be opened.

Record screen

record screen

Click on. new screen recording option to view more recording options i.e if you want to record your voice for the recording video connect your headset and choose an external microphone. This will record the computer screen with your voice.

Click on record

choose part of the screen

Click on the record button and then choose which part of the screen to be recorded. Simple click there itself to record it completely

Record a part of screen


To record only a part of the screen, simply click on record and then drag it on the screen where you want to record. Later again click on start recording.


stop recording

After the recording is finished, simply go to the icon in the dock and right click and then “stop recording”. The recording will be stopped and save the file with the desired name in the desired folder. This is how to stop QuickTime screen recording.

With this process, one can’t record the screen audio. An only possible way is to use your voice for the clip. The running audio cannot be recording along with the video.

2.How to screen record on Mac without quick time (using screenshot toolbar)

With Mojave, the process of recording became much easier. Although QuickTime is an easy and available screenshot is better advanced and simple to operate.

  • Press command+shift+5 at once to open the screenshot toolbar.
screenshot tool bar- Methods to screen record on Mac
  • Same as above, you can record the complete screen or just a part of the screen by using the icons which is just beside the options.
  • To add audio, go to options -> built-in -> Microphone. As usual, screen audio can’t be recorded.
  • If you wish to record the entire screen, simply click on record and go ahead.
  • The small stop button which is near to battery indicator confirms about recording.
  • When recording is finished click on the stop button or simply hold on command+shift+5 to get options.
  • The current recording will appear at the bottom of the desktop. Have a quick overview. However, it will be on the desktop too.
  • To edit or make changes to the recorded video use the ”Trim’ option and hold the recording part which you needs by dragging.
  • Click on done.

3.How to screen record on Mac with Audio

In both, the above methods audio on the screen cannot be recorded. however, you can add your voice using headphones while recording the screen.

The only way to record screen with ongoing audio is to use the third party paid software/applications. The best part they can also be used for video editing after recording. They are more advanced and can be used for face time recording and related things.

3.1.Record screen using Camtasia

Camtasia is a paid tool and a one-stop solution for video things. It is a TechSmith product used for video editing as well. Have a quick look at its features. Snagit and Camtasia are different. Snagit is for screen recording and only a part of small editing can be done through it. Camtasia provides you with everything that is required.

Features of camtasia

  • Adding audio is a complex work to any video but it makes it look professional. The audio used must have the same pattern from start to end. Camtasia levels audio automatically which is really great.
  • Shortcuts are a quick way to get the work done. It adds customizable keyboard shortcuts for more productivity.
  • It also records video from FaceTime camera at the same time.
  • It supports themes and other images, logos too

The best part is capturing and editing can be done within a single application which saves a lot of time.

3.2.Record screen using Capto

Capto is a free screen recorder and video editor with a ton of handy options. Video editing, audio adding, cropping, and cutting are available for the recorded video. In simple, it a basic recorder with editing options. All that is for free. Have a look at the features below

Features of capto

  • You can hide your desktop while recording. While shooting a video, arranging desktop every time might be annoying as we don’t want to share everything on the desktop. Simply hide the desktop using capto
  • Recorded video can be sharable to all popular platforms.
  • Record the complete screen or choose a part of the screen as per your choice.
  • It is too good for recording tutorials.
  • Upon all, editing is possible.

It is more similar to screenshot tool but with audio option.

Conclusion- What to use?

Hope I had explained each and everything regarding methods to screen record on mac with audio too. What to use completely depends upon your need. For example, if it is needed for a sample or normal purpose without audio in-built options are good enough to do the work. If you are recording tutorials then go with professional tools as they require video editing and audio modulation as well.

We can also suggest Wondershare Filmorascrn to screen record on Mac with Audio.

However, this article will also be suitable for how to screen record on MacBook Air and MacBook pro with audio. It is the same for all versions.

I hope this tutorial helped you in the screen record on mac If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Methods to screen record on mac-FAQs

How to screen record on macbook pro

Well, it is same as MacBook Air. Simply use Quicktime or screenshot toolbar. however, tools work the same on all Macs

Can we record audio with Quicktime?

Yes and No. External audio can be added using headphone. But the on-screen audio can’t be recorded.

Can we edit recorded video with screenshot tool?

Yes. It can be edited but is good enough for the basic purpose only

How good is it to use third party software?

Completely depends upon the need. But those trusted tools like Camtasia etc are really good and handy. Use it without a thought for professional purposes.

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